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Word of God
9x23 WordOfGodAngelTablet2
Historical information
Creator : God (information)
Metatron (tablets)
Use(s) : Knowledge on various supernatural races, their weaknesses and how to neutralise all of them
Users : Metatron
Affected creatures : Angels
Production information
The Word of God is information from God, ciphered onto a compendium of tablets by Metatron, on various supernatural races and how to stop and defeat them, written as a failsafe in case any of these beings became a serious threat to the universe. The Word is written in a unique language which only a prophet can read. The tablets containing the Word are very powerful objects, containing power from God himself.


Physical and supernaturalEdit

The holy tablets containing the Word of God are made of stone which is conventionally breakable by dropping or by great force. However, the prophet destined to read the Word can, when one of the tablets is broken, make it whole again simply by slotting and reconnecting the pieces with each-other. (Reading Is Fundemental, Sacrifice) This is the only known way of restoring broken tablets, and it was implied by Metatron that even he couldn't repair a broken Word of God without a prophet. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

A Word of God tablet such as the angel tablet contains a piece of innate power from God himself, which angels such as Metatron can tap into and harness to empower themselves and give themselves nigh-unstoppable power equivalent to God's. However, the angel can only retain this Godlike power while they the tablet they are empowering themselves with remains intact, and breaking the tablet will revert the empowered angel to an ordinary angel. (Do You Believe in Miracles?) The Word can also have a supernatural-protection effect for beings that come into physical contact with it, as touching the angel Word freed and shielded Castiel from Naomi's mind control, (Goodbye Stranger) although Castiel believed that he had to keep touching the tablet in some way to maintain this protection. (The Great Escapist)

8x23 WordRejoined

The Word of God tablet is made whole again by the prophet. (Sacrifice)

It is known that when one of the Word of God tablets is released from the stone containing and encasing it, it apparently causes a burst of supernatural phenomena, including - an immediate, sudden burst of freak electrical storms in a significant area of the nation and an entire freak storm system across the entire continent; (Reading Is Fundemental, Goodbye Stranger) causing every pregnant human woman within a 100-mile radius in the last month of her pregnancy to go into labour; and sending out a signal to all angels which alerts them that the Word of God has been found. (Reading Is Fundemental)


Each tablet contains the basic information on whatever race it is about and what that race is, along with instructions on how to stop and defeat that race if and when they ever become a serious threat, from God. At least some of the tablets also have footnotes from Metatron on what Metatron was or planned to do at the time he wrote the Word down on the tablets.

The Word of God is written in an ancient, secret language, which most supernaturals, including demons, Leviathans and even angels cannot read. (Season 7, Season 8) Only the prophet who was destined for the Word can read what it says, (Season 7, Season 8) and even so, some of the Word's content can be very difficult for the prophet to decipher, to the point the prophet may not be able to do it on their own. (Heaven Can't Wait) Also, the time it takes a prophet to decipher the content of the Word of God can vary from a few moments (Reading Is Fundemental) to several months. (Season 8) The prophet Kevin Tran described reading the Word of God as like looking through someone else's glasses and thus it became painful to look at the Word for too long. (Reading Is Fundemental)


8x2 WordDemon

The Demon Word of God tablet before being stolen by Crowley. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)


According to Kevin Tran, the Word of God on angels recorded the series of the Trials of God which, when completed, would close the gates of Heaven and lock all angels away in Heaven forever. (Sacrifice) Metatron's footnotes on the angel Word also contained references and somewhat vague instructions on casting the spell to lock all the angels out of Heaven, and how the spell was designed to be irreversible, but it was ciphered so heavily by Metatron that even the prophet couldn't decipher it (but could still translate it into Elamite cuneiform). (Heaven Can't Wait)


The Word of God on demons was known to contain information on demons and Hell and what they are; according to Kevin, the tablet said virtually "everything" on demons. Among the information the demon tablet included was - demon-warding sigils; how to build defences against demons, such as concocting demon-destroying bomb spells; how to open devil's gates; the demon's influence on the soul; demonic transport to Hell; how one can see hellhounds through objects scorched by holy fire; and the three Trials of God which would, when completed, close the gates of Hell and lock all demons away in Hell forever - the three trials being killing a hellhound and bathing in its blood, rescuing a righteous soul from Hell and sending it to Heaven, and curing a demon and restoring its humanity. (Season 8) The demon Word also included a personal footnote from Metatron, explaining his intentions to take leave of God and hand responsibility of the Word of God tablets to humanity. (A Little Slice of Kevin)


7x21 WordOfGodMain

The Leviathan Word of God tablet after being released from its casing by Sam and Dean. (Reading Is Fundemental)

The Word of God on Leviathan apparently contains information on how they are so hungry, dark and terrible that it forced God to lock them away. (Reading Is Fundemental) It also contains the instructions on how, if the Leviathan return to the world, one can stop them by constructing the one weapon that can kill a Leviathan - a devout human's bone, washed in blood from an Alpha, a fallen angel and the King of Hell respectively (There Will Be Blood, Survival of the Fittest) - and how killing the Leviathan leader will bring the Leviathan hierarchy and major overall threat of the Leviathans down. (Survival of the Fittest)


The Word of God was inscribed by the angel Metatron on a series of tablets on God's direct orders, each one on a different race, when creation was being formed. (Reading Is Fundemental, Season 8) According to Metatron, the Word was written when God was planning his departure from Heaven, as a failsafe when God feared what would happen to his creation in his absence. (The Great Escapist) There are three known tablets, and Metatron's footnotes on the Demon tablet indicated that there is an entire compendium of Word of God tablets scattered and hidden on the Earth. (A Little Slice of Kevin) According to Metatron, after God disappeared, the archangels eventually attempted to seize the Word of God to use its power and knowledge to take over the universe, so Metatron fled with the tablets and went into hiding, and gave responsibility of the Word to humanity and scattered and hid the tablets. (The Great Escapist)


The Word of God on Leviathan was originally locked away in 'the Vault of the Earth' deep within the planet, until in 2011 - 2012, the Leviathan-occupied Richard Roman Enterprises found and excavated the tablet in Iran and brought it back to the U.S. for the Leviathans to secure (so that their enemies would not use the Word to learn the secret to defeating the Leviathan). However, upon arrival in the U.S., the Leviathan Word of God was stolen by Sam and Dean Winchester. (The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo)

In the process of releasing the Word of God from its stone casing, the Winchester brothers unknowingly caused the tablet to activate Kevin Tran as a prophet, and Kevin was subsequently drawn to the Word, before helping the Winchesters try to translate the secret to stopping the Leviathan from the Word. Kevin managed to decipher to the Winchesters from the Word the instructions to creating the Leviathan-killing bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen, before Kevin and the tablet were captured by the Leviathans. (Reading Is Fundemental) The Leviathans subsequently forced Kevin to give them the Leviathan tablet's instructions on how they could be stopped, so that the Leviathans could take counter-measures. (There Will Be Blood) However, the Winchesters ultimately succeeded in using what Kevin had relayed to them from the Word of God to kill Dick Roman and end the Leviathan threat. (Survival of the Fittest)


8x7 WordDemonSmashedInHalf

The Demon tablet is smashed in half, with Crowley getting one half of the Word and the Winchesters getting the other. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

At some point, Crowley came into possession of the Word of God on demons, and had a captive Kevin Tran translate some valuable information the tablet could hold to him. However, Kevin instead used the Word's demon-killing instructions to escape his demon captors with the tablet, and he subsequently went into hiding for the following year. (We Need to Talk About Kevin) Kevin hid the demon tablet at a bus station, but it was stolen and sold to a pawn shop, which in turn sold it to Beau. The demon Word was subsequently sold at Plutus' auction, where the Trans and Winchesters managed to win the demon tablet back, but Crowley managed to steal the tablet anyway. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)

In a desperate hope of learning from the Word what the secret it recorded to closing the gates of Hell was before the Winchesters did, Crowley had the potential prophets all kidnapped, but none of them could translate the Word for him. Crowley soon managed to capture Kevin and forced him to translate the Word, and Kevin relayed to it Metatron's footnote on the tablet about there being an entire compendium of other tablets. Castiel then arrived and intervened, forcing Crowley to flee. Crowley tried to flee with the demon Word of God, but Castiel smashed it in half as Crowley teleported; resulting in Crowley escaping with half of the Word of God, while the Winchesters recaptured the other half and rescued Kevin. (A Little Slice of Kevin) Crowley's half of the tablet would later turn out to only hold the information on what demons are, while it was the Winchesters' half of the tablet that said the three Trials of God to close the gates of Hell. (Taxi Driver)

The Winchesters subsequently had Kevin work from on Fizzles' Folly on translating from the Word of God the three trials to seal Hell, but when Crowley began to locate and come close to recapturing Kevin, Kevin hid the demon tablet by burying it under a rural roadside before he was captured. (Taxi Driver) In Crowley's captivity, two demons impersonating Sam and Dean, as part of an illusion to trick Kevin into revealing the trials to close Hell, gave Kevin Crowley's half of the demon tablet, which Kevin subsequently escaped with when he was rescued by Metatron. (The Great Escapist) Kevin afterwards dug the other half of the tablet back up and rejoined the two pieces and made the demon Word of God whole again. (Sacrifice) The Word on demons was subsequently kept in the Winchesters' possession at the Men of Letters' bunker, until it was taken by Gadreel (Holy Terror) and returned to Metatron. (Road Trip) According to Cass, the demon tablet is still missing after Metatron's downfall. (The Hunter Games)


8x17 WordAngelFreesCastiel

The Angel Word frees Castiel from Naomi's mind control. (Goodbye Stranger)

At some point before Lucifer's imprisonment, the Word of God on angels came into his possession, and he had it stored and hidden away in one of his crypts. In 2013, the angel Word was found in the crypt by Castiel and Dean Winchester, and after the Word freed Castiel from Naomi's control over him, Castiel fled with the angel tablet and went into hiding with it, to protect it from the pursuit both Naomi's angels and Crowley's demons alike for the Word for their own respective purposes. (Goodbye Stranger) To maintain the protection against Naomi's control that the angel Word gave him, Castiel hid the tablet inside his own vessel, until when he was captured by Crowley, Crowley worked out where the angel Word was and extracted the tablet from Cass' vessel. (The Great Escapist)

Later, Crowley was willing to make a deal with Sam and Dean to trade the demon Word for the angel Word with them, but the brothers tricked and captured Crowley and seized the angel tablet from him. Dean and Castiel subsequently brought the angel tablet to Kevin at the Men of Letters' bunker to translate for the third of the Trials of God to close the gates of Heaven. (Sacrifice) After it turned out that the trials Castiel was carrying out with Metatron to seal Heaven were actually a spell to cast every angel from Heaven, Dean instructed Kevin to set about deciphering any hints or details the angel Word of God had about the spell or how to reverse it. (Devil May Care) Kevin found a possible hint on Metatron's footnotes on the angel Word that the footnotes referred to the spell, but he was unable to decipher it into English and instead had to translate it into proto-Elamite cuneiform. (Heaven Can't Wait) Later, Gadreel took the Angel tablet from Dean and the bunker along with the Demon tablet (Holy Terror) and handed the two Word of God tablets over to Metatron. (Road Trip)

9x23 WordOfGodAngelTabletBroken

The Angel Word of God is broken. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

After Metatron recovered the demon and angel Words of God, he kept the angel Word hidden in his office in Heaven, (Do You Believe in Miracles?) and he harnessed the angel tablet's innate power to give himself strength and power equivalent to God. (Meta Fiction, Do You Believe in Miracles?) A matter of months after Metatron got the tablet, Castiel found the angel Word of God in Metatron's office and broke it, severing Metatron's connection to the Word and removing his Godlike strength. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)