Woman in white
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Species information
Type : Spirit (Ghost)
Notable distinctions : Women in white clothing
Target unfaithful men
Historical information
Native range : Earth (North America and Hawaii)
Production information
Appearance : Pilot
A woman in white, also sometimes known as a weeping woman, is a type of ghost that suffered from love issues of a certain kind when alive, and targets men that are unfaithful to their lovers.


A human woman becomes a woman in white when she learns that her lover is being unfaithful and murders her children in temporary insanity, then commits suicide upon realising what she has done. After the woman's spirit becomes a woman in white, she is cursed to remain on Earth, searching for unfaithful men to lure and kill. A woman in white usually appears as she did when alive, and wearing white clothing such as dresses, but when a woman is seducing and attacking a victim forcefully, she takes on a more demonic form resembling a decomposing corpse. (Pilot)

Like other types of ghosts, women in white can appear at and disappear from places instantly, can only be seen by living humans when they wish to be, and can be intangible to physical matter. One woman in white was also shown to be able to telekinetically move objects in any direction, and to possess and control inanimate objects such as cars. Women in white are capable of giving bursts of speed, and overpowering full-grown men with very little effort. They also appear to kill their victims by placing their hand under the skin on the victim's chest and over their heart. A woman in white's presence is also known to cause radio disruption and other malfunctions and interference in signals and electronic devices. (Pilot)

1x1 ConstanceWelch

Constance Welch as a woman in white. (Pilot)

Like most other types of ghosts, women in white can be put to rest by destroying their bones. Alternatively, if a woman in white has a personal waekness like her children whom she killed, then the children's spirits can put the woman in white to rest. (Pilot)

Women in white haunt and wander backroads and waterways, searching for male victims. If a woman in white finds a man who is unfaithful to his lover and/or willing to have an affair with the woman in white, then the woman will attack and kill the man and the victim's body will disappear. If, when a woman in white finds a male victim, the victim isn't unfaithful and resists the woman's seductions, then the woman will forcefully begin to kiss him, then attack and kill him. One woman in white was also scared of returning to the ghosts of her dead children, and thus refused to ever return to them. (Pilot)


According to Sam Winchester, women in white have been sighted for hundreds of years in dozens of places around the world, including Hawaii, Mexico, Indiana and as of recently Arizona. (Pilot)

Hunts and encountersEdit

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An old picture of a woman in white. (Pilot)


Women in white appear to be based on the legend of La Llorona, the Weeping Woman of Mexican and American western legend. Though the La Llorona legend of the woman in white varies somewhat between versions, it is generally said that in life, she was a beautiful woman named Maria. She drowned her own children to be with the man she loved, but when the man still did not have her, the devastated woman drowned herself in a river. But the woman in white's spirit was denied entrance into Heaven without her children, and was cursed to wander the Earth for all eternity in vain search of her children's spirits. The woman in white is said to appear at night or in the evening from rivers and lakes in Mexico, and some tales say she will kidnap wandering children who either disobey their parents or resemble the woman in white's own children.