Tommy Collins
Biographical information
Race : Human
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Wendigo
Clip Show
Actor/Actress : Graham Wardle

Tommy Collins was the brother of Ben and Haley Collins, and a survivor of a wendigo hunt.



1x2 Tommy2005

Tommy camping in 2005, about to be abducted by the wendigo. (Wendigo)

While Tommy was camping with his friends Brad and Gary at Blackwater Ridge in Lost Creek, Colorado for a period lasting until 24 November, their tent was attacked by a wendigo which killed Brad, and took Tommy and Gary back to its lair in an abandoned mine as food for later. After three days of captivity, Tommy was found and rescued in the wendigo's lair by Sam and Dean Winchester, and Ben and Haley. After the wendigo was killed, Tommy was taken to hospital. (Wendigo)


Eight years after the wendigo case at Blackwater Ridge, Tommy had a girlfriend, but he still had a chronic fear of camping and the wilderness due to what happened to him with the Blackwater Ridge wendigo. While Tommy and his girlfriend were at a rural cabin in Lost Creek, Crowley used dark magic to first make Tommy fear there was another wendigo, then gruesomely kill Tommy by causing his head to combust and explode. (Clip Show)