Sylvania Bridge
1x1 SylvaniaBridge
Geographical information
Whereabouts : Centennial highway
Production information
Appearance(s) : Pilot
Filming location : TBA

Sylvania Bridge is a road bridge spanning a large river on Centennial highway in Jericho, California.


In 1981, Constance Welch came to Sylvania Bridge and committed suicide by jumping from the Bridge into the river. Sylvania Bridge was subsequently closed down.


In 2005, while fleeing from Constance's Ghost, Troy Squire drove his car to Sylvania Bridge, where Constance killed him. The local authorities discovered Troy's empty car on the Bridge the next day and secured it as a crime scene.

The following night, Sam and Dean Winchester went in the Impala to Sylvania Bridge to investigate Constance's death, and Constance possessed the Impala and used it to attack them; however, Sam and Dean were able to avoid being killed.