Roy (Wendigo)
1x2 Roy
Biographical information
Race : Human
Occupation : Guide
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Wendigo
Actor/Actress : Callum Keith Rennie

Roy was an experienced veteran hunter who was hired by Haley Collins to help her find her brother Tommy at Blackwater Ridge.



Haley paid Roy to act as a guide for her, Ben and unofficially Sam and Dean Winchester on their hunt at Blackwater Ridge, Lost Creek for the missing Tommy and the creature responsible. They trekked through the woods to Tommy's camp, and found it in ruins and soon learned that the creature responsible was hunting them.

When Sam and Dean explained that the creature was a Wendigo and that they could protect themselves against it with Anasazi symbols, Roy was highly skeptical and the least serious about this. The next day, when the Wendigo attacked, Roy went after and shot at it, aggravating the creature and causing it to kill Roy by ambushing him and snapping his neck.


Dean WinchesterEdit

Roy viewed Dean as an inferior and less mature and experienced hunter and vice versa.

Ben CollinsEdit

Roy was reluctant about Ben coming along on the hunt, as he felt that Ben would be unsafe.