Road Trip
Production information
Season : 9
Episode : 10
Original airdate : 14 January, 2014
Directed by : Robert Singer
Written by : Andrew Dabb
Preceded by : Holy Terror
Followed by : First Born

Road Trip is the tenth episode of Season 9 of Supernatural.


Gadreel is now in full control of Sam's body and continuing his work as Metatron's new lieutenant, while a vengeful and grief-stricken Dean vows to find Gadreel, not only to free Sam but to get revenge. To remove Gadreel from Sam, Dean and Castiel must reawaken Sam's unconscious mind and tell him to expel the angel; but Crowley is the only one who knows how to do this, and he will only help save Sam from Gadreel in exchange for his freedom.

Full synopsisEdit

In the aftermath of Kevin's death and Gadreel's betrayal, Dean gives Kevin a hunter's funeral on a pyre. With Kevin dead and Sam lost to Gadreel, Dean is left alone in the bunker, intensely grieving and angry with himself for trusting Gadreel and the subsequent death and damage this has caused.

At a rock concert, a rockstar called Corey is backstage with his manager Margey, getting ready for Corey's concert, when Corey finds Gadreel in his suite. Corey sends Margey away so he can talk to Gadreel in private; it is revealed Corey knows Gadreel, and he is possessed by the angel Thaddeus. Thaddeus was originally a guard in Heaven's dungeon, responsible for torturing Gadreel during his imprisonment, and Gadreel is extremely vindictive and unhappy at Thaddeus for torturing him. As the two argue about it, Gadreel steals the angel blade Thaddeus was keeping for protection and kills his former torturer with it.

Back at the bunker, Dean is arming up when Castiel arrives, with a new look similar to his old trenchcoat look. Cass notices something is wrong, and Dean subsequently tells Castiel about what's happened with Gadreel. Cass tries to assure Dean that he made a stupid move for the right reason by letting the angel possess Sam, but Dean doesn't feel that matters; he reveals he plans to hunt down Gadreel and kill him, knowing that that will also kill Sam. Castiel suggests they instead find a way to contact Sam's suppressed mind to warn him he's possessed so that he can cast Gadreel out; and Cass remembers how Crowley's demons had once hacked into Samandriel's coding, and suggests they can access and awaken Sam's mind the same way.

Dean and Cass go to Crowley in the bunker's demon dungeon to try and make a bargain with him to hack an angel for them (the same way he hacked Samandriel). Dean tries bribing Crowley with blood injections, but Crowley refuses and instead demands that he be freed from his bonds if he complies and hacks the angel for them. Though Castiel is reluctant to let Crowley have any freedom because of how capable he is, Dean is forced to comply to Crowley's terms without another option, and frees Crowley from the dungeon but still keep demon handcuffs on him. Castiel subsequently takes Dean and Crowley out to his (somewhat cheesy) car for transportation - the trio failing to notice a nearby woman recognising Crowley. After Dean refuels the car, he puts Cass and Crowley together in the back (in a comical moment), then they drive off.

At a bar (where the bartender is coincidentally Gadreel's original vessel from I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here), Gadreel meets with Metatron and hands over the two Word of God tablets he took from the bunker. Metatron discusses Gadreel's completed tasks; and while he enjoyed killing Thaddeus, Gadreel is still upset about killing Kevin. Metatron encourages Gadreel to keep going with the journey the two are writing in their quest to restore Heaven, and Metatron then assigns Gadreel to next kill a man called Alexander Sarver. Though Gadreel is angry that Metatron keeps ordering him to kill rather than build, Metatron demands that Gadreel obey if he wants to be Metatron's second-in-command, and gets Gadreel to comply by playing on Gadreel's insecurity about his failure to protect the Garden of Eden. Elsewhere, the woman that recognised Crowley (revealed to be a demon) uses her dog's bowl to contact Abaddon and inform her of Crowley's return.

Crowley takes Dean and Castiel to the Waldroff Financial firm to speak with an inside source of his who can track Gadreel for them. The source, Cecily, subsequently brings Crowley in to her office (which is angel-warded so Cass can't listen in) but has Dean and Castiel stay out, and Crowley learns from Cecily about how Castiel became human and then reverted to angel by taking another angel's grace. Cecily informs Crowley that Hell is currently still leaderless and not yet under Abaddon's full control, as most of the demons are still neutral in the power struggle, and she also admits that she's playing both sides. Crowley then has Cecily track the location of the Impala (which Gadreel stole after killing Kevin and fleeing the bunker); the Impala is tracked to Somerset, Pennsylvania, and Crowley, Dean and Castiel immediately head off to find Gadreel.

In Somerset, Gadreel arrives to kill Alex Sarver, and the two are shocked to see and recognise one-another; Alex is possessed by Abner, who was Gadreel's cellmate in Heaven's dungeon. Gadreel also finds that since possessing Sarver, bner has built himself a happy life and family with Sarver's family, including Sarver's daughter Delilah. While Abner goes back inside with Delilah, Gadreel has developed a personal crisis upon seeing that he must kill his friend Abner and the happiness Abner has built himself. A couple hours later, Gadreel and Abner talk and catch up; the two apparently bonded during their time together in Heaven'sdungeons, mending and supporting each-other under Thaddeus' torture. Abner is shocked to learn Gadreel killed Thaddeus for what the latter did to them in Heaven, and encourages Gadreel that the Fall and its fallout is a chance for them to forget their past hates and grudges and to seek out happiness and peace for themselves. Abner explains the key to happiness that he has discovered by loving his vessel's family as his own - finding and never letting go of what one wants most, no matter the cost. Though Abner is unaware of Gadreel's mission to kill him, Abner's words seem to put Gadreel's uncertainties about the mission to rest.

The following night, Dean and Castiel find the Impala outside the Sarver house, and Dean heads inside in search of Gadreel, finding the aftermath of Abner's death at Gadreel's hands. Dean finds and confronts Gadreel, and while Gadreel is occupied fending Dean off, Castiel sneaks up on the angel and takes him by surprise, knocking Gadreel out. Back at Waldroff Financial, Abaddon is talking with Cecily, who betrays Crowley's whereabouts with Dean and Castiel at Somerset over to Abaddon. When Abaddon learns that Cecily knows this because she's playing both sides and was helping Crowley, Abaddon proceeds to kill Cecily with an angel blade.

Dean and Castiel have taken Gadreel to a secure location in a basement and bound him up. Castiel confirms that Gadreel has healed the majority of Sam's bodily damage from the Trials of God and Cass can finish the healing, so it's safe for them to remove the angel if he doesn't cooperate. Gadreel refuses to tell them who he is (Castiel doesn't recognise him, and his real name after he was revealed to be an imposter posing as Ezekiel still isn't known to the team). Dean is feeling upset and betrayed at Gadreel for tricking and betraying him and killing Kevin. Dean then has Crowley begin the hacking process, and Crowley begins slowly driving pins and spikes into Gadreel's brain to hack him as the hours pass and Dean and Cass wait.

Dean eventually can't stand seeing the angel in his brother's form screaming at the hacking any longer and goes out, with Castiel following to ensure he's alright. Dean discusses with Cass how Cass is coping with the restoration of his angelic powers and the resulting loss of his newly-gained humanity, and Cass seems unable to describe it but claims he's fine. Dean then apologises to Cass for sending him away from the bunker and not telling him about having Sam possessed, and Cass is understanding because of how Metatron duped and manipulated him as well. Crowley then calls Dean and Castiel back in. Although it has rendered Gadreel unconscious, Crowley has now hacked enough into the angel's system to reveal Gadreel's real name. Castiel is shocked and enraged to learn that the angel possessing Sam is Gadreel, as Cass blames Gadreel for all the chaos in the universe (due to Gadreel's catalyst in it by letting Lucifer corrupt the Garden resulting in the corruption of mankind, the creation of demons, God's departure, the archangels' actions and the Apocalypse), though Dean gets Cass to calm down.

Crowley continues hacking Gadreel, trying to reach Sam's suppressed mind, but this is so far proving fruitless; Gadreel also awakens and warns that they will never succeed due to Gadreel's resilience from his torture in Heaven by Thaddeus. Dean then decides that the only way to free Sam is by having another entity possess him and wake him up to expel Gadreel. However, Castiel can't possess a vessel without permission, so Dean is forced to resort to letting Crowley possess Sam/Gadreel and wake Sam instead. Though Cass is reluctant to follow through with this, he and Dean burn off Sam's anti-possession tattoo and remove Crowley's demon bindings so he can do it. Crowley promises to keep the bargain and not try anything while inside Sam's mind. Crowley then exits his own host body and enter Sam's mind via demonic possession, leaving Dean and Cstiel with their trust placed in a demon.

In Sam's dreams (of him and Dean working a case about a ghoul eating dead cheerleaders), Crowley manifests to Sam to warn him where he is and about the Gadreel situation. After showing Sam the dream world around them isn't real, Crowley also reawakens Sam's memories of what Gadreel has done while in control of his body (killing Abner and Kevin), and warns Sam that he needs to expel Gadreel while he still has the chance. However, Gadreel then appears and attacks Crowley, before turning on and fighting Sam. Though Gadreel tries to turn Sam against expelling him through fear of remaining damage the trials caused to Sam, Sam rejects Gadreel and orders him to leave; expelling the angel from Sam's body. At the bar, as Metatron waits for Gadreel to arrive, Gadreel manifests in his true form and repossesses the bartender. Back at Sam, Crowley returns from Sam to his original host, and Sam is now free and in control of his body again. Abaddon and a group of her demons then arrive, and Crowley has Dean slip away with Cass and Sam while Crowley stays behind to deal with Abaddon.

Abaddon's own demons are noticeably uncertain of who to follow between her and Crowley, and Crowley plays on this and informs Abaddon that Hell isn't hers yet and is still torn between the two of them. Crowley then declares the power struggle between him and Abaddon to be a voting campaign among the demons, and orders Abaddon's demons to spread the word, before teleporting away.

Sam, Dean and Castiel have stopped on a bridge, where Castiel continues the healing process on Sam which Gadreel has mostly finished. Dean then confronts Sam about how he feels, and Sam is angry and unforgiving with Dean for having yet again disrespected Sam's own choice between his own life and death. Dean is unable to justify his actions in letting Gadreel possess Sam, and Dean also assures Sam that it's Dean's fault and not Sam's that Kevin is dead, and he vows to find and kill Gadreel himself. However, Dean also intends to hunt Gadreel on his own, considering himself a poisonous influence on others, Sam included, for the suffering and damage that has followed him and affected others throughout his life. Dean declares he won't let that continue and parts ways with Sam and Cass; Sam doesn't try to stop Dean. Dean then drives away in the Impala; leaving Castiel looking on, and Sam feeling bitter and betrayed for what Dean did by letting Gadreel into him.








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