1x1 SheriffPierce
Biographical information
Race : Human
Occupation : Police sheriff
Status : Alive
Production information
Appearance(s) : Pilot
Actor/Actress : R.D. Call

Sheriff J. Pierce is a police sheriff at Jericho, California.


In 1981, when Pierce was a deputy, after Constance Welch committed suicide, Pierce explained to reporters about the 911 call she had made stating that her children had drowned, before killing herself.


When Sam and Dean Winchester came to Jericho posing as US marshals and investigating the disappearances caused by Constance's Ghost, Pierce encountered them at the Sylvania Bridge crime scene and seemed to be immediately suspicious of them.

The next day, after Dean was arrested when it was discovered that he and Sam were frauds, Pierce interrogated Dean on the contents of John Winchester's journal about the supernatural; believing that the Winchesters were possibly Satanists and were responsible for the disappearances caused by Constance's Ghost over the years.