Peter Sweeney
1x3 PeterSweeney
Biographical information
Race : Human (formerly)
Ghost (Vengeful Spirit)
Occupation : Student
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Dead in the Water
Actor/Actress : Aaron Rota

Peter Sweeney was a bullied and tormented boy, who was accidentally drowned in Lake Manitoc in 1970 and subsequently became a Vengeful Spirit.


When he was alive, Peter was bullied and tormented by others for his small size, including his own friends, Bill Carlton and Jake Devins. One day in 1970, after school, before Peter could return home on his bike, Bill and Jake held his head underwater in Lake Manitoc. However, Bill and Jake accidentally held Peter underwater for too long and he drowned, and the two subsequently dumped Peter's body at the bottom of the lake.

Following his death, Peter's Spirit became a Ghost and haunted Lake Manitoc, and set about taking revenge on Jake and Bill by killing off their families and descendants one by one, so as to cause them the same agony that Peter's death caused his mother. Peter killed six people within thirty-four years after his death, and another three during 2005, including Christopher Barr in May.

Dead in the WaterEdit

Peter killed his third victim of 2005 (Sophie Carlton, for her father's role in Peter's demise) in November - December while she was out swimming in Lake Manitoc, and later killed Will Carlton as well at the Carlton house by hydrokinetically trapping Will by his head in the house's full sink, until Will drowned. The next day, a broken and devastated Bill went out onto Lake Manitoc in a motorboat, and Peter killed him by hydrokinetically throwing the boat into the air.

1x3 PeterSweeneyPhoto

A photograph of Peter when he was alive.

With his revenge on Bill Carlton taken, Peter then set about taking revenge on Jake in the same manner, and attempted to hydrokinetically drown Jake's daughter Andrea in her bathtub, but she was saved by Sam and Dean Winchester. With killing Andrea having failed, Peter seemed to subsequently beckon her son Lucas out to the lake, and then pulled him in. Jake went out onto the lake, begging Peter to take him instead of Lucas, and Peter accepted Jake's act of self-sacrifice for his grandson; releasing Lucas and dragging Jake to the bottom of the lake.

With his vengeance on Bill and Jake completed, Peter's Spirit was then presumably put to rest.



Due to the circumstances of his death, Peter's Spirit was able to manipulate and control the water in and coming from Lake Manitoc; he could direct said water's flow, and cause it to pull people in to drown them. When water outside of Lake Manitoc was under Peter's control, it would turn a murky, dark-green/brown colour.

Peter also possessed superhuman strength as a Ghost, being able to drag down full-grown men. Peter also seemed to be able to psychically or telepathically communicate with Psychics such as Lucas Barr, and beckon them towards Lake Manitoc.