Mother's Little Helper
Production information
Season : 9
Episode : 17
Original airdate : 25 March, 2014
Directed by : Misha Collins
Written by : Adam Glass
Preceded by : Blade Runners
Followed by : Meta Fiction

Mother's Little Helper is the seventeenth episode of Season 9 of Supernatural.


Sam investigates a case where regular friendly neighbours are turning into sociopathic barbarians, and learns through an elderly local named Julia that this case is worse than he thought; it goes back 56 years, when Henry Winchester and Josie Sands came to investigate the same occurrence at a convent. Meanwhile, Dean struggles with the after-effects of the Mark of Cain as Crowley tests him.

Full synopsisEdit

Sam catches wind of a possible case in Milton, Illinois, where friendly first-grade teacher Karen Young has brutally and casually beat her husband to death after coming home from work, but he is left to go and check on the case on his own when Dean (who's been acting uptight, single-minded and obsessed with finding Abaddon since he killed Cuthbert Sinclair with the First Blade) insists on staying at the bunker to continue working on finding Abaddon. Sam heads to Milton, but arrives too late to look at the arrested Mrs. Young, as she has hung herself in her cell. Dean is sceptical there is a case in Milton when Sam calls him for a status update.

But the following night, local teenager Billy gets attacked in a van while hitchhiking, and a blue light is seen emanating from inside as he screams. Billy shortly afterwards turns up at the local diner, where Sam is coincidentally eating; and Billy behaves blunt and obnoxious towards everyone, and attacks and stabs a waitress before Sam subdues him. Billy is detained at the police station, and Sam finds several other good locals have also become psychotic and insane and been detained, just as Billy has and just like Mrs. Young did. When Sam's holy water tests on Billy for demonic possession confirm he isn't possessed, he evaluates Billy on why he's acting like this and finds that the affected locals' behaviour has been reduced to unrestrained violent thought and instinct. As Sam tries to work out what it is that's happening to the townspeople and turning them violent, he notes that the behavioural changes the affected locals are displaying are similar to the ones he himself displayed when he was soulless (back in Season 6), and figures there must be something in town stealing the townspeople's souls.

Shortly afterwards, an elderly local woman, Julia Wilkinson, shows up at the sheriff's station and insists "it's them demons again" to the police. The police obviously don't believe her, but she makes it clear she isn't senile or demented. Suspecting Julia may know the truth, Sam takes Julia aside to ask her about the demons she's talking about, and Julia reveals that real demons came to Milton before, and the Men of Letters came to investigate. In 1958, when Julia was a nun at St. Bonaventure Convent, Henry Winchester and Josie Sands (posing as Inquisition officers sent by the Vatican) were sent by the Men of Letters (as part of their initiation rites) to St. Bonaventure to investigate a case similar to what's happening in the present: where one of the nuns murdered two others and then killed herself. St. Bonaventure's Mother Superior assigned Julia as Henry and Josie's guide around the abbey, and when Julia took the two to see the scrawlings the affected nun had scratched into the bedroom wall, Josie identified a pre-Enochian crest among the scrawlings which translated as "Knights of Hell."

The following night, Julia left her room to investigate commotion in the halls, and found Mother Superior under demonic possession dragging off a kidnapped girl. Sister Agnes and several of the other nuns, also possessed, then took Julia captive with several other kidnapped people, and the demons possessing the nuns then began performing the same unseen process (as has been done on Billy in the present) that renders the human victims soulless on the captives one by one, until only Julia was left. But before the demons could render Julia soulless, Henry and Josie came to the rescue and exorcised most of the demons, but were defeated when the exorcism rites didn't affect the Mother Superior as the demon possessing her was in fact Abaddon. As Julia watched from in hiding, Abaddon planned to possess an unconscious Henry so she could use him to infiltrate the Men of Letters and destroy them from within; but Josie, who it turns out was secretly in unrequited love with Henry, offered herself up instead to save Henry, and Abaddon accepted and instead possessed Josie. When Henry awoke, he remained oblivious that Josie was possessed, and the Abaddon-possessed Josie convinced him that it was merely a minor demon infestation they'd eradicated.

Back in the present, Sam, suspecting the demons in Milton have resurfaced and restarted whatever they were doing that was rendering their victims soulless, heads to the abandoned St. Bonaventure Convent to find answers. There, Sam discovers a stack of souls, no doubt those of the soulless townsfolk, before Sister Agnes (one of the demon nuns from the 1958 case, having not aged in 56 years) subdues and captures Sam. Agnes reveals to Sam that this is one of many soul-mining operations ordered by Abaddon, which are extracting people's souls to turn into new demons for Abaddon's army. When Agnes plans to take Sam's soul for the demon conversion project, Sam plays an audio recording of exorcism rites on his mobile phone; weakening Agnes, who is distracted with smashing the phone to stop the recording exorcising her, and allowing Sam the opportunity to kill her with the demon knife. Sam then sets about releasing the extracted souls, which immediately return to their bodies at the sheriff's station; restoring the soulless townsfolk to their normal souled selves.

Meanwhile, as Dean continues his research back at the bunker, he is left very troubled and haunted by the rushing murderous urge he felt when he killed Sinclair with the First Blade, and how the urge hasn't faded, and he remembers Cain's warning to him that the Mark of Cain would come with "a great burden." Eventually, Dean heads off to a bar to try and drink away his trouble, without telling Sam, where Crowley meets up with Dean and discusses whether or not Dean is ready and can handle this with how he's been reacting so far to the Mark of Cain's effects. Dean still insists to himself he's nothing like Cain and that he kills for good and righteous reasons, but Crowley believes that at heart Dean just enjoys the sensation of killing. While Crowley is in the pub's bathroom taking human blood (as he hasn't bothered to try getting clean of his addiction), Dean recognises another bar patron, Jake, as a hunter rookie, who's aware Crowley's a demon and plans on going against him. Dean confronts Jake and tries to warn him he doesn't know what he's doing. Jake initially insists on going ahead and trying to kill Crowley with or without Dean, until Dean successfully talks him down by warning him that nothing he has can kill a demon and that if Jake does this then Crowley will make Jake's family pay with their lives. After Dean leaves the bar and heads back to the bunker, Jake is revealed to actually be a demon working under Crowley's orders, and Crowley staged their confrontation to test Dean. Crowley concludes from what Dean did that he can rely on Dean and that Dean is ready.

The next day, back in Milton, Sam talks with Julia before he leaves. Sam asks Julia why she didn't just warn Henry that Abaddon was possessing Josie, and Julia hauntedly reveals that she was too scared and weak, because of how the nuns only teach good will and not how to find the strength to fight against real evil; and Julia declares that this was, and remains to this day, her greatest shame. Sam forgives Julia, as while she didn't act back then, she did last night and helped save people. Back in 1958, as Henry and Abaddon/Josie prepared to leave St. Bonaventure and bade the remaining nuns farewell, Abaddon cryptically threatened an ashamed Julia into keeping quiet about the truth, then drove off with Henry, as Henry relayed to Josie/Abaddon his enthusiasm over how they'd helped save lives here. In the present, after Sam returns to the bunker, he admits that Dean was right about finding Abaddon as soon as possible, with the discovery that Abaddon's mining souls to create a demon army having given Sam a strong resolve for them to find and stop her once and for all.








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