Meta Fiction
Production information
Season : 9
Episode : 18
Original airdate : 15 April, 2014
Directed by : Thomas J. Wright
Written by : Robbie Thompson
Preceded by : Mother's Little Helper
Followed by : Alex Annie Alexis Ann
Supernatural Season 9 Intro HD (Metatron Edition)

Supernatural Season 9 Intro HD (Metatron Edition)

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Meta Fiction is the eighteenth episode of Season 9 of Supernatural.


While Castiel is investigating a series of angel murders, all the while coming under growing pressure from the angels to unite and lead them in the war to retake Heaven, an encounter with an old friend ends in him finding himself captured by Metatron, who wants Cass to become part of his new story. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean capture Gadreel, and Metatron calls for a ransom exchange.

Full synopsisEdit

Sam and Dean continue tracking Abaddon's soul-mining operations by soulless victims lashing out, but are unable to find any trace of Abaddon herself. Meanwhile, at a warehouse in Bishop's Falls, Utah, Castiel is following a high-pitched angelic noise (tearing the inside of his trenchcoat in the process), which leads him to a glowing symbol drawn in blood at the sight of a brutal angel massacre. One of the angels in the room, Hannah, has survived the slaughter with wounds; she reveals to Cass that she and the other angels were drawn to the symbol by the angelic signal from it, when an angel (who is identified as Gadreel) locked them in and demanded they join Metatron's faction under Metatron as the new God, then slaughtered those among the angels who refused. After Cass heals Hannah's wounds, when she recognises him as Castiel, she asks if it's true he will lead the fallen angels to war against Metatron and take back Heaven; but Cass insists that he's no leader and so will stop Metatron alone.

Cass calls Sam and Dean from a motel and tells them about the massacre, and how Gadreel is working for Metatron and this is why he killed Kevin. Castiel also sends them by phone a photo of the angel siren sigil which drew the angels in, and explains that the sigil was made with odd and exotic ingredients (including griffin feathers and fairy bones). Sam discovers from police records that there have been several other identical angel massacres over the last few weeks, all in different large cities, and Castiel notes that Gadreel's series of massacres appears to be in a northward direction. The next two big cities after Bishop's Falls are [Auburn and Ogden, so Sam and Dean set off for Ogden while Castiel prepares to leave for Auburn. Before leaving, Dean and Sam remember Ian, a contact in Ogden who sells herbs, supplies and ingredients for hunters. In Ogden, Gadreel visits Ian's drug store and, aware of Ian's occupation among the hunter community, demands griffin feathers and fairy bones from Ian for a case he's on.

Back in Bishop's Falls, when Castiel is preparing to move on to Auburn, his motel room's TV turns on to Casa Erotica 14. Shockingly, Gabriel appears on the TV in the snuff film and talks directly to Cass, then appears in person in the room to talk with him. Gabriel explains that his death at Lucifer's hands (back in Hammer of the Gods) was actually faked, and he afterwards hid away in Heaven until he was locked out with the other angels in the Fall, and he is now being hunted by Metatron's followers due to his power as an archangel. Gabriel also reveals to Cass that the angel siren is the Horn of Gabriel, a powerful gift from God that was originally created with the purpose of gathering and uniting the angels. Castiel and Gabriel subsequently hit the road, and Gabriel explains to Cass that he's come out of hiding to unite the fallen angels against Metatron as their leader, with Cass's assistance. Cass and Gabriel stop at a Gas-N-Sip store, when a group of the angels following Metatron arrive and besiege the two in the store. Gabriel declares he'll hold them off long enough for Cass to escape, and tells Cass to take his place in uniting the angels against Metatron; but when Cass notices the tear in his coat from earlier has inexplicably vanished, he realises that this is all an illusion. Gabriel relents and explains to Castiel that this dream reality was all meant to show him Metatron's truth. However, just before Gabriel deactivates the illusion, Castiel asks whether he's really dead and part of the illusion, or really is alive and is following Metatron's story. Gabriel just gives Cass an eyebrow wiggle before the fake reality vanishes.

Castiel then wakes tied up in Metatron's office, with Metatron working on his story on his typewriter, and Metatron begins to explain to Cass his plans for him - Metatron also, when Cass doesn't understand his constant story references, uploads all of humanity's stories he's accumulated over the millennia into Cass's mind so he can understand him better. Metatron explains to Cass that he wants Cass to be his antithesis and the villain of his story, who will lead the fallen angels in a rebellion that Metatron will crush. Cass refuses to play his part as one of Metatron's characters, even when Metatron offers him several rewards afterwards - Metatron intends to spare Cass after defeating his war among the angels to retake Heaven; and he also offers to give Cass an indefinite power supply (as Cass's current grace stolen from another angel is currently burning out, and will eventually kill him unless he finds a more permanent solution to replacing his angelic power). Cass still refuses to play along with Metatron's story, and Metatron stops offering Cass rewards for playing his part.

Meanwhile in Ogden, Sam and Dean arrive at Ian's store, to find him dead, having been smote by Gadreel, and those of his ingredients that are part of the Horn of Gabriel gone. Before Gadreel can activate the Horn to draw the angels into his ambush, Sam and Dean track him down and trap him in a ring of holy fire. The brothers subsequently chain Gadreel up in an old warehouse to interrogate him on his work for Metatron, but Gadreel just taunts them. When Gadreel successfully taunts Sam into hitting him, Dean decides he'll guard Gadreel on his own while Sam goes to find Castiel for help (as Cass is their only ally other than Crowley they can think of who can help them, and Cass hasn't been answering their calls). Once Dean and Gadreel are alone, Dean declares to Gadreel that whether they make him talk or not, he is going to pay for what he did to Sam and to Kevin. Dean then begins slashing and torturing Gadreel with an angel blade, and Gadreel begins mocking and taunting Dean about him causing more pain than good by clinging onto others rather than being alone. This almost succeeds in enraging and egging Dean into killing Gadreel; but Dean then realises at the last second that that's what Gadreel wants, as he'd rather die than be chained and alone again, and declares to Gadreel that he can be left to rot.

Meanwhile, when Sam heads to the motel in Utah where Cass was staying, Metatron arries to talk. Metatron has become aware that the Winchesters have captured Gadreel, and demands they meet tomorrow to trade Gadreel for Castiel, or Cass will die. Sam immediately rushes back to Ogden to tell Dean about this before he kills Gadreel, and he finds that Dean has severely tortured and beaten Gadreel unconscious but left him alive. Though Dean believes they can't trust Metatron, Sam points out that the hostage exchange could nevertheless be their chance to capture him. The following day, Sam and Dean wait at the exchange location in a motel parking lot for Metatron to arrive. When Metatron comes, they try to trap him in a ring of holy fire, but Metatron blows the holy fire out like a candle and telekinetically pins the boys back. He then frees Gadreel, who is cuffed up in the Impala's trunk, and has his angel followers hand Cass back over to the boys while Metatron takes Gadreel back. Metatron declares to the trio that nothing they have, not even the Men of Letters' collection of knowledge, can stop him, but he will enjoy letting them try, and he then teleports away.

Following the hostage exchange and the failed attempt to capture Metatron, Cass and the Winchesters discuss how Metatron's overcome his angelic weaknesses, and realise that he must be empowering himself using the Angel Word of God. Cass notices that something about Dean is different; and is horrified and furious when he finds that Dean has taken on the Mark of Cain, and warns Sam to watch Dean carefully before the boys drive off. Back at Metatron's office, he's at his typewriter when Gadreel comes in to talk with him. Gadreel confirms that their secret doorway back to Heaven is secured, then asks about the Winchesters kidnapping and almost killing him, and Metatron admits it was a plot twist; but he assures himself and Gadreel that so long as everyone plays their part, the ending that Metatron plans will be reached. Metatron afterwards goes to his typewriter and continues writing his story, as the story's events he's writing about unfold on Earth. Castiel draws the Horn of Gabriel on his motel's room wall, then waits for the angels to respond. Cass then walks out to a gathered crowd of angels who have heeded the call and chosen him as their leader, among them Hannah. Metatron ends the current book of his story with a "TO BE CONTINUED..."







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