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"I was a son, a brother; like you, a younger brother. And I had an older brother who I loved! Idolised, in fact. And one day I went to him, and I begged him to stand with me. And Michael... Michael turned on me. Called me a freak. A monster. And then he beat me down, all because I was different... because I had a mind of my own! Tell me something Sam - any of this sound familiar?"
―Lucifer likens himself to Sam and reveals the two's similarities.[src]

Lucifer - also known as the Devil, Satan, the Serpent, the Morning Star, the Dark Prince or the Adversary - is an archangel and the rightful King of Hell, originally created by God to help defeat the Darkness. He was originally God's most beloved angel, but became jealous when humanity began; going against God's love for mankind, corrupting the early humans and creating the first demons, for which he was imprisoned in a cage in Hell.

Lucifer was set free in 2009 by his and Azazel's successful 37-year master plan, bringing the Apocalypse; but Lucifer was defeated and reimprisoned in his cage by his own true vessel, Sam Winchester. Five years later, Lucifer escaped the cage again after the Darkness was released, possessing Castiel's vessel, and he aimed to stop the Darkness but was ultimately ripped from Castiel's body by her.


According to the prophecy of the Apocalypse, Lucifer would be released from his cage in Hell when Lilith was destroyed and the last of 66 seals broken with her death. (Lucifer Rising, Sympathy for the Devil) Upon rising to Earth, Lucifer would lead the demons and forces of Hell in a war against Heaven and humanity, and would use many apocalyptic tools, servants and weapons (including the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Croatoan virus, the Antichrist and the Whore of Babylon) to spread chaos and destruction against humankind on Earth. (Season 5)

Eventually, Lucifer would take and possess Sam Winchester as his true vessel for the Apocalypse. Lucifer would subsequently meet with his older brother and Heaven's leader Michael on the Chosen Fields of Stull Cemetery, for the final battle of good vs. evil between the two archangel brothers (and, symbolically, their two respective vessels as well). The battle between Michael and Lucifer would destroy half the Earth and kill much of the human race, and it would end with one of the two brothers defeating and killing the other. (Season 5)




Lucifer was one of the archangels that were originally created by God before the rest of creation was formed. (Season 11) He was created after Michael but before Gabriel, apparently the secondborn archangel, (Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 5) although the Darkness at one point called Lucifer "God's first son." (Hell's Angel)

Lucifer was for the most part raised by his older brother Michael, (The Song Remains the Same) who was the most loyal and dutiful son to God while Lucifer was God's most beloved. Through this, while the archangel brothers all loved each-other; Michael and Lucifer formed a special brotherly bond with each-other and their mostly-absent Father, one which would be repeated many eons later in Sam and Dean Winchester. Lucifer also in turn reared and tutored Gabriel, and it was from Lucifer that Gabriel learned all of his tricks. (Hammer of the Gods)

After the archangels' creation, they went to war under their Father's command against the Darkness, as she was a threat to all of the creation that God needed to bring about - though there was apparently a period before this war when their aunt, despite her hatred for the creation that God wanted and needed to make, had in fact trusted Lucifer. (Hell's Angel) During God and the archangels' war, Lucifer and the other three archangels' combined strength in their attacks served to beat down and weaken the Darkness, after which God was able to imprison her where she could do no harm by placing a Mark which would serve as the 'lock and key' on Lucifer. (Brother's Keeper, We Happy Few) God had chosen to place the Mark on Lucifer because he'd believed and been confident that his favourite son would be strong enough to resist the Mark's negative and corruptive influence - it was a miscalculation that both of them would remember badly. (We Happy Few)

After creationEdit

Sometime after the Darkness was defeated and the universe was brought about, God created thousands of lesser angels of different classes, units and divisions to serve as his warriors and gardeners from where he ruled in Heaven. While these lesser angels never saw God and only knew of him from their respective superiors, the archangels personally knew, reported to and interacted with their Father and were the highest-ranking celestials on Heaven's chain of command.

Lucifer's fallEdit

For a time, Lucifer and his archangel brothers and Father lived together in happiness in Heaven, (Swan Song) until God created humanity, and declared them to be his best and most treasured creations over even angels. Lucifer was disgusted at the flawed-natured, violent, animal creatures that he saw - and, deep down, jealous that he was no longer God's favourite child and had been supposedly replaced by such creatures, with the influence of the mark Lucifer bore only fanning the flames. (We Happy Few) As Lucifer would himself recount (though he may have been exaggerating partly to gain sympathy at the time); God commanded all his angels to bow down before humanity and to love them more than even God, but Lucifer refused out of anger, disgust and jealousy. (The End)

There was an interim after Lucifer's refusal to bow to mankind, during which, with the Mark's corruptive influence continuing to add fuel to his raving jealousy and spite, (We Happy Few) his disobedience towards God over the humans got worse and worse. He started speaking to the Host and trying to gather other angels to his cause of belief that angels should be held above humans. (On the Head of a Pin) Lucifer went to Michael and asked his elder brother to stand with him, but Michael refused and remained loyal to God. (Abandon All Hope...) Eventually, as Lucifer's cause against humanity continued to worsen and caused increasing fighting amongst the archangels as his brothers stayed loyal to God's command, eventually, God cast Lucifer out of Heaven.

Corruption of Man and the creation of demonsEdit

On Earth, Lucifer sought to corrupt humankind and bring out the very worst traits in them to prove to his family that he'd allegedly been right about them and they'd been wrong. Though God had stationed his most trusted angel Gadreel at the Garden of Eden to keep evil from reaching the humans within, Lucifer succeeded in getting past Gadreel into the Garden, where he corrupted Adam and Eve by tempting them with the Forbidden Fruit. (Holy Terror, Road Trip, Brother's Keeper) Despite humanity allegedly being created the way they were, this act by Lucifer has been blamed on how corrupt humanity was over its history.

Another one of Lucifer's most infamous acts against humanity and God's love for them was the creation of demonkind. As was explained by Ruby, Lucifer took a human woman's, Lilith's, soul and tortured, twisted, mutilated and corrupted her until she became an abominable spiritual perversion which brought out the very worst traits of humanity - Lucifer had created the first ever demon. (When the Levee Breaks)

Lucifer also, after Lilith, went on to create some of the other first demons in existence. He was responsible for luring and enticing Abel, until Cain struck a bargain with Lucifer to save his brother from Lucifer's clutches - Cain offered his own soul in exchange for Abel's being allowed to go to Heaven. Lucifer accepted, but on the condition that Cain would have to be the one to end Abel's life. Lucifer also at this point passed the Mark he had from God that kept the Darkness imprisoned and that had partly fuelled Lucifer's corruption and villainy, from himself on to Cain; from this, the Mark became known as the Mark of Cain in future. After the Mark's corrupting effects turned Cain himself into a special, pure and powerful breed of demon, Lucifer ordered Cain to make more strong demons like himself, leading to the foundation of the Knights of Hell. (First Born, Brother's Keeper)

Lucifer's imprisonmentEdit

Eventually, as punishment for Lucifer's terrible crimes against God and the humans (chiefly the creation of demons), God had Michael cast Lucifer into Hell, (The End) where Lucifer was imprisoned within a sealed, impregnable cage of God's own design to remain until the Apocalypse. (O Brother Where Art Thou?)

After his imprisonment, though it would seem that Lucifer apparently remained aware of events in the cosmos and what happened outside of his cage, he still couldn't get out or influence it, nor did his demons know how to break him out of the cage and eventually most of them gave up. (Lucifer Rising) However, Lucifer's reputation ived on - he became known amongst humans' Abrahamic religions as Satan or the Devil, while the demons which multiplied in Hell from the human souls condemned to there by either evil acts or selling their souls worshipped Lucifer as their own god analogously to humans. (Sin City)

Azazel's master planEdit

4x22 LuciferSpeaksThroughNun

Lucifer, speaking from within the cage through a dead nun, tasks Azazel with the master plan to release him from his prison. (Lucifer Rising)

In 1972, the powerful Lucifer-worshipping demon Azazel found the sealed door to Lucifer's cage at St. Mary's Convent, and managed to make contact with Lucifer by massacring the convent. Speaking from in his cage through the corpse of one of the slaughtered nuns, Lucifer instructed Azazel to find him a special child who could free Lilith from Hell so that she could break the seals keeping Lucifer bound to his cage in Hell; which would release Lucifer so that he could go to war against Michael and the angels in his goals of taking control of Heaven and purging the Earth of humanity. (Lucifer Rising)

Azazel subsequently created many special children, and devised a secret master plan with Lilith and Ruby to have his strongest special child open a devil's gate to free Lilith, then afterwards kill Lilith after 65 of Lucifer's seals were broken to break the final seal and free Lucifer from the cage. Azazel initiated the next phase of his master plan in 2005 - 2007 when a generation of his special children were activated, successfully having one release Lilith through a devil's gate and Azazel dying himself in the process in May, 2007. (Season 2)

5x1 LuciferEscapesCage

Lucifer's essence bursts out from the cage and the Apocalypse begins. (Sympathy for the Devil)

A year and three months later, when Dean Winchester unknowingly broke the first of Lucifer's seals, Lilith and her demons began breaking the other seals one by one, until by mid-2009, 65 seals had be broken and Lilith was the final seal. (Season 4) Azazel's last surviving special child, Sam Winchester, killed Lilith at the abandoned St. Mary's Convent, breaking the 66th and last of the seals needed to keep Lucifer imprisoned and starting the Apocalypse. (Lucifer Rising) Just afterwards, Lucifer emerged from his cage at the convent, but before he could take Sam, the latter and Dean were teleported away from the convent to safety, as Lucifer rose from Hell and was freed to walk the Earth once more. (Sympathy for the Devil)

The ApocalypseEdit

Finding his vesselEdit

5x1 LuciferContactsNick

Lucifer contacts Nick in his late wife's form in his dreams. (Sympathy for the Devil)

After Lucifer rose upon being freed by Lilith's death at Sam's hands, as he was unable to possess Sam as his true vessel for the Apocalypse without Sam's consent to possession (which Lucifer recognised Sam would not give him for some time), Lucifer sought out a bitter, widowed human called Nick as a substitute vessel in the meantime. Lucifer managed to get Nick to allow the former to possess him by convincing Nick that God was responsible for the deaths of Nick's family and that Lucifer would bring God to justice for it, (Sympathy for the Devil) but as Nick was not part of the vessel bloodline designed for Lucifer, Nick's body afterwards began to wear away over the months from containing Lucifer's immense angelic essence. (Abandon All Hope... et al.)

Lucifer also took command over all the demons in his Apocalyptic war against Heaven, ordering them not to harm Sam, and Lucifer controlled the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse with a binding spell in his genocide against humanity; causing chaos and natural disasters among humanity using the horsemen and his powers and Apocalyptic weapons. (Season 5)

5x3 LuciferContactsSam

Lucifer contacts Sam to warn him of his destiny. (Free to Be You and Me)

Lucifer was unable to find Sam, due to angel-warding Sam had received, but was still able to contact Sam in the latter's dreams. After possessing Nick, Lucifer told Sam in the latter's dreams of how he was Lucifer's true vessel; he promised to never lie to nor trick Sam, and intended to patiently wait and let Sam come to and say yes to him in his own time. (Free to Be You and Me)

Unleashing DeathEdit

Later into the Apocalypse, as the fourth horseman Death needed a complex ritual to be risen from his prison for Lucifer's use in the Apocalypse, Lucifer and his demons went to Carthage, Missouri (as this town had experienced massive battle and bloodshed in the past, which was one of the components in the ritual) and murdered or possessed all of the townsfolk. (Abandon All Hope...)

5x10 Lucifer+Castiel

Lucifer in Carthage, Missouri, trying to get Castiel to join him. (Abandon All Hope...)

The Winchester brothers, with Castiel and the Harvelles, tracked Lucifer down to Carthage to try and kill him with the Colt, and Lucifer captured Castiel in a ring of holy fire. Lucifer attempted to turn Castiel over to his cause, but Cass remained loyal to the Winchesters, and Lucifer respected Cass' decision and left him in Meg's captivity. Lucifer subsequently went to complete the ritual to raise Death, by mass-burying the murdered townsfolk and sacrificing all the demons, when Sam and Dean arrived and tried to kill Lucifer with the Colt, but the Colt failed and Lucifer survived. The Winchester brothers were forced to flee, but not before Lucifer prophesised to Dean that Sam would consent to possession as Lucifer's true vessel in six months in Detroit. Lucifer then finished the ritual, raising Death and binding him to the former. (Abandon All Hope...)

Killing his little brotherEdit

5x19 LuciferMassacresGods

Lucifer massacres his way through the god-occupied motel. (Hammer of the Gods)

Another few months later into the Apocalypse, when a group of pagan gods were meeting at the Elysian Fields Hotel and holding Sam and Dean hostage in their debate about stopping the Apocalypse, Lucifer was alerted when one of the gods, Mercury, called him to the Hotel. Aware that the gods intended to kill him using an archangel blade and disgusted by their pettiness and disloyalty to their own kind, Lucifer fought his way through the Hotel, brutally and effortlessly slaughtering all the gods he came across along the way until only Kali was left alive. Before Lucifer could kill Kali, Gabriel (who had fled and gone missing since the time of Lucifer's original rebellion) intervened, holding Lucifer off while Sam, Dean and Kali escaped and fled.
5x19 LuciferMurdersGabriel

Lucifer kills his younger brother Gabriel. (Hammer of the Gods)

Gabriel tried to trick Lucifer and kill him with an illusion, but Lucifer saw through it and turned Gabriel's archangel blade on him, killing his younger brother. (Hammer of the Gods)

The final battleEdit

Approximately a year or less into the Apocalypse, Sam and Dean tracked Lucifer down to Detroit, with the intention of allowing Lucifer to possess Sam and then using the Four Horsemen's rings to send Lucifer in Sam's body back into the cage. Though Lucifer was aware of the brothers' plot, he was willing to enter Sam anyway and have a mental match with Sam - if Sam kept control, he would send them into cage, but if Lucifer won then he could begin his final battle with Michael. Sam reluctantly agreed to the terms and said yes to Lucifer, allowing Lucifer to exit Nick's body and possess Sam as his true vessel. Lucifer easily and quickly gained control of Sam's body and left, but still tried to sympathise with Sam and turn Sam over to his side; even going as far as to reveal how heavily Azazel's demons had manipulated Sam's life, and then killing the demons with Sam's body as a means for Sam of revenge.

5x22 Lucifer+SamConfront

Lucifer agrees to a mind-match with Sam for the fate of the world. (Swan Song)

The next morning, Lucifer met with Michael at the Chosen Fields (Stull Cemetery) for their prophesised battle in the final, Earth-devastating phase of the Apocalypse. Lucifer suggested that they turn away from God's alleged plan for the battle together as brothers, and tried to convince Michael that God was responsible for Lucifer becoming the Devil and was to blame for Lucifer's actions; but Michael refused and remained loyal to what he believed to be God's plan that he fight and kill Lucifer. However, just before Michael and Lucifer could begin the battle, Dean, Castiel and Bobby arrived to try one last time to get Sam to retake control from Lucifer, sending Michael away with holy fire.

5x22 Lucifer+MichaelMeet

Lucifer, possessing his true vessel, meets with Michael for the final battle. (Swan Song)

The group's interference there and then finally drove Lucifer's patience with Dean for Sam past the breaking point, causing him to kill Bobby and Castiel and to then begin physically attacking Dean and beating him to the point of death. But just before Lucifer could land the killing blow, he caught sight of Sam's old army figure in the Impala's ashtray; triggering all of Sam's memories of his good times with Dean, which overwhelmed the Devil, and allowed Sam to retake control of his body and trap Lucifer's essence within him. Sam then used the horsemen's rings to open a portal to Lucifer's cage, and pulled himself and Michael into the portal; trapping Lucifer, Sam, Michael and Adam (Michael's vessel) in Lucifer's cage in Hell together and derailing the Apocalypse. (Swan Song)


5x22 SamLucifer+MichaelAdamFallIntoCage

Sam and Adam fall into Hell, taking Michael and Lucifer with them. (Swan Song)

After Sam had trapped himself, Michael, Adam and Lucifer in the cage, Lucifer tortured, abused and mutilated Sam's soul in fury, frustration and revenge over his reimprisonment in the cage. (Season 6, Season 7) A year and a half after the Apocalypse was averted, Death rescued Sam's damaged and abused soul from the cage, leaving Lucifer to remain locked away in the cage with Michael and Adam. (Appointment in Samarra)

The Darkness's comingEdit


Alternate realitiesEdit

5x4 LuciferAlternate2014

Lucifer in an alternate 2014 meets Dean. (The End)

In the alternate future which Zachariah sent Dean into, where he and Sam had remained separate ways after the Apocalypse began; Lucifer and the demons' genocide against humanity weren't stopped, and humanity was largely decimated and the Earth won by Lucifer by using the Croatoan virus. Lucifer also possessed Sam as his true vessel in 2013 when Sam said yes to him in Detroit.

In 2014, Lucifer killed Dean while located at the Jackson County Sanitarium, and Lucifer then encountered Dean's 2009 self. Lucifer claimed to 2009 Dean that his victory over Heaven and humanity, and the final outcome of this future, was ultimately inevitably, before allowing Zachariah to take Dean back to 2009. (The End)


After he was raised from Hell, the severe damage to Sam's soul and mental state from Lucifer's abuse when his soul was in the cage with him caused Sam to suffer illusions and hallucinations of Hell and Lucifer, which intensified and worsened over time. (Meet the New Boss, Hello, Cruel World) The Lucifer hallucination initially attempted to convince Sam that he was still in the cage with Lucifer and the entire past two years of Sam being back on Earth from the cage had been an illusion Lucifer had crafted. (Hello, Cruel World)

Sam soon learned that Lucifer was indeed a hallucination and that Sam was indeed back home from Hell, and he managed to keep the Lucifer hallucination's torturing and torment at bay using real physical pain from a scar on his hand to subconsciously remind him of the difference between pain on Earth and pain in Hell. (Hello, Cruel World) However, Sam gradually became more accepting of Lucifer, allowing the hallucination to fully get past the scar's mental repelling of him and to unleash full torture on Sam, (Repo Man) driving Sam to insomnia and the point of insanity over the following few days and causing Sam to slowly begin to die from sleep deprivation. To save Sam, Castiel moved Sam's Lucifer hallucination and mental damage into his own mind, where the Lucifer illusion initially tortured Castiel and left him catatonic, but soon faded away as the hallucination was not of Castiel's mental scarring. (The Born-Again Identity)


Lucifer is a being who is angry and jealous at and feels betrayed by his Father and older brother for loving humanity (whom he sees as a flawed, inferior race of murderous, cockroach-like defects) more than him, and is driven to prove that humans are truly flawed and corrupt and to exterminate and destroy them in retaliation. In this respect, Lucifer sees himself as a tragic figure who was betrayed and wrongly punished by his family for being right and for trying to show them what he believes to be the truth, and he is convinced that it was his family who shunned and betrayed him for being right. This is one of the qualities that Lucifer shares with his true vessel, Sam Winchester. Lucifer is also notable for exhibiting a witty, casual and sarcastic sense of humour, a trait not seen in most angels.

Lucifer is fascinated by and greatly values and admires the Earth's beauty, considering it "the last perfect handiwork of God" that is "beautiful in a trillion different ways," and is disgusted at the damage humans have caused to the world. Lucifer also used humanity's destructive abuse of their world as a justification of Lucifer's genocide against humankind, but others who knew Lucifer such as Gabriel recognised that for Lucifer this personally wasn't about saving the Earth from humanity, but that Lucifer's genocide against humanity was in actuality a bratty and childish outburst over humans replacing him as God's favourite creation. As well as his hatred and disgust for humans as monstrous and flawed abominations, Lucifer actually views demons as being even worse than humans, and sees and treats them as nothing more than a means to an end and intended to eradicate them after he longer needed them. Lucifer claimed that he strongly values loyalty to one's own cause as well, being intensely disgusted by the pagan gods' disloyalty and pettiness to the point of declaring them worse than humans and even demons.

Lucifer is 'gently evil', and is prideful and overconfident in his ability and victory. Lucifer also refuses to accept blame for his own actions' consequences, and tries to blame others whom he holds responsible for pushing him into doing what he has; as pointed out by Michael, Lucifer is "always blaming everyone but [him]self." Lucifer is usually gentle and civil when dealing with others, preferring to turn others over via sympathy rather than threat or force, by likening their own tragedies, issues and feelings of injustice to Lucifer's own. Lucifer will also go to significant lengths and effort to gain the acceptance of others and those whom he sympathises with; for despite his hatred and disgust towards humanity, Lucifer tried to sympathise with both of his vessels, even after gaining his vessel's sympathy was no longer necessary for his ultimate goals, and promising to never lie to or trick them.

Lucifer has shown particular love and concern his archangel brothers, especially Michael. As massively shattered as their relationship now is due to Lucifer's actions and their consequences, Lucifer deeply loved his older brother Michael, and even initially wanted to be able to rejoin with his brother and walk out of God's alleged plans with him rather than fight him to the death. Lucifer can also be violently, even genocidally, defensive when someone else directly strikes against Michael. Lucifer also loved his younger brother Gabriel, openly grieving after killing him. Though not to the same degree as his brotherly love for the other archangels, Lucifer has also shown kinship towards lesser angels. He prefers to civilly talk them down in confrontations and turn them over to his cause if possible, and respected Castiel's rejection of his offer when he extended it to him; but when they attempt to strike against him as an established threat, or when his patience is pushed over the edge, Lucifer will not hesitate to destroy said lesser angels, nor show grief or much regret afterwards.

Despite his civil, gentle and sympathising behaviour and approach when dealing with others, Lucifer is also very brutal, cruel and barbaric; he has no qualms about killing humans, demons or pagan gods even without any reason, and if and when Lucifer loses his patience with those who get in his way or even annoy him, he can become extremely vicious, dangerous and violent to them and to everyone else in his way. In particular, Lucifer resents Pagan Gods, as he believes them to be far worse than even Humans and Demons, and actually immediately takes the chance to kill them.

By the time of his second escape from the cage, Lucifer's demeanour and behaviour seems to have darkened considerably, and he now seems to be more openly monstrous, unnerving and cruel compared to the sympathetic figure he painted himself as when he was last free during the Apocalypse. He now seems to prefer to turn others over by taunting them on their insecurities and pointing out their flaws and weaknesses rather than using sympathy, and he also expresses veiled but clearly more threatening, savage, cruel intentions in interactions.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

5x1 LuciferPossessesNick

A burst of light from Nick's house as Lucifer possesses his vessel. (Sympathy for the Devil)

As one of the two oldest and strongest archangels, Lucifer is one of the most powerful beings in existence; being described by Zachariah as "powerful in ways that defy description." He is far superior to all demons and to almost all other angels, though still childlike and inferior compared to beings as powerful as God or Death. Lucifer has displayed immense supernatural powers on Earth while free from his cage; his presence on the planet during the Apocalypse caused worldwide natural disasters, ranging from storms to earthquakes and others.

As an angel, Lucifer must possess a vessel when on Earth in order to take physical form and to properly channel his abilities on the earthly plane. Lucifer can channel and exhibit his powers to their fullest when possessing his one true vessel (Sam Winchester). Though still powerful and nigh-invulnerable in any other vessel, a vessel who is not part of the Winchester bloodline would be improper and too weak for Lucifer; in such a vessel, Lucifer's strength and power is more limited, and the vessel will wear and eventually burn away from containing Lucifer's immense essence. Lucifer can also take possession of a vessel in a spiritual realm such as Hell, though in such a realm he can still physically manifest without one.

Besides possession, Lucifer also possesses the basic angelic abilities such as: telekinesis, invulnerability against non-angelic weapons, regeneration of any non-angelic physical damage to his vessel, contacting humans (even ones warded from angels, though it means he still can't find them in the real world) in their dreams, superhuman strength in his vessels, and teleportation to and from anywhere on Earth when free from his cage. He is also capable of travelling through time and transporting others such as humans with him, and of touching a human's soul to harness or damage its energy by phasing his vessel's hand deep into the subject person's body. (He retains his full abilities and seems to have been shielded from the Fall's effects in his cage.)

Lucifer is powerful enough to inhibit the powers of weaker beings - such as low-level angels and pagan gods - with his presence, and physically kill them with very little effort. He seems to tend to kill low-level angels by molecularly combusting them with a snap of his fingers - on Earth, this causes the angel's vessel to explode into blood and gore, while in Heaven, it causes the angel to instantaneously disintegrate away. Lucifer has also demonstrated that, "quite the opposite" to the cultural motif that depicts the Devil as burning hot, his presence can cause the local area's temperature to drop to near-icy levels.


Lucifer is a very difficult entity to defeat or even challenge, although his fellow archangels have a chance of killing him in battle; Michael in particular has a very serious chance at killing Lucifer in a battle between the two. Not even the Colt can kill Lucifer, although it did still pain him. One of the few confirmed methods of killing Lucifer is with an archangel blade. It is thought that the power of a Hand of God could probably kill Lucifer. The Darkness demonstrated that she is far powerful enough to psychokinetically overpower Lucifer, and that she can rip him from his vessel with ease, and also inflict extreme psychokinetic torture and agony on him the likes of which left him severely weakened, and made Metatron shudder at the sight of Lucifer's state. God was able to easily render Lucifer powerless without him even knowing and has been stated to be capable of easily killing him, as it has been repeatedly stated that God could kill Lucifer without needing to destroy much of the earth had he fought his son in the Apocalypse. Death refers to him as being a mere petulant child compared to him, implying that he could have destroyed him with as much ease as God had he not been bound. Higher ranking Leviathans may prove a bit of a challenge to him.

There are multiple angelic methods of blocking Lucifer or nullifying his powers, though most of them, depending, have a much shorter-lived effect on Lucifer than they would on most other angels. The angel-banishing sigil can be used to banish him, and Seydoux's special supernatural warding could block Lucifer and prevent him from teleporting or time-travelling in. Lucifer also cannot track humans who have been branded with Enochian warding to cloak them from all angels. The angel-deactivating sigil can be used on Lucifer to restore control to his vessel, though its effect literally only lasts for seconds in Lucifer's case before he retakes control. A closed barrier of holy fire and angel-binding sigils, when used against Lucifer together, can fully bind Lucifer and his powers, though only temporarily; after a while, Lucifer will overcome and extinguish them.

Forms takenEdit


4x22 LuciferLore

An artistic depiction of Lucifer being defeated by Michael in the apocalyptic final battle between good and evil. (Lucifer Rising)

In the beliefs of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), the Devil whom many know as Lucifer is generally know as the supreme overlord of all Hell, and the personification of all evil in the universe, second in power only to God and faith. He is notable for tempting and corrupting humans towards sin. Most regard Lucifer as the enemy of God for his corrupting efforts on mankind and as fighting an eternal war with God over the souls of humanity, but others believe Lucifer to have been assigned the task of tempting humans by God to test and prove humans' strength and faith.

Lucifer is widely believed to be a fallen angel (or fallen djinn in Islam), specifically either archangel or cherub; one who refused to bow down to mankind when they were created and desired to be exalted above all others, for which he was cast out from Heaven. Though Lucifer has been applied as a name for the Devil (particularly when referring to him before his fall from grace), Lucifer is argued to actually be a separate entity from the Devil in actual biblical text.



  • Eric Kripke has described Supernatural's portrayal of Lucifer as being based off of the depiction of a gentle Devil in Paradise Lost who has doubts and legitimacy on his shoulders.
  • Kripke has also jokingly compared Lucifer to environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. (in that Lucifer obsessively loves Earth's nature and beauty), albeit more "raging, psychotic" and with "unlimited power."[1]
  • Whenever Lucifer teleports, he does not appear to make the same sound of flapping wings that other angels often did. This has been suggested by fans to be a reference to Lucifer's iconic status as a fallen angel and the fallen archangel, due to the traditional belief in pop culture and media that an angel loses its wings when it falls.
  • As mentioned and shown in Abandon All Hope..., Lucifer is one of the only five things in all of creation that the Colt cannot kill.
  • 11x9 LuciferRedEyes

    Lucifer's glowing red eyes when summoned into the smaller cage in Limbo. (O Brother Where Art Thou?)

    In O Brother Where Art Thou?, Lucifer's eyes initially flashed a dim, glowing red when he was summoned in Limbo's cage and manifested. It is unknown whether this red eye flash was an effect of the warding, simply a voluntary theatrical display he made, or what his true eyes really look like.
    • Some fans suspecting the latter theory have argued as to how Lucifer's glowing red eyes could be his angelic eyes, since angels' eyes are usually bluish-white. Some have suggested that something could have happened to Lucifer in the past to alter or disfigure his true form's appearance, such as the corrupting effects from bearing the Mark of Cain.
  • It was initially unknown whether or not Michael and Lucifer were affected and diminished from in the cage by Metatron's spell as all the other angels in Heaven and on Earth were. However, it was indicated in The Vessel that Lucifer was indeed unaffected and remains a full-powered archangel.
  • Like Abaddon with Josie Sands' body, Crowley with his usual vessel, and Anna with her humanised form's body; Lucifer may also have a level of attachment and/or sentimentality for his former-vessel Nick's form, seeing as he manifested in Nick's appearance when summoned to Limbo's cage in O Brother Where Art Thou?.
  • There is some ambiguity and unclearness as to whether it was God or Michael who personally cast out and/or imprisoned Lucifer, and when, though it is apparent that there was an interim between when Lucifer was banished from Heaven and when he was locked in the cage. In The End, Lucifer mentioned God having Michael cast him into Hell, and angels such as Naomi and Hael have mentioned God casting Lucifer down from Heaven. It is probable that between God and Michael, one of them cast him out from Heaven and the other sealed him inside the cage.
  • It was suggested by Mark Pellegrino in Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 7 that Sam's visions of Lucifer in Season 7 might not have entirely been hallucinations spawned of his memories, and that part of the hallucinated Lucifer might have been a psychic projection implanted by the real Lucifer while Sam was in the cage.