Lucas Barr
1x3 LucasBarr
Biographical information
Race : Human (with psychic abilities)
Occupation : N/A
Status : Alive
Production information
Appearance(s) : Dead in the Water
Actor/Actress : Nico McEown

Lucas Barr was Andrea and Christopher Barr's son, and was left mute and socially withdrawn following his father's death until he met and befriended Dean Winchester.


In May 2005, Lucas' father Christopher took him out swimming on Lake Manitoc, where Lucas saw the Ghost of Peter Sweeney kill his father. Lucas was found on a floating piece of wood out on the lake shortly after Chris' death, and was rescued after two hours; but he was left in shock from the death of his father, and subsequently became mute and completely socially withdrawn.

Dead in the WaterEdit

In November - December, when Sam and Dean Winchester arrived investigating the deaths on Lake Manitoc caused by Peter Sweeney's Spirit, Lucas was initially shy of and didn't want to talk with the Winchesters. Later, Dean spoke with and tried to befriend Lucas at the playground, sympathising with Lucas as Dean had also lost his mother in a violent and traumatic incident. Lucas then drew Dean a picture of the Carlton household and handed it to him for help solving the case about Peter's Spirit.

Dean later came to Lucas again asking for more help, convincing Lucas that the latter's father would want him to be strong and brave, and Lucas gave Dean a picture of Peter's old neighbourhood. Lucas later seemed to sense when Peter attempted to hydrokinetically drown Lucas' mother Andrea in the bathtub until the Winchesters saved her, and led the brothers to the site where Peter's old bike was buried. Shortly afterwards, Peter seemed to psychically lure Lucas out to Lake Manitoc, where Peter pulled Lucas under the water; but Lucas was released by Peter and saved by Dean when Jake sacrificed himself to Peter in Lucas' place.

Lucas subsequently began talking and socially interacting again, and bid the Winchesters farewell.


Dean WinchesterEdit

Dean sympathised with Lucas over the fact that both of them watched one of their respective parents violently die, and seemed to develop a father-son-like bond.

Andrea BarrEdit

When mute from his father's death, Lucas would not talk at all to his mother Andrea; but he did became very scared and worried when he sensed that Peter Sweeney was attempting to kill Andrea, and showed a happy and positive relationship with his mother after recovering when Sweeney was put to rest.