Loch Ness
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Loch Ness is a large, deep, freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands, extending for approximately thirty-seven kilometres (twenty-three miles) southwest of Inverness. Its surface is 15.8 metres (fifty-two feet) above sea level.

Loch Ness is best known for the sightings of the cryptozoological Loch Ness Monster, also known affectionately as "Nessie". It is connected at the southern end by the River Oich and a section of the Caledonian Canal to Loch Oich. At the northern end there is the Bona Narrows which opens out into Loch Dochfour, which feeds the River Ness and a further section of canal to Inverness.

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Sam Winchester mentioned Loch Ness as one of the lakes around the world where creatures were sighted every year.