King of the Damned
9x21 MarkOfCainGivesResistanceToTelekinesis
Production information
Season : 9
Episode : 21
Original airdate : 6 May, 2014
Directed by : P.J. Pesce
Written by : Eugenie Ross-Leming
Brad Buckner
Preceded by : Bloodlines
Followed by : Stairway to Heaven

King of the Damned is the twenty-first episode of Season 9 of Supernatural.


As Crowley continues losing the power struggle for Hell, Abaddon contacts him and demands they join forces in stopping the Winchesters from killing both of them. Crowley refuses, until Abaddon abducts Crowley's human son from the past as a bargaining chip. Meanwhile, Castiel calls Sam and Dean in to help his angel operation in interrogating a captured follower of Metatron, and Cass himself goes to meet with Gadreel and discuss which side Gadreel should choose.

Full synopsisEdit

Sam and Dean are called in by Cass to his base of operations at a power station, where Cass has amassed and organised an organised and advanced army among his angel followers. Cass explains to the boys that he's asked for their help in interrogating a captive angel called Ezra - an angel whom Cass's followers captured after he blabbed to a group of angels at a bar that he was one of Metatron's recruits - since the angels' own methods won't work on him but Sam and Dean have more experience in these matters. In the cell where Ezra is captive, though Sam and Dean are initially unable to get any information out of Ezra, they soon use Ezra's blabbermouth-personality against him by using reverse-psychology to taunt Ezra into boasting his and Metatron's secrets. Sam and Dean discover this way from Ezra that he was a failed recruit for a secret elite squad of angels on Earth that Metatron is organising; and the Winchesters also learn from Ezra that Metatron has a secret doorway back to Heaven which regularly shifts location on Earth, and which is how Metatron's followers are regaining access to Heaven.

However, after the interrogation, Ezra is found dead in his cell, having been murdered with an angel blade without Castiel's knowledge or authorisation; indicating there is a mole and/or rogue among Cass's followers. While Sam and Dean set about investigating among the angels for any evidence of who the mole is, Cass - after hearing from Sam about how Gadreel felt more misunderstood than hostile when Sam was possessed by him - goes to privately meet with and talk to Gadreel in secret. As Castiel and Gadreel meet in the woods, they discuss each-other's past and their differing reputations among the angels; Gadreel is uncomfortable about discussing the incident with the Garden and about Cass bringing up his disagreement with Gadreel's support of Metatron - with Cass warning Gadreel that Metatron is an untrustworthy and power-mad leader, and that Cass himself trusted Metatron and this led to the Fall. Gadreel and Castiel are then ambushed by two of Metatron's angels, whom Cass manages to kill. Gadreel afterwards swears to Cass that he was unaware concealed assassins were being sent after him against Cass, and that he believes even in war, both sides should fight with truth and honour. Cass argues that this proves his point about Metatron being unpredictably untrustworthy and deceitful, and asks that Gadreel consider an offer to supply Cass with valuable information.

Meanwhile, in the power struggle for Hell, Crowley's kingdom is losing the fight against Abaddon, with Crowley's closest inner-circle betraying him over to Abaddon. Abaddon, aware that the Winchesters possess the one means of killing her now that Dean has the Mark of Cain and Crowley has the First Blade for them, suggests that she and Crowley forge a temporary alliance against the Winchesters due to the fact that the Winchesters will aim to kill Crowley as well once he is of no more use. Crowley refuses, but Abaddon has a bargaining chip - using the same time travel blood spell that transported her and Henry Winchester to the 21st century from 1958, she has abducted Crowley's human son Gavin MacLeod from the night in 1723 before he sailed off to his death at sea. Crowley is initially unimpressed that Gavin is Abaddon's bargaining chip due to how Crowley had no love or care for Gavin at all in their time, but Abaddon is convinced that Crowley's hateful feelings for Gavin have changed since then, thanks to the humanity-inducing side-effects from the incomplete demon-curing ritual. Unfortunately for Crowley, Abaddon turns out to be right when she tests her theory by torturing Gavin in front of Crowley and Crowley is unable to stand watching and letting her do it.

As Crowley and Gavin catch up, Gavin is shocked at the modern world (and initially thinks it's Heaven until he learns he's actually 291 years in the future), and is shocked to learn that Crowley is his late father having turned into a demon and become the King of Hell. Though Gavin and Crowley initially don't have a happy reunion due to Gavin's grudge with his father for horribly abusing him in life and this causing Gavin to grow up being nothing; but when Crowley proves to Gavin that as the King of Hell he can help fix Gavin's issues (demonstrating by giving Gavin the ability to read), Gavin becomes more amicable and negotiating with Crowley; agreeing to accept Crowley as his father, if Crowley ensures as the King that Gavin won't burn in Hell no matter his sins. Gavin also intends to go back to his own time and place and resume his plans to sail to the New World, though Crowley is uncomfortable about this as he knows that if Gavin goes back he will be destined to die when the ship goes down.

Crowley afterwards seemingly takes up Abaddon's offer that they work together against the Winchesters, and calls Sam and Dean and gives them the First Blade's location so they can come to where he and Abaddon are, with Abaddon waiting to ambush them and destroy the Blade. However, Crowley manages to subtly alert Dean over the phone that it's a trap and to be ready, by using the brothers' emergency codeword "Poughkeepsie", though Dean keeps this to himself and doesn't tell Sam. Dean and Sam head to a cemetery where, to their repulse, Crowley has the First Blade hidden inside one of the buried dead. After retrieving the Blade (and being attacked by a hellhound watchdog before Crowley calls it off over the phone), they set off for the Humboldt Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio where Crowley and Abaddon are. As soon as the Winchesters are on their way with the First Blade, Abaddon double-crosses Crowley and immobilises him by shooting him with a devil's trap-engraved bullet; she plans to, after killing the Winchesters and destroying the Blade, also kill Crowley and Gavin and fully secure control as the new Queen of Hell.

When Sam and Dean arrive at the hotel in Cleveland, Dean (secretly aware it's a trap) sends Sam to scour the basement so that he'll be out of the way while Dean goes with the First Blade to Crowley's penthouse to kill Abaddon. While Sam is searching in the hotel basement, Dean heads to Crowley's penthouse and finds an immobilised Crowley, before Abaddon comes in and captures Dean as well. However, when Abaddon is about to kill Dean, the Mark of Cain activates and allows Dean to resist Abaddon's telekinesis. Though Abaddon initially pins Dean with her powers again when the First Blade is knocked out of Dean's hand, Dean uses the Mark to telekinetically call the Blade back into his hand. Dean then, as Sam comes in, charges at Abaddon and stabs her with the Blade, destroying the Knight of Hell once and for all. Dean afterwards, overwhelmed by the Mark's effects, senselessly and savagely begins stabbing at and beating Abaddon's burnt-out corpse, until Sam snaps him back to his senses and gets him to calm down.

In the aftermath of Abaddon's death, Crowley is left to dislodge the devil's trap bullet from himself as Sam and Dean reluctantly agree to spare him, and Sam learns in the process of how Dean was lying to and not trusting him about it being a trap when Crowley reveals how he'd warned Dean about Abaddon's ambush. Sam and Dean also set about taking Gavin back to the Men of Letters' bunker to send him back to his time; Crowley is reluctant to send Gavin back since it'll mean he'll die without ever getting his one chance to change his life for the better, but Sam tells Crowley that this is just the way it has to be, since the time travel lore warns that changing anything at all in the past will affect the entire timeline. However, Crowley still refuses to accept this, and when Sam and Dean agree to briefly leave him alone with Gavin to say goodbye, Crowley teleports away with Gavin to a park where the brothers can't find them. Gavin learns the truth about how the ship he boards for the New World goes down, but Crowley convinces Gavin that he doesn't have to go back to his death and can instead start anew in the present. Crowley gives Gavin a little fatherly advice about what to avoid and look out for in the 21st century, before he and Gavin say goodbye and Crowley leaves Gavin to restart his life alone in the modern world.

As Sam and Dean are driving off in the Impala, they discuss Dean deceiving Sam about the knowledge that it was a trap, and Sam is angry and disgusted that Dean lied because he thought Sam would be nothing but a distraction. Sam in turn voices his concern that the Mark of Cain is doing something to Dean and affecting his emotions and judgment, and suggests that until they decide to kill Crowley, they just lock the First Blade down to be safe. Dean flatly refuses.









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