John Winchester's journal
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John Winchester's journal is a journal belonging to John which he recorded much information and knowledge on the supernatural in during his time as a hunter, and his sons Sam and Dean have often consulted in the journal for information on identified hunts and creatures.


The journal was originally purchased by Henry Winchester in 1958, and when Henry disappeared just after due to him time travelling to 2013, his son John kept the blank journal. (As Time Goes By) In late 1983, after John's wife Mary was murdered by Azazel, upon learning about the supernatural just afterwards from Missouri Mosely, John began writing in the journal, and upon becoming a hunter he used the journal to record much information on hunts and cases and on the supernatural and any leads on his mission to find a way to kill Azazel.

In early November, 2005, John left his journal behind at a motel in Jericho, California to be found by Sam and Dean, and the brothers from then on kept the journal and consulted in it for any leads or first points of reference on possible hunts and cases they investigated, even after John resurfaced and died.

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John's journal contains much information on supernatural creatures and spirits and their powers and weaknesses, and also points of reference on possible hunts and cases and leads on John's mission to find a means of killing Azazel, along with other hunter information.

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  • Though the Supernatural show specifies in As Time Goes By that John inherited the then-empty journal from Henry Winchester after Henry disappeared, before this, several non-literate sources gave different origins for the journal. The published real-life version of the journal states that another hunter gave it to John as a hunter's journal, and the Supernatural spin-off comic Origins states that John got the then-blank journal shortly after Mary's death.