5x22 ImpalaMain
Historical information
Creator : Janesville car production plant
Use(s) : Transport
Weapon concealment
Users : Dean Winchester
John Winchester
Sal Moriarty
Sam Winchester
Production information

The Impala is a black 1967 Chevrolet Impala belong to the Winchester family. It was passed down to Dean by John, and is used by the Winchesters as their means of transport around the U.S. and contains the Winchesters' weapons arsenal for their hunting activities in the trunk. Dean is highly affectionate of the Impala, referring to it as "Baby".


Early historyEdit

The Impala was built at a car-manufacturing plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, on April 24 1967, and rolled off the same line as the 100 millionth GM vehicle just three days after so.
4x3 Impala1973

Dean's 2008 self introduces a young John to the Impala in 1973. (In the Beginning)

The Impala's first owner was Sal Moriarty, who would on weekends drive around in the Impala giving Bibles to the poor, until Sal's death. (Swan Song) Afterwards, the Impala was put up for sale at the Rainbow Motors used-car lot in Lawrence, Kansas, where John Winchester bought the Impala in 1973. (In the Beginning, Swan Song) After John's wife Mary was murdered by Azazel in late 1983, John and his children Sam and Dean left Lawrence took to the road in the Impala, becoming hunters and using the Impala to drive around America to reach hunts, cases and games. At some point within the next 22 years, John handed the Impala down to Dean, who was very affectionate of the car.

War against Azazel and LuciferEdit

5x22 Sam+DeanSleepingInImpala

Sam and Dean sleeping in the Impala during their possession of the car. (Swan Song)

Between late 2005 and 2006, during their search for John, Sam and Dean travelled around in the Impala together to reach hunts and cases and clues to John's whereabouts, (Season 1) until after they reunited with John and made a failed assassination attempt against Azazel with the Colt, the Impala was destroyed when a demon crashed a truck into it. (Devil's Trap) Afterwards, after John died, Dean repaired the wrecked Impala at the Singer Salvage Yard, (Everybody Loves a Clown) and he eventually repaired it and the Winchester brothers returned in the Impala onto the road in their hunting activities and search for Azazel's special children. (Season 2) When Sam and Dean were manhunted by the FBI, they were forced to change the Impala's license plates from its old Kansas "KAZ 2Y5" plates to "CNK 80Q3" Ohio plates.
2x2 ImpalaRepairs

The Impala under repairs at the Singer Salvage Yard. (Everybody Loves a Clown)

After Azazel was defeated, though Sam and Dean continued driving in the Impala, Dean began teaching Sam about how to look after it due to his shortening one-year time left alive before his Faustian contract came due, and thus Sam began driving it more. (Season 3) After Dean's contract came due in May, 2008 and he was taken to Hell, Sam took full possession of the Impala, until Dean retook ownership in September after he returned from Hell, and the brothers resumed using the Impala for driving together to hunts and cases. (Lazarus Rising)


6x2 ImpalaReturns

Dean is ready to return in the Impala to the road. (Two and a Half Men)

From mid-2010 onwards, when Dean quit hunting for a year, he kept the Impala retired in the Braedens' garage, but took it out and returned to the road init when he became drawn back into hunting, and Sam eventually rejoined Dean in the Impala. (Exile on Main St., Two and a Half Men onwards) While attempting to stop Castiel, Crowley and Raphael from opening a door to Purgatory, the Impala was destroyed by an oncoming horde of demons in smoke form, (The Man Who Knew Too Much) and was subsequently taken back to the Salvage Yard by Dean and repaired again. (Meet the New Boss)
7x23 ImpalaAttacksSucrocorp

The Impala returns during the attack on SucroCorp. (Survival of the Fittest)

Shortly afterwards, when the Leviathans began working to hunt Sam and Dean, as did the police and FBI at one point, this forced Sam and Dean to hide the Impala and lock it down for some time, (Slash Fiction) but they took it back out again in their assault against Dick Roman and the Leviathan-occupied SucroCorp. (Survival of the Fittest)

After this, when Dean was sent to Purgatory for a year, Sam kept ownership of the Impala in Dean's absence, and after Dean returned, the brothers both had ownership of the car again. (We Need to Talk About Kevin onwards)

Alternate realitiesEdit

  • In an alternate timeline created by Gabriel where Dean had died in 2008 a few months before his crossroads contract was due, Sam afterwards took ownership of the Impala and used it to drive to hunts and leads on Gabriel's whereabouts over the following six months. This timeline was erased when Gabriel reset events back to Dean's death and Dean this time survived. (Mystery Spot)
5x4 ImpalaAlternate 2014

The stripped and wrecked Impala at Camp Chitaqua in an alternate 2014. (The End)

  • In an alternate future where Sam and Dean had remained separated after defeating War in 2009 and Lucifer had plagued humanity using the Croatoan virus, by August 2014, the Impala had been stripped and destroyed and its wreckage left neglected at the edge of Camp Chitaqua. (The End)
  • In an alternate universe where the supernatural and the Winchesters' lives are fictional and narrated in the TV show Supernatural, the Impala was part of the show and numerous '67 Chevy Impala props in varying degrees of functioning were used on the set to portray the Impala on Supernatural. (The French Mistake)
  • In an alternate timeline created when Balthazar saved the Titanic from sinking, the Winchesters never had an Impala and instead owned and used a Mustang. Dean had also never heard of an Impala car in this reality, suggesting that in this version of history Impalas may have never even been invented. (My Heart Will Go On)

Relationship with the WinchestersEdit

5x22 ImpalaSoldierAshtray

The army figure in the Impala's ashtray responsible for helping Sam defeat Lucifer and stop the Apocalypse. (Swan Song)

The Impala is a highly important part of the Winchesters' journey and memories, and is very important especially to Dean; Dean is very affectionate of the Impala, and though he sometimes snaps at it when angry, he still loves it and becomes very upset when the car is threatened or locked down, and he often talks to it like another being. The Impala holds many of Sam and Dean's memories, including several items and attributes caused by Sam and Dean as children, which Dean ensured stayed whenever he rebuilt the Impala:

  • Sam and Dean's initials carved in a door or the floor by the brothers
  • A miniature soldier figure Sam jammed in the Impala's ashtray
  • Lego blocks Dean crammed down the Impala's vents

The Impala contains many of Sam and Dean's fond and good times, and its importance to the brothers was to the point that their memories which it held once indirectly saved the world from the Apocalypse, when Lucifer possessing Sam saw the army figure in the Impala's ashtray and this caused Sam's fond memories of Dean to overwhelm Lucifer and allow Sam to defeat him. (Swan Song)

5x22 ImpalaTrunkArsenal

The Impala's weapons arsenal in the car's trunk. (Swan Song)

Weapons arsenalEdit

The Impala's trunk contains a large arsenal of Sam and Dean's weapons for in their hunting activities and fighting supernatural creatures. The arsenal includes various shotguns, rifles, handguns, stakes, knives, salt, gasoline, holy water and holy oil. Among the Impala arsenal's weapon ammunition is silver, iron and rock salt shells as well as standard ammunition. The Impala's trunk also have a devil's trap painted on the inside so that the car trunk can be used to trap and hold demons.


  • Fans have nicknamed the Winchesters' Impala 'the Metallicar.'
  • Though Pilot clearly depicts that the Winchesters already had the Impala by the time of Mary's death, the prequel comic Supernatural: Origins erroneously depicts that John got the Impala shortly after Mary's death.
  • The Impala's license plates were initially "KAZ 2Y5" Kansas plates, but in What Is and What Should Never Be, Sam and Dean changed the Impala's plates to "CNK 80Q3" Ohio plates to evade the FBI's manhunt. It was revealed in After School Special that in the late 1990s, the Impala's license plates were at that time "BQN 9R3" Kansas plates. Also, in Dean's wishverse dream reality induced by a djinn's poison where the Winchesters had never become hunters and retained ordinary lives, the Impala's license plates were "RMD 5H2" Kansas plates.