Hammer of the Gods
Production information
Season : 5
Episode : 19
Original airdate : 22 April, 2010
Directed by : Rick Bota
Written by : Andrew Dabb
Daniel Loflin
David Reed
Preceded by : Point of No Return
Followed by : The Devil You Know

Hammer of the Gods is the nineteenth episode of Season 5 of Supernatural.


"Sam and Dean are determined to stop the Apocalypse. So are Kali, Ganesh, Baldur and more gods ignored in the King James Version of the Bible. The gods take the brothers hostage, hoping to use them as bargaining chips against the angels."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

While a police officer is checking a disturbance at the abandoned rural roadside motel called Elysian Fields Hotel, a mysterious man named Chet, who is obviously not human, arrives. Chet begins mystically repairing and restoring and rejuvenating the motel in preparation for coming guests he mentions, then kills the police officer to serve as dinner.

In the present, the Elysian Fields Hotel has been fully restored to an unusually plush, four-star motel, with Chet running the establishment. A massive storm which Sam's research indicates to be part of the Apocalypse forces him and Dean off the highway to the motel, where Dean hopes for them to stay for the night and get one night off from their work stopping the Apocalypse. When Sam and Dean check into their motel room (which is nextdoor to a youthful lovemaking couple), the couple nextdoor vanishes in a violent crash and their ring is left behind. When Sam and Dean go to Chet to ask where the couple are, Chet claims they've just checked out, alerting Sam and Dean that something is amiss. Dean goes to search around the establishment for anything supernatural, while Sam follows Chet.

Sam tries to follow Chet but eventually loses him, while Dean scans around the motel, and catches a glimpse of a motel guest in his room turning into a giant elephant. A couple at the motel, Baldur and Kali, are apparently part of Chet's secret plans with the motel and for the Winchesters. Chet arrives, displaying immense and inhuman superspeed, and gives Kali blood he's collected unnoticed from the Winchesters (Sam's blood while Sam was following him, using his superspeed to avoid being seen; and Dean's blood from a handkerchief he gave Dean earlier for a shaving cut). The three then set about getting things started.

After Sam and Dean meet back up to discuss what they found and saw, they notice that the motel that was bustling minutes ago is now empty and all the exits have been locked down. Sam and Dean search for where everyone has gone and stumble into the kitchen, where they find soup and food made with human organs and body parts, and all the motel residents locked up in the pantry. Before Sam can free the trapped people, they are caught, and brought to a meeting between Kali and Baldur and several other guests - all of whom the brothers recognise as gods by their name badges. Chet, revealed to be the Roman god Mercury, serves a dish of the police officer's flesh and organs, and Baldur declares Sam and Dean their guests of honour.

Baldur's dialogue to the meeting reveals that these gods are all meeting here to discuss the Apocalypse and how to stop it and secure the pagans' own future, and that Sam and Dean have been brought to here to act as the gods' bargaining chips against the angels (due to the brothers' crucial value to Heaven as Michael and Lucifer's true vessels). The gods argue and debate about whether or not to kill Sam and Dean, which soon turns to philosophical squabbles between them about which god's prophecy will be the true end of the world. Kali declares that if the gods want to survive, they should take the fight to the archangels. Just then, Gabriel unexpectedly arrives and crashes the party. The gods at the table all recognise Gabriel as one of them due to Gabriel's 'witness protection' as a trickster, specifically as the Norse god Loki.

Gabriel zaps Sam and Dean off back to their motel room while the gods continue their debate, then comes to there to talk to them. Gabriel explains he is not behind this and is in fact here to rescue Sam and Dean from the gods' clutches. Dean doesn't understand why Gabriel cares considering how the last time they met, Gabriel wanted Sam and Dean to say yes and start the end of the world. Gabriel admits that he had a thing with Kali in the past and still has feelings for her, and he doesn't want her to be killed when she and the other gods underestimate and inevitably lure Lucifer in. Gabriel tells the brothers that he can't teleport them away from the motel to safety, because Kali has used the blood samples Mercury collected from the two to bind Sam and Dean to her so that they can't escape or get away, so Gabriel will have to get close enough to Kali to grab Sam and Dean's blood back from her. Though Gabriel initially only plans to get Sam and Dean out, Dean forces Gabriel to help them free the motel patrons locked in the pantry as food as well, under threat of exposing Gabriel's real identity as a runaway archangel to the gods.

While Sam and Dean sneak out of their room and around the motel to try and get to and free the locked up people in the pantry, Gabriel pretends to romantically approach Kali in her room in an attempt to woo her long enough to slip Sam and Dean's blood samples from her. Sam and Dean get back to the pantry to try and free the trapped people, but they are caught and recaptured; although they do manage to kill Zao Shen, the cannibalistic kitchen god responsible for butchering the humans as food. At the same time, Gabriel almost manages to grab the Winchesters' blood vials during a kiss, but Kali has seen through the ruse and knows who he really is, and binds Gabriel to her with the blood spell as well.

Caught and captured, Sam, Dean and Gabriel are taken to the gods' meeting table, where Kali finds and takes an archangel-killing angel blade from Gabriel's coat pocket, and exposes Gabriel's true identity to the other gods. Gabriel admits he has indeed been an angel this entire time, but then he desperately tries to warn Kali about what they're doing; Gabriel warns Kali that she and the other gods severely underestimate his brothers and have no chance of challenging them, and that something like Lucifer is a strong and wrathful force they should all be terrified of. However, Kali angrily dismisses Gabriel's warnings as lies and arrogance, and is convinced that they as the pagans have more right to the world than the angels that caused the pagan followings' extinction. Kali then regretfully turns the archangel blade on Gabriel, seemingly killing the Trickster and runaway archangel. Kali then declares to the shaken gods that this proves that the archangels can indeed die and that they can kill the Devil. Before things can go any further, Dean stands up to take over and declare his idea of how things should go. Despite his hatred and disgust of the gods' vicious, murdering and primeval ways, Dean's willing to resort to forging an alliance with them against Lucifer; the gods will erase the angel warding on Sam's ribs so that Lucifer will immediately detect and come for his true vessel, allowing them to ambush Lucifer with Gabriel's archangel blade. However, the terms of Dean's alliance with the gods is that they release all the motel residents in the pantry, to which they agree.

As the freed victims all flee the motel, Dean spots Gabriel, alive and well, lurking in the Impala and heads over to talk to him. Gabriel reveals that the reason he's here, alive, when the gods and the Winchesters seemingly saw him die just now is because he, the Trickster, is the one who outsmarted Kali here; the archangel blade that was used on Gabriel, and which the gods now think they can use against Lucifer, is in fact a useless tin fake. Gabriel tells Dean to use Kali's attraction for the latter to get close enough to get their blood samples off her so the three of them can break her blood spell and escape, but Dean refuses. Gabriel says he intends for him, Sam and Dean to just get away, and leave the gods to their suicide run and Lucifer's mercy; but Dean recognises that while the gods are traitorous and disloyal, they are still Gabriel's adoptive family, and Gabriel should start growing some courage and protect them against Lucifer. Gabriel's façade falls and he says he just can't kill his own brother, but Dean tells him "Can't or won't" and leaves Gabriel in the Impala in disgust. Dean heads back to the meeting hall, and tells Sam, Baldur and Kali the truth that their archangel sword is useless and Gabriel is alive. Just then, Mercury is at the motel's reception desk when Lucifer arrives to check in.

As an intimidated Mercury, apparently the one who sold the other gods out and called Lucifer over, tries to coerce Lucifer against going in, Lucifer expresses his disdain and contempt at the pagan gods' petty, selfish and arrogant ways. Disgusted at the gods' traitorous and disloyal ways and how in spite of this they dare claim to be like God, Lucifer effortlessly kills Mercury, then begins brutally butchering and slaughtering his way through the gods to the meeting hall, killing every god he encounters until only Kali and Baldur are left. Once Lucifer arrives at the motel's meeting hall, where Kali, Baldur and the Winchesters are cornered and unable to escape, an enraged Baldur demands to know what makes Lucifer think he and the archangels have any more right to the planet than the pagan gods. Lucifer replies that they aren't given the right but take it for themselves, and impales and kills Baldur; proving that the pagan gods are not the all-powerful forces they view themselves as, and are just another supernatural species that can be killed. Enraged by Baldur's death, Kali tries to obliterate Lucifer with a blast of supernatural fire, but the fallen archangel is completely unscathed and easily overpowers Kali.

As Sam and Dean take cover behind the tables from the massacre, Gabriel returns and entrusts Sam and Dean with a Casa Erotica DVD, before fighting Lucifer back at the last second before the latter can finish Kali off. While Gabriel holds Lucifer off with his real archangel blade, Sam and Dean escape with Kali and flee in the Impala, and Gabriel and Lucifer are left to their confrontation in the massacred motel. Gabriel declares that while he still loves Lucifer as his brother, he recognises that he can't let Lucifer keep destroying everything and everyone anymore. Gabriel also, knowing his brother better than nearly anyone, confronts Lucifer with the truth - Lucifer's genocide against humanity isn't the justified cull that he's calling it, and at heart Lucifer is just a petulent, jealous child who's angry that he wasn't God's favourite child anymore after humanity dawned, and is taking it out on humanity. Gabriel also declares that while he's been running away and staying out for a long time, he is part of the fight now, and he isn't fighting for Lucifer or for Michael or even for the pagan gods, but for people and humanity; because while humans are indeed flawed and violent, Gabriel has also seen that many of them try to overcome their faults and be better, and so Gabriel agrees with their Father than humans are indeed better than angels at heart, and has seen a brighter sight to humanity that Michael and Lucifer could never grasp. As Lucifer relents and recognises that his little brother has chosen his side, Gabriel is revealed to actually be pulling his trick of fooling his enemy with an avatar of himself, while his real self is trying to sneak up on Lucifer from behind with the archangel blade. However, Lucifer knows his brother too well and sees through the ruse, and turns the archangel sword on his brother, killing Gabriel. As Lucifer openly mourns his dead brother, the imprints of angel wings burn into the floor around Gabriel's dead vessel, confirming that this time Gabriel really is dead.

The day after the incident at the Elysian Fields Hotel, Sam and Dean view the Casa Erotica DVD Gabriel left them, roadside, and Gabriel appears in the snuff film as the Hungarian male lead. The avatar of Gabriel on the DVD breaks the film's fourth wall to give Sam and Dean the message Gabriel left them on the DVD - if they're watching this then Gabriel is now dead, and so without him, the brothers have no chance of both killing Lucifer and averting the Apocalypse. However, the brothers can still instead trap Lucifer; Lucifer's former-prison in Hell, while unoccupied, is still extant, so it is possible to reopen the cage and send Lucifer back in. Gabriel instructs Sam and Dean that the collective key that can reopen the cage is divided into four keys, specifically four rings... from the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Gabriel wishes Sam and Dean confidence and good luck in getting all the rings and overcoming the daunting odds against Heaven and Hell. And he admits to Dean that the latter was right in their last encounter (in Changing Channels), and that Gabriel was indeed afraid to stand up to his family for what's right, but not anymore. Sam and Dean then discuss collecting the rings of all four horsemen and reimprisoning Lucifer: they've already captured War and Famine's rings, (Good God, Y'All!, My Bloody Valentine) so now they need only find and defeat Pestilence and Death. The brothers then set off to begin their quest to find the two remaining horsemen, with a new chance of actually stopping the Apocalypse in sight.

In Eagle's Pass, a very sickly, disgusting and sneezy middle-aged man driving a rusty green Hornet Wagon pulls up at a roadside pharmacy for medicine, spreading his sneezes and mucus all over the store and even directly into the pharmacy clerk's face. As the man heads back out to his Hornet Wagon and drives on, his sore and sickly behaviour vanishes, and Pestilence gives a wicked grin as flies gather and swarm all around him in the car that is his biblical horse.










  • When Lucifer steps over the slaughtered gods' corpses towards the meeting hall, one of the dead gods is moving and blinking his eyes.


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