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God - also known as the Lord, Father, the Light, the Man Upstairs or the Boss, or affectionately known as Dad by the archangels and Brother by his sister - is one of the two beings which form the balance that sustains all of reality (the other is his sister, the Darkness), and is the creator of the universe and the majority of things in it; including Earth, angels and humans.

God originally ruled in Heaven after being forced to imprison his sister with the archangels' help so he could bring about creation; but after he created humanity, his most cherished creations, and after the subsequent fall and imprisonment of his favourite son Lucifer, God departed and left the universe to grow and find its own way.

In the early 21st century, God, to get a "front row seat" to the Apocalypse and to Sam and Dean's derailment of it; came disguised as a prophet named Chuck Shurley and, under the penname Carver Edlund, authored the Supernatural book series detailing Sam and Dean's lives. God afterwards initially disappeared again, but with Metatron's persuasion, finally returned and revealed himself to stop the Darkness from destroying all of creation after she'd been freed.


The God of the Supernatural universe is an immensely mighty and powerful entity of incalculable, divine and nigh-omnipotent power; certainly by far one of the most powerful beings in existence. He also, unlike the Darkness, has learned full mastery of his own abilities and power and how to handle them. According to Amara, where she is the Darkness, God is the Light. (O Brother Where Art Thou?)

However, God in the Supernatural universe still isn't omnipotent, and has limits to himself and his power. At full strength, the Darkness is equal if not greater than God in raw power; it took God and all the archangels' combined strength to successfully beat her back originally, albeit barely. Also, fellow primordial being Death claimed that he was capable of killing God. (Two Minutes to Midnight, Meet the New Boss, Brother's Keeper, O Brother Where Art Thou?, The Devil in the Details)

God is the creator and original ruler of the universe and the majority of things in it. He created the physical realm of the Earth and the other-dimensional realms of Heaven and Purgatory; he created mortal, earthly lifeforms such as humans and animals, and immensely-powerful and -strong and/or nigh-indestructible entities such as the archangels and the Leviathans; and he created immensely-powerful spells and mystical prisons for binding and containing supernatural threats as strong as the fallen archangel Lucifer, the Leviathans, and even the Darkness. He also devised and formed metaphysical methods of defeating some of those otherwise-indestructible threats, such as a weapon that could kill a Leviathan. (Reading Is Fundemental - Survival of the Fittest)

Though God rarely uses his abilities in person since leaving Heaven, he has performed supernatural feats which vary from simple acts to feats that seem all but impossible to most powerful supernatural beings. God cannot be found or detected by anything, not even an archangel or the Host of Heaven, when he doesn't want to be. (Sympathy for the Devil, Dark Side of the Moon) God could teleport others from one location to another without being detected or identified. He was also able to instaneously detox Sam Winchester of the demon blood he'd imbibed and become addicted to. (Sympathy for the Devil) God is also capable of resurrecting dead angels, and even altering their celestial caste when he does so; he resurrected Castiel three times, and the second time (when Cass had become mortal) restored and upgraded Cass's angel powers "new and improved." (Swan Song)

It is also known that objects that are touched by God's power can absorb and become imbued with a sample of that power. The trace of God's power in the object, though very potent and powerful, will be neither unlimited nor renewable, and will drain and run out when it's absorbed and used. This is the origin of the Hands of God. (The Vessel)

Known creationsEdit

  • Leviathans - Among God's earliest creations and his first beasts.
  • Purgatory - Created after the Leviathans as a prison to contain their hunger.
  • Archangels - Created before the other angels to act as God's most fierce, powerful and absolute warriors. of all.
  • Mark of Cain - Created following the war against the Darkness as the 'lock and key' to keep her sealed away.
  • Angels - Created after the Leviathans to be God's perfect beings and Heaven's guardians.
  • Heaven - God's and the angels' original dwelling place and base of operations.
  • Earth - God's last perfect creation and dwelling place for mortal life.
  • Humans - God's later and most beloved creations, created after angels and Leviathans.
    • Souls - Created as the essence of humans and one of the most complicated, beautiful things in all of creation.
  • Lucifer's cage - Designed by God to hold and imprison Lucifer.




In the beginning, God existed alongside his sister, the Darkness, and they were all that was - they were equals who stood in relation only to each-other, as there was nothing else, greater or lesser, than them yet. (We Happy Few) Death claimed he and God were about the same age, possibly with a little difference between them, (Two Minutes to Midnight) although Death's claim about his age has been called into question by the fact that the Darkness didn't know him. (Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire)

God and the Darkness apparently had an uneasy relationship in the beginning, with her constantly bossing her brother around, though they truly both loved each-other. (All in The Family) During this early period, while the Darkness wanted solitude, God wanted to create - (Don't Call Me Shurley) God would admit eons later that it was partly pride and ego and a desire to be big on his part, but that wasn't all it was; he also recognised that creation was just there as he and his sister were, waiting to be born, and that it was glorious and deserved to exist. (We Happy Few)

God hoped, naive at the time, that he could show his sister that there could be more than just them, bigger better and more beautiful; but his sister wouldn't change, she wanted solitude instead of creation, and was angry and jealous underneath that her brother created and needed to love other things besides her. Every time God created a world, the Darkness would just destroy it, and wouldn't let him bring permanent creation about. (Don't Call Me Shurley, We Happy Few) Eventually, God realised that the only way he could bring creation about was by betraying and sacrificing his own sister. (Our Little World et al.)

God created the archangels - first Michael, then Lucifer, followed by Raphael and lastly Gabriel (Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 5) - and with them started a terrible war against his sister. (Brother's Keeper) the four archangels' combined might served to beat down and weaken the Darkness, before God created a Mark that would keep her imprisoned (as the 'lock and key') where she could do no harm, and he put the Mark on Lucifer. God had chosen to put the Mark on Lucifer, his most beloved son, because he'd been confident that Lucifer would be strong enough to resist the Mark's negative influence - a decision he would later come to regret. (We Happy Few)

At some point, God created his first ever beasts, the Leviathan; but God afterwards became concerned because their destructive hunger made them a threat to all his other creations, so he created Purgatory and locked the Leviathans away inside. (Meet the New Boss) God also at a later point created an escape portal in Purgatory that any of his non-monster creations that somehow became trapped in Purgatory in future could escape through. (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

Founding creationEdit

Some time after the Darkness was gone, God created the lesser angels as his warriors and perfect beings, and resided with the celestials in Heaven. Very few of the lesser angels ever saw God, receiving their orders from higher-ranking celestials respectively, (Heaven and Hell, On the Head of a Pin) and the Darkness was nothing more than a myth to them. (Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire) The archangels were the only ones who met, knew, interacted with and were close to their Father.

God also created the Earth; it was implied by Lucifer that the Earth or at least its modern state was one of God's last creations.

Humanity's creation and Lucifer's fallEdit

After creating Earth, God created humans to reside on the Earth, and commanded the angels to bow down to humanity and love them more than him. However, Lucifer refused to bow to humanity for God, and declared the humans monstrous and flawed. (The End) Following the creation of humanity, Lucifer's jealousy-fuelled rebelling against God's command continued to grow and eventually got out of control, causing increasing fighting amongst the archangels, as Michael and Raphael stayed loyal to God against Lucifer, while Gabriel didn't want to take sides but wouldn't stand up; (Changing Channels) until eventually, God was forced to cast Lucifer out of Heaven.

God at some early point, when angels were walking the Earth for the first time, sent the grigori to Earth to protect humans; but they instead started preying and feeding on humans' souls, for which they were all but wiped out. (Angel Heart) To protect the first humans from being corrupted by Lucifer in revenge over his fall, God stationed his most trusted angel, Gadreel, to protect the Garden of Eden and stop evil from entering; but Gadreel failed to stop Lucifer from getting in and corrupting Adam and Eve with the Forbidden Fruit. (Holy Terror, Road Trip) As punishment, God had Gadreel locked away in Heaven's darkest dungeons. Metatron would later comment that doing this broke God's heart. (Holy Terror)

After Lucifer corrupted and mutilated a human's soul into the first demon, Lilith, in his goals against humanity, God had Michael imprison Lucifer, and the demons Lucifer had created, in Hell. (When the Levee Breaks, The End) God personally created a cage located in the deepest part of Hell to hold Lucifer and keep him locked away until the Apocalypse. (Season 4, O Brother Where Art Thou?) Sometime after Lucifer's imprisonment, God decided to depart from Heaven and cease all interference from him in the affairs of the universe. (Dark Side of the Moon, Swan Song) It has been implied that God's reasons for deciding to leave were out of heartbreak over Lucifer's actions and Gadreel's failure tarnishing his creation with evil. (Swan Song, Road Trip) However, before leaving, it was implied that God was active both in Heaven and in the affairs on Earth during biblical times. (The Vessel)


Before his departure, out of concern over what would become of the universe in his absence, God personally chose the secretarial angel Metatron to become his Scribe for writing down the Word of God: divine records on races and beings such as demons, angels and Leviathans, to act as a failsafe in his absence in case any of those creatures became a major threat to the rest of creation in future. (The Great Escapist) Though Metatron had taken to heart the fact God had chosen him out of all the angels, God would later say that Metatron had just been "the closest angel to the door," and there was nothing special about him. (Don't Call Me Shurley) Metatron personally wrote the Wrote down on a compendium of tablets under God's direct instructions, and it seems that he and Metatron had some good times together doing this.

After the Word was completed, God departed from Heaven and went into hiding, ceasing almost any interference whatsoever on his part in the future affairs of the universe - to the rest of the universe, he had completely vanished, impossible to be found so long as he didn't want to be. In God's absence, control over and management of Heaven was left to Michael and Raphael, who were initially left utterly distraught at their Father's departure. (The Great Escapist) However, God did still speak with the angel Joshua, which Joshua believed was due to God feeling lonely at times. (Dark Side of the Moon, The Great Escapist)

Front row seatEdit

In the early 21st century, while God did not openly return, he did decide to get a "front row seat" to the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester and hide in plain sight, taking the disguise of the prophet Chuck Shurley. God, as Chuck, starting from 2005; wrote the Winchester brothers' lives and hunting activities - the first one being the woman in white case the brothers worked in Jericho, California - into a series of fiction books called Supernatural.

Chuck's Supernatural series was unpopular and sold few copies, but did have a cult following. After Chuck published the Supernatural book No Rest for the Wicked, which ended with Dean going to Hell, his publisher went bankrupt, but Chuck still continued writing (although, when writing the arc involving the angels and the war against the demons over Lucifer's seals, he left Sam's demon blood addiction out as he feared it would make Sam too unsympathetic). (The Monster at the End of This Book)

Meeting his charactersEdit

4x18 ChuckMeetsHisCreations

Chuck meets his own characters in the flesh when Sam and Dean turn up on his doorstep. (The Monster at the End of This Book)

In 2009, while Chuck was writing his latest Supernatural book, which featured him as a character who got confronted by Sam and Dean, the real Sam and Dean (having learned of Chuck's Supernatural books and tracked him down to learn how he was writing their lives down) showed up on Chuck's doorstep to demand to know how he knew everything he did about them. Chuck initially reacted with skepticism that they were anything more than either obsessive fans or part of a prank by one of his neighbours, until they revealed that their last names were Winchester (Chuck had never written down or told anyone that Winchester was Sam and Dean's last name).

Shortly afterwards, Chuck received a new prophet-vision which showed several events that would happen to Sam and Dean over the course of the day: most prominently, the last event Chuck foresaw was Sam and Lilith about to sleep together at the "RED" Motel. Chuck alerted the Winchesters to his latest vision and gave them a book draft detailing what would happen according to his vision. Though Sam and Dean attempted to use the draft to change the future and derail Chuck's prophecy, all of their efforts failed and the story came true down to every detail. Dean eventually lost patience with Chuck's prophecies and wanted to know how he was doing it, before Castiel arrived and explained to Dean that Chuck was a prophet writing the "Winchester Gospels" (although Chuck admitted moments later that he had already known this as-of-recently by foreseeing Cass revealing this in his visions).

4x18 ChuckConfrontsLilith+BringsRaphael

Chuck brings Raphael down by confronting Lilith. (The Monster at the End of This Book)

The following night, as Sam's night with Lilith got closer, Dean, after discovering that Chuck had an archangel tethered to him as his protector, went to Chuck to ask him to save Sam from Lilith by going up against Lilith so that the archangel would appear to force Lilith to flee. Chuck initially refused due to knowing and fearing from his Supernatural books what Lilith was capable of, but he agreed to go when Dean resorted to threatening to shoot Chuck if he wouldn't help. Chuck and Dean arrived at the "RED" Motel, just in time before Lilith could kill Sam, Raphael the archangel protecting Chuck, Raphael, immediately descended and manifested to protect Chuck from Lilith; prompting Lilith to flee before Raphael could kill her. Sam and Dean shortly afterwards left town. Following the Winchesters' departure, Chuck got a very disturbing vision of a dark future, but Zachariah refused to let him warn the Winchesters, and told Chuck that all he could do was "write." (The Monster at the End of This Book)

The Apocalypse beginsEdit

Lucifer risingEdit

4x22 Castiel+ChuckFaceRaphael

Chuck and Castiel about to face off against Raphael together. (Lucifer Rising)

A matter of weeks - months after Chuck's encounter with Sam and Dean, when the time for Sam to break the final seal and free Lucifer by killing Lilith was imminent, Chuck was aware from his visions that the Apocalypse was about to begin, and was writing in for his latest Supernatural book, Lucifer Rising. While Chuck was ordering some girls for the night over the phone, to his apparent shock, Dean and Castiel came to Chuck (successfully contradicting Chuck's prophecy, and destiny's plans, in the process) to get Sam's location so that they could stop him in time. Just after Chuck gave Sam's location at St. Mary's Convent, Raphael descended to stop them from succeeding. Cass immediately apported Dean straight to St. Mary's to stop Sam, while Chuck and Cass stayed at Chuck's house to hold Raphael off together. (Lucifer Rising) Raphael completed obliterated Cass, killing him by exploding his vessel, while Chuck was spared and left alive due to his status as a prophet (although he was still left with a destroyed house from when Raphael manifested, and highly stressed and slightly traumatized from getting covered in gore when Cass exploded). (Sympathy for the Devil)

5x1 ChuckAfterFacingRaphael

A shaken-up Chuck in the aftermath of the confrontation with Raphael. (Sympathy for the Devil)

Dean, Cass and Chuck's effort to stop Sam from breaking the final seal were in vain, as Sam still killed Lilith and unwittingly freed Lucifer, beginning the Apocalypse. However, as Lucifer rose from the cage, God intervened for the first time so openly since his departure to get Sam and Dean out of harm's way; teleporting them away from St. Mary's onto a passing plane, and detoxing Sam of demon blood, while Lucifer burst free. God also shortly afterwards resurrected Castiel after the latter's death by Raphael.

The Apocalypse begunEdit

The day after Lucifer had been freed, God put Sam and Dean on a plane as they came to Chuck's house only to find out about Cass's death at Raphael's hands. Zachariah and two other angels then came to Chuck's house to take Dean so that he could fulfil his role in the Apocalypse as Michael's true vessel, but Dean and Sam got away when they banished the angels and then cloaked themselves using hexbags. To prevent Chuck from helping the Winchesters in their newly-begun crusade to find a way of stopping Lucifer, the angels subsequently placed Chuck under house arrest.

While trapped in his home and under watch by the angels, Chuck got a vision which told him, "The Michael Sword is on Earth. The angels lost it. In a castle, on a hill made of 42 dogs." As he couldn't go to Sam and Dean himself with this news without alerting the angels, Chuck instead contacted his Supernatural books' most avid fan, Becky Rosen, by instant-messaging, and told her that Supernatural was all real before giving her the message to pass on to the Winchesters. However, unbeknownst to Chuck, the prophecy was deliberately implanted into his mind by Zachariah to lure the Winchesters into a trap, as the Michael Sword was actually Dean due to the latter's destiny as Michael's vessel. (Sympathy for the Devil)

5x1 ChuckContactsBecky

Chuck contacts Becky to get a message concerning the Michael Sword to Sam and Dean. (Sympathy for the Devil)

Supernatural conventionEdit

A few months into the Apocalypse, Chuck was preparing for the first ever Supernatural convention at The Pineview Hotel in Vermillion, Ohio. He was also, after having gotten a new investor, planning to start publishing his Supernatural books again, since he needed the money for a living. On the day of the Supernatural convention, Becky, who was among those present, stole Chuck's cellphone from his pants and used it to trick Sam and Dean into coming to the convention by sending them a false SOS. At the convention, after Chuck announced on the question panel that he was going to start publishing again, Sam and Dean were furious with Chuck for using their life story for public consumption, but Chuck tried to defend it with his need to make a living in spite of his lack of marketable skills. Throughout the convention, in his free time, Chuck tried to get Becky's attention and ask her out, but Becky remained uninterested in him and constantly fixated on Sam.

5x9 ChuckAnswersSupernaturalConventionQuestions

Chuck at the Supernatural convention, answering his fans' questions on the panel. (The Real Ghostbusters)

Later during the convention that night, just as Chuck was about to declare the Supernatural convention finished, Sam informed him that three murderous ghost children were loose in the hotel and had trapped them all inside, and instructed Chuck to try and keep all the fans and staff in the salt-protected auditorium while the Winchesters dealt with the ghosts. Chuck tried to keep everyone in with more news and answers concerning Supernatural, but the hotel manager went to leave, and in doing so, he unwittingly let one of the ghosts in. Chuck immediately used an iron pole to bravely fend the ghost off, unintentionally earning Becky's interest in the process. After the ghosts were dealt with, Chuck and Becky got together. (The Real Ghostbusters) However, Chuck and Becky's relationship didn't work out, as Chuck "had too much respect for her" (Swan Song) and was frightened off when Becky "intimidated him with [her] vibrant sexuality." (Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!)

God's replyEdit

When Sam and Dean were at one point temporarily killed and sent to Heaven, and there Zachariah intended to torture and break the boys for humiliating him before sending them back to life on Earth; God intervened again, this time less directly, by sending Joshua to stop Zachariah on his orders. God also had Joshua deliver a message to Sam and Dean: informing them that he knew they were looking for his help in stopping the Apocalypse and telling them to back off, since he didn't want to be found and he felt he'd already done enough as he brought Cass back, saved them from Lucifer as well as granted Sam and Dean afterlife salvation in Heaven in spite of all the things the brothers had done in the past. Dark Side of the Moon)

Nothing ever really endsEdit

"So, what's it all add up to? It's hard to say. But me, I'd say this was a test... for Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny, and God himself; they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well... isn't that kinda the whole point? No doubt, endings are hard. But then again... nothing ever really ends, does it."
―Chuck's monologue on what it all meant and on how Sam and Dean ultimately, in all their fights against good and evil alike, chose family over destiny.[src]
5x22 ChuckTellsDeanWhereChosenFieldsAre

Chuck, while writing the end of Supernatural, gives Dean the location of the final battle. (Swan Song)

During the last couple days of the Apocalypse, as Sam and Dean were preparing to initiate Sam's plan to take Lucifer in and trap both of them in Lucifer's cage, Chuck was writing his final Supernatural book Swan Song, and declared it to be where the Winchesters' story would end. Chuck also wrote about the Impala's story in the Swan Song manuscript, due to the car's importance and symbolism of Sam and Dean's brotherly family bond.

After Sam said yes to Lucifer but failed to take back control, Dean phoned Chuck to ask him for help finding the Chosen Fields where Lucifer and Michael were destined to battle. Despite the angels' efforts to keep the location of the battle quiet, Chuck had seen Michael and Lucifer preparing for their battle at Stull Cemetery anyway, and gave Dean the time and location of the battle. The next day, at midday, just before Michael and Lucifer could begin their battle and end the world, Dean, Castiel and Bobby Singer arrived and intervened. Sam successfully took back control from Lucifer through all the memories of life with Dean that the Impala held, and Sam trapped himself and Lucifer, along with Michael, back in the cage in Hell using the Four Horsemen's rings; successfully trumping destiny's plans with Sam and Dean's brotherly love, and derailing the Apocalypse and the angels' plans.

5x22 ChuckContemplatesEndings

Chuck, after finishing his last Supernatural book, thinks on ending stories and how there's no such things as true endings. (Swan Song)

In the aftermath of Sam's sacrifice and the end of the Apocalypse, God resurrected Castiel and upgraded his powers. Chuck then finished his last book's manuscript with Dean and Bobby parting ways and with Dean fulfilling his last promise to Sam that he would go seek a normal life with Lisa and Ben Braeden. Upon finishing his last Supernatural book, Chuck contemplated what endings are and how nothing ever really ends, then vanished in a haze into thin air with a smile. (Swan Song)


Circa 2012, God resurrected Castiel a third time after Castiel had absorbed the Leviathans from Purgatory and combusted as they escaped back onto the Earth; although this time, Cass was initially resurrected in an amnesiac state. (The Born-Again Identity) Castiel came to believe that his resurrections, or at least this one in particular, were a punishment from God rather than a gift, reward or second chance; seeing as things seemed to only get worse each time God brought him back. (Survival of the Fittest)

After Chuck vanished, Castiel and the Winchesters apparently became aware of his disappearance, but didn't find out what happened to him or that he was actually God. However, Cass assumed after Kevin Tran was activated as a prophet circa 2012 that Chuck must be dead. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

10x5 Chuck-NotBad

"Uh... I know the second act is a little bit wanky, and the first act has some issues, but... What did you think?"
"Not bad." (Fan Fiction)

In late 2014, Chuck is shown to still be alive and appeared at the St. Alphonso's Academy for their Supernatural musical play, having claimed the ticket that Marie had left for the publisher. Despite the play's multiple problems, an impressed Chuck told Marie afterwards that he thought the play was "Not bad." (Fan Fiction)

Chuck teleports Metatron to a bar he made, he listens to Metatron criticizing before revealing he knows everything the latter did. He is amused at the latter's confusion of this and soon reveals his true form and Metatron is shocked that he was God.

Alternate realitiesEdit

5x4 FutureChuck

Chuck at Camp Chitaqua in an alternate 2014. (The End)

In an alternate timeline where Sam and Dean had remained separated during the Apocalypse and thus the Apocalypse had never been stopped, in 2014, Chuck was among the survivors of the Croatoan pandemic who lived at Camp Chitaqua. Chuck was apparently in charge of organizing the camp's supplies. Chuck seemed to slightly fear toughened fellow camp-member Risa, and he apparently particularly longed and lamented about the low supply of hygiene products such as toilet paper. (The End)


God has been described as larger-than-life, gruff, authoritarian, slightly sexist, and very hard to humour, but also eminently fair, and he can be considered righteous. As a higher being, and an entity who stopped interfering long ago after his most beloved angelic son's wayward actions and imprisonment and his beloved creation being left tarnished as a result; God can be indifferent even to massive destructive crimes and cataclysms such as the Apocalypse and the archangels' corrupt machinations. Due to this tendency to let down the children who'd never even met him yet had faith in him when it mattered to them most, Dean thought of God as "just another deadbeat dad with a bunch of excuses," comparable to John Winchester. Several other supernatural beings such as Lucifer and Eve thought similarly of God for abandoning his children and creations to themselves.

However, God is not entirely cold, as he chose to intervene to save Sam and Dean from Lucifer, has resurrected Castiel from death three times, and granted the Winchester brothers salvation in Heaven despite all their past actions' consequences. Joshua believed that in God's hiding, while God didn't admit it to others, he was in fact lonely, and that this was the reason God spoke with Joshua. It has been implied that God carries a great deal of heartache. Upon his reveal, he shows a complex view on his creations. While he resents them for their repeated toxical nature, his lingering love for his creations allowed Metatron to convince him to help against Amara. Out of all his disappointments, Lucifer is his most bitter and hated. The idea of rescuing Lucifer caused God to immediately express rage. However, he still feels guilty for what his favored son had become, although he clearly found Lucifer's beliefs of him wanting him to be the Devil as being just a pathetic insult, he said Lucifer was not a villain when Metatron asked him about it.

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In theism and religions, God is often viewed as the Supreme Being and as the creator and/or sustainer of the universe, or even as the universe itself. There have been, and remain to this day, many arguments for or against the existence of God and about what God's actions, aims and attributes are. Characteristics commonly ascribed to God in theism are omniscience, eternal and necessary existence, omnipotence, omnibenevolence and omnipresence.


  • God apparently prefers being called Chuck.
  • In Don't Call Me Shurley, Chuck said:
    • He has dated both women and men.
    • When he invented and created souls, it actually made him feel nauseous.
    • He has a blog mostly with pictures of cats for their cuteness.
    • He signed up to Snapchat.
    • He started a new book series called Revolution after Supernatural, though he admitted he doesn't think it's going anywhere.
  • Metatron claimed in Stairway to Heaven that he made God laugh twice, and implied that this was a very difficult feat.
  • His favorite angel might be Castiel due to the latter's resurrections.