Fallen Idols
Production information
Season : 5
Episode : 5
Original airdate : 8 October, 2009
Directed by : James L. Conway
Written by : Julie Siege
Preceded by : The End
Followed by : I Believe the Children Are Our Future

Fallen Idols is the fifth episode of Season 5 of Supernatural.


Sam and Dean investigate an odd case in a small town, where locals are being killed by their living and dead idols; including James Dean, Abraham Lincoln and Paris Hilton.

Full synopsisEdit

Following the events of The End, Sam has rejoined Dean in hunting. As their first case since Sam returned to hunting, Dean insists, despite Sam's feelings that they should be focusing more on the Apocalypse situation, that they investigate an ordinary case in Canton, Ohio as a fresh start to retrain themselves before they move on to dealing with the Apocalypse. In Canton, Cal Hawkins was killed in his own garage by having his head slammed with massive force into the windshield edge of a parked car there.

Sheriff Rick Carnegie has (based upon very weak and incompetent case-solving methods) arrested Jim Grossman (Cal's friend who was present at the time of Cal's death) for murder. When Sam and Dean go to ask Jim about Cal's death, Dean is ecstatic to learn that the car Cal died in was the newly-found Little Bastard; an infamous car belonging to James Dean which has been surrounded by his and several others' deaths before it disappeared. Suspecting Little Bastard may be genuinely haunted or possessed and have killed Cal, Dean and Sam check out the car, and get its engine number to confirm it is indeed the real Little Bastard that James Dean died in. After getting the engine number, Sam reveals that the car is a fake; it isn't, and never was, the real Little Bastard. However, the following night, another murder involving a dead famous figure occurs - Professor William Hill, as described by his maid Consuela Alvarez, is murdered in his office by Abraham Lincoln.

After hearing about William Hill's death at the hands of Abraham Lincoln, Sam and Dean look over the evidence they have found; and Jim's video taken on his camcorder on the night Cal died reveals a brief, single-freezeframe glimpse of James Dean. The current pattern between the killings is people being killed by apparitions of their dead icons; Cal Hawkins was obviously obsessed with James Dean and Little Bastard, while Professor Hill was a Civil War nut who dug Lincoln. Sam comes up with the theory that the ghosts of dead famous figures are attacking and killing their living fans, but this still doesn't explain what Abe Lincoln and James Dean's spirits are doing in Canton. Searching for answers, Sam and Dean discover that Canton's local wax museum has exhibits of James Dean, Abe Lincoln and many others, but all of the wax figures wear items from the actual people - the Abraham Lincoln mannequin wear the real Abe's top hat, the James Dean mannequin has James Dean's real keychain, and the Ghandi mannequin has the real Ghandi's glasses. Sam and Dean suspect that the famous figures' spirits are attached to their real belongings at the wax museum, which is why they're all in Canton. Once the wax museum closes at night, Sam and Dean break in to burn all the wax figures' genuine items and put the famous idols' violent spirits to rest. However, Sam gets attacked and almost strangled by Ghandi, before Ghandi just vanishes when Dean burns his glasses along with the other genuine items on the museum's exhibits.

After burning the genuine and allegedly-cursed objects, Dean is quick to assume the case is closed and that they can leave town now, but Sam is less certain that it is over - because of how Ghandi seemed to just fade into mist without a sound, rather than burst into flames as is usual when a ghost perishes. Dean and Sam get into an argument over how Dean is treating Sam; while this is meant to be a fresh start for both Sam and Dean since they initially broke up in Good God, Y'All!, there is still clearly a rift between them over Sam starting the Apocalypse. Sam is angered by Dean not giving him much trust throughout the investigation, insisting that Dean should trust him and treat him with more respect if they want this to be a fresh start; since one of the reasons their old hunting partnership didn't work and Sam ran off with Ruby was so he could get away from Dean and feel more grownup. Sam's suspicions that the case isn't over are confirmed when the sheriff calls them about an abduction; two traumatized girls have, to Dean and Sam's surprise, been attacked by Paris Hilton and their friend Danielle abducted. Since Paris Hilton is alive, this breaks the original pattern that famous ghosts were killing their living fans.

To try and find out what's going on, Sam autopsies Cal and Professor Hill's bodies at the morgue, and finds that both their bodies were drained of much more blood that they should have been, and had their stomachs stuffed with seeds. Researching what species the seeds are, Sam discovers that they hail from a forest in the Balkans that was cut down approximately 30 years ago. Sam comes up with a new theory on what's behind this case - there is a legend of a pagan god called Leshi guarding the forest; according to the lore, Leshi could take on one of an infinite number of forms, and it would drain its willing sacrifices' blood and then stuff their bodies' stomachs full of seeds. the brothers speculate that without any followers in modern times, Leshi is taking sacrifices through taking the forms of its victims' idols, and the lore says that they can kill Leshi by chopping its head off with an iron axe.

Sam and Dean head back to the wax museum with John's old iron axe to find and kill Leshi. The Winchesters discover Leshi's lair in an area closed off for renovations, along with Danielle unconscious and tied up, before Leshi (still in Paris Hilton's form) attacks them, knocks them out and ties them up. As Leshi prepares to feed off Sam and Dean ritualistically, rather than just kill them on the spot as it had with its other victims, Leshi reveals to the Winchesters why she's only just started an outright killing spree now - after she was left wandering when her home forest was cut down, she originally scavenged her victims and prey, but now that the Apocalypse has begun thanks to Sam, she's decided to make the most of what little time is left and "pig out" while she still can. Leshi plans to feed on Dean first, and is about to use the Winchesters' axe to take John's form for feeding on Dean, but the Winchesters break free and attack her. Leshi pins down and begins punching Dean, allowing Sam to catch her off-guard and decapitate her with the axe.

After Sam and Dean have killed Leshi and rescued Danielle, when they prepare to leave town the following morning, Dean has a talk with Sam at the Impala about their fresh start. Dean admits that he's been treating Sam more like his little brother than his equal partner, and that Dean is also to blame for starting the Apocalypse; since while Sam was the one who broke the last seal, Dean was responsible for breaking the first seal, and Sam did manage to kill Lilith even if doing so unleashed a bigger threat. The brothers agree that they need to start working together to fight back against Michael and Lucifer, and Dean then lets Sam drive the Impala out of town.







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