Dean Winchester's amulet
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Historical information
Use(s) : Detecting God
Users : Castiel
Dean Winchester
Affected creatures : God
Production information
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This amulet belonged to Dean Winchester, and supposedly had the supernatural ability to detect God.


Little is known about the amulet's early history, but it at some point came into Bobby Singer's possession. On Christmas in 1991, Sam Winchester got the amulet from Bobby and intended to give it to John as a Christmas present, but when John failed to turn up for Christmas, Sam instead gave the amulet to Dean. (A Very Supernatural Christmas) Dean afterwards wore the amulet at virtually all times.

After Dean was killed and taken to Hell in early May, 2008 as part of a crossroads deal, Sam took and wore the amulet, until Dean's resurrection from Hell on September 18, 2008, when Sam gave a resurrected Dean his amulet back. (Lazarus Rising) Approximately a year or less later, Castiel took the amulet from Dean to use it in Cass's search for God, (Good God, Y'All!) but gave in back to Dean in early 2010 when God refused to help the team stop the Apocalypse. Just after getting the amulet back, Dean, having found that he and Sam were now not as close as before, dumped the amulet in their motel's wastebin. (Dark Side of the Moon)

Special attributesEdit

According to Castiel, Dean's amulet was in fact a very rare artefact that would burn hot when it was in God's presence, (Good God, Y'All!) although according to Joshua, the amulet still would not have helped find God. (Dark Side of the Moon)


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  • After Dean threw the amulet away in Dark Side of the Moon, many fans have hoped for the amulet to return, but Eric Kripke confirmed that there is no intention among the Supernatural producers to bring the amulet back. However, a rubber copy from a musical play based on Chuck's Supernatural books was given to and kept by Dean in Fan Fiction.
  • There has been much speculation and theories among fans and viewers about what deity the amulet headpiece represents, including:
    • The Egyptian Apis Bull
    • The Mesopotamian Bull-man
    • The Egyptian goddess Hathor
    • The Zoroastrian god Mithras
  • Many fans suggested that Dean's amulet may have had supernatural abilities or nature, before it was revealed in Season 5 that the amulet was supposed to be an indicator that could locate God.
  • Dean's amulet's power to burn hot in God's presence may parallel how Death's scythe burns hot when it is brought into Death's presence; like God, Death too is said to be a primordial and powerful entity.