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"What's the line? 'Saving people, hunting things - the family business.' Well, I think the people you save, they're how you justify your pathetic little lives. The alcoholism, the collateral damage, the pain you've caused - the one thing that allows you to sleep at night, the one thing is knowing that these folks are out there, still out there happy and healthy because of you; you great, big, bloody heroes! They're your life's work, and I'm going to rip it apart piece by piece because I can, because you can't stop me, and because when they're all gone, what will you have left!?"
―Crowley threatening the Winchesters.[src]

Crowley, named Fergus Rodric MacLeod as a human, is a crossroads demon who originally served Hell but went rogue against Lucifer during the Apocalypse, and afterwards took over the demons as King of Hell. Crowley has been a very cunning and dangerous threat and enemy to Sam and Dean, but has allied with them several times against common threats and enemies.



The human Fergus Roderick MacLeod was born in 1661 in the Kingdom of Scotland, 1661 to Rowena MacLeod. Fergus never knew his father, as according to Rowena, he had been conceived during a winter solstice orgy involving multiple potential fathers she had not bothered to keep track of.  Rowena was a poor mother to Fergus, who had no real love for her son and actually hated him. She would put him to sleep when he was an infant by dosing him with whiskey until he passed out, she slightly starved him as a child, she verbally abused him with predictions that he'd live and die without amounting to anything, and she once even almost traded him for three pigs. although she did still teach him some black magic.

When Fergus was eight years old, Rowena got into trouble when the locals intended to try her for witchcraft, prompting her to run off, leaving her son behind in the care of a squalid workhouse to fend for himself. This left Fergus with unresolved issues towards his mother for her abuse or abandonment of him.

Growing up, Fergus MacLeod was a simple tailor and an abusive drunk. Fergus had a son, Gavin, but the two intensely despised each other, and Fergus was very abusive with Gavin; beating and starving him both when drunk and when sober, and working Gavin very hard and not letting him have an education. At some point, Fergus MacLeod sold his soul to a demon for a longer penis. And after Fergus' contract came due, he died and went to Hell, where his soul was mutilated and tortured until he became a crossroads demon called Crowley.


After Fergus became the demon named Crowley, he possessed a "moderately successful" New York literary agent and became his preferred vessel. He was also a very effective businessman and crossroads demon and high-ranking in Hell; making many demonic deals and claiming many souls as "King of the Crossroads" among the demons, and even becoming Lilith's right-hand man by 2008. Crowley also came to know the angel Naomi well from a time in Mesopotamia, one which he strongly compared to a sexual relationship.

5x10 CrowleyHandsOverColt

Crowley gives Sam and Dean the Colt to kill Lucifer. (Abandon All Hope...)

In 2008, after Bela Talbot stole the Colt from the Winchesters, she gave it to Crowley (The Real Ghostbusters) in hopes of being relinquished from her own contract in return, but Crowley changed the bargain so that Bela would have to kill Sam Winchester as well to be released from her contract.

The ApocalypseEdit

In late 2009, after the Winchesters had unintentionally released Lucifer from his cage and started the Apocalypse with Lucifer leading the demons against Heaven and humanity, Crowley pretended to serve Lucifer with the other demons, but he secretly plotted against Lucifer, as he recognised from Lucifer's hatred for humanity and the fact Lucifer was a fallen angel rather than a demon that Lucifer must hate demons even more and would therefore exterminate demons as well once he no longer needed them. (Abandon All Hope..., The Devil You Know)

Eventually, the Winchester brothers, with Castiel's help, tracked Crowley's guarded and angel-proofed estate down, and launched a failed assault in which they tried to steal the Colt back. Instead of having the captured Sam and Dean killed, Crowley killed his demon guards with the Colt, and handed the gun over to the Winchesters so they could use it to kill Lucifer, before leaving. The Winchesters subsequently made an assassination attempt on Lucifer with the Colt, but the Colt proved ineffective on Lucifer. (Abandon All Hope...) Lucifer and the demons subsequently learned of Crowley's treachery against Lucifer from this, and all the demons subsequently outed and attacked Crowley and forced Crowley into hiding in an abandoned isolated cabin. (The Devil You Know)

5x20 CrowleyWarnsBrady

Crowley tries to turn Brady over to the rebels against Lucifer. (The Devil You Know)

Some weeks - months after being forced into hiding, when Crowley learned through a tracker he'd planted on Sam and Dean's Impala that the brothers intended to track each of the four horsemen down to use their rings to reimprison Lucifer in the cage, he contacted the brothers (who were angry and distrustful of Crowley over the failed mission with the Colt) to help track the two remaining horsemen. Using Dean as bait, Crowley subsequently captured Pestilence's handler demon Brady, and they took him back to Crowley's hut to interrogate for Pestilence's location. Crowley managed to get Brady to give Pestilence's location up to the Winchesters by tricking the demons into believing Brady was working against Lucifer during Crowley's attack on a demon hive, so that Brady would be given a quicker death by Sam and Dean than being punished and tortured by Hell. (The Devil You Know)

5x21 CrowleyWarnsWinchesters

Crowley warns the Winchesters of the demons' Croatoan distribution plan. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

Afterwards, Crowley contacted Bobby Singer and talked Bobby into temporarily selling his soul to Crowley as a loan so Crowley could use the contract's power to locate Death for the final horseman's ring. To make the contract fair, Crowley also healed Bobby's legs in the deal. The following day, Crowley and Dean went to Chicago to find Death and take his ring. They initially failed to locate Death, until Crowley found him in a local pizzeria and sent Dean in to get Death's ring on his own. (Two Minutes to Midnight) After retrieving Death's fourth ring, Sam and Dean ultimately succeeded in defeating Lucifer and stopping the Apocalypse when Sam sent himself, Lucifer and Michael into Lucifer's cage. (Swan Song)

King of HellEdit

Shortly after Lucifer was defeated and reimprisoned in the cage, Bobby contacted Crowley to try and get Crowley to relinquish his contract for Bobby's soul as he'd agreed to, but Crowley refused using a loophole in Bobby's contract and stated Bobby would have to fight to get ownership of his soul back on his own before his ten-year deadline was up. (Weekend at Bobby's)

6x20 CrowleyAlliesWithCastiel

Crowley and Castiel, in Crowley's 'new and improved Hell' forge the alliance to find Purgatory. (The Man Who Would Be King)

Within the next few days after Lucifer's downfall, Crowley quickly took over as the controller of the demons and Hell, becoming the King of Hell and changing Hell to his design, (Family Matters, The Man Who Would Be King) and Crowley had any demons that remained loyal to Lucifer instead of obeying the new regime hunted down. (Caged Heat) Crowley also in this time became interested in finding a means of reaching Purgatory, the realm which monsters' souls went to when they died, hoping to 'develop' the monster-filled realm and use its tens of millions of monster souls as a massive power source for Hell. (Family Matters, The Man Who Would Be King)

When Castiel had a power struggle over the post-Apocalypse Heaven with the archangel Raphael, Crowley contacted Castiel and convinced Cass to join forces so that Cass and Crowley could find a way to open Purgatory together so that Cass could use some of Purgatory's souls to defeat Raphael and stop him from taking Heaven and restarting the Apocalypse. Crowley also gave Castiel a loan of 50,000 of Hell's souls for a first strike against Raphael in the start of Castiel's and Raphael's civil war in Heaven. (The Man Who Would Be King)

6x4 CrowleySecuresHisBones

Crowley takes back his original human bones. (Weekend at Bobby's)

While Castiel fought Raphael in Heaven, Crowley and the demons he now ruled and controlled, in the efforts to find a way to access Purgatory, opted to seek and capture as many monsters and Alphas as they could to interrogate them on any way of opening Purgatory they knew. To accomplish this, Crowley resurrected the late Samuel Campbell, and agreed to resurrect Samuel's daughter Mary if Samuel would capture and bring Crowley as many monsters as he could. Samuel gained further assistance capturing monsters for Crowley with the rest of the Campbell family (most of whom Crowley had secretly had his demons possess to watch Samuel), and a mysteriously-returned Sam. (Season 6)

A year after the Apocalypse was stopped, Bobby managed to successfully blackmail Crowley into relinquishing his contract for Bobby's soul by tracking Crowley's original human bones down and having Sam and Dean threaten to burn them and kill Crowley. Crowley afterwards took his bones into his safety. (Weekend at Bobby's)

6x8 CrowleyVisitsFor1stJob

Crowley gives the Winchesters their first monster-hunting job. (All Dogs Go to Heaven)

Later, after Dean and Sam learned that Samuel was capturing the Alphas alive to find Purgatory when the Campbells captured the Alpha Vampire and the Vamp escaped and attacked them, Crowley had his demons capture the Alpha and take it to his monster prison for interrogation on finding Purgatory. Crowley subsequently blackmailed Dean and Sam into working for him as well in capturing monsters for Crowley's search for Purgatory by claiming he would return Sam's soul (the brothers had recently discovered that Sam had returned from the cage without his soul) if the brothers could capture one Alpha for Crowley. (Family Matters) Though Dean was angry and frustrated to be working for Crowley, Crowley threatened to send Sam back to Hell if the brothers disobeyed him. (All Dogs Go to Heaven)

6x10 CrowleyInterrogatesAlphaShapeshifter

Crowley tortures the Alpha Shapeshifter for Purgatory's location. (Caged Heat)

Eventually, Sam and Dean did indeed turn on Crowley, attacking Crowley's monster-holding prison with the Lucifer loyalist Meg, but they were captured by Crowley and his demons when Samuel preinformed Crowley of the brothers' assault, and were scheduled to be killed using the prison's monsters. The group escaped and managed to capture Crowley, who revealed that he couldn't restore Sam's soul after all. Crowley and Castiel subsequently faked Crowley's death to throw the Winchesters out of their way, by destroying fake bones to make it seem as though Castiel had killed Crowley. (Caged Heat)

While Castiel and Crowley continued the search for Purgatory, Sam and Dean initially remained unaware Crowley was alive, until Eve (who had returned to Earth in search of retaliation on Crowley for torturing her monster children) revealed the truth about Crowley's current status to the brothers. (Mommy Dearest) The brothers and Bobby afterwards learned of Castiel's alliance with Crowley in the search for Purgatory, but when Castiel refused to allow the Winchesters to be killed, to ensure they couldn't stop them, (The Man Who Would Be King) Crowley had his demons kidnap Lisa and Ben Braeden to try and blackmail Dean into backing off. This ploy failed when Dean went and rescued Ben and Lisa from Crowley's demons. (Let It Bleed)

6x20 CastielWorksForCrowley

Crowley working with Castiel to try and find the means of reaching Purgatory. (The Man Who Would Be King)

Afterwards, Crowley and Castiel tracked down Dr. Eleanor Visyak, a creature which emerged from Purgatory as a result of a 1937 occult experiment by H.P. Lovecraft, and tortured her into giving them the ritual to open the door to Purgatory, and the duo subsequently gathered the ingredients for the ritual and prepared to perform it on the following night's eclipse to successfully open Purgatory. However, Castiel double-crossed Crowley and went back on their deal that they would share Purgatory's power between them, forcing an enraged and humiliated Crowley to flee.

6x22 Crowley+RaphaelDefeated

Crowley and Raphael are outwitted and defeated by Castiel. (The Man Who Knew Too Much)

In retaliation, and to claim Purgatory's souls and power, Crowley allied with Raphael, agreeing to give the archangel half the souls in Purgatory, and forced Castiel to give up the ingredients. Crowley and Raphael then performed the ritual to open Purgatory themselves, but it failed as Castiel had given them a wrong ingredient and performed the ritual himself and absorbed all the monster souls in Purgatory. Realising he had lost, Crowley was allowed by the soul-empowered Castiel to flee while Cass killed Raphael. (The Man Who Knew Too Much)

Leviathan crisisEdit

7x1 CrowleyFoundByCastiel

Castiel visits a hiding Crowley to establish the new rules for the universe. (Meet the New Boss)

Crowley initially unsuccessfully went into hiding, but Castiel spared Crowley and allowed him to retain his position as King of Hell, on the condition that Cass chose what souls Crowley got in Hell. Sam, Dean and Bobby later contacted Crowley for a ritual to bind Death so they could use Death to stop the power-driven Castiel, and Crowley secretly sent them the ritual instructions. (Meet the New Boss)

After Castiel's actions in absorbing the souls of Purgatory unwittingly killed him and released the Leviathans onto the world, Crowley contacted the Leviathan leader Dick Roman to try and make Leviathan-demon power negotiations and a partnership, but Dick disdainfully turned Crowley down and even threatened to wipe demonkind out if the Leviathans had free time, leaving Crowley angry and afraid towards Dick. (Slash Fiction) After this, Crowley ordered the demons to stay out of Sam and Dean's way in the brothers' efforts to find a way to stop the Leviathan, so that the brothers could work quicker in stopping Dick. (The Mentalists)

7x6 CrowleyMeetsWithDickRoman

Crowley meets with Dick Roman to try and negotiate with the Leviathans. (Slash Fiction)

Eventually, after Sam, Dean, Meg and a resurrected but insane Castiel discovered through the prophet Kevin Tran from the Word of God the means of constructing a Leviathan-killing weapon, they contacted and summoned Crowley for his blood (one of the ingredients). Crowley refused to give them his blood until they had the other ingredients, and subsequently left. (There Will Be Blood)

7x23 Crowley+DickRomanNegotiate

Dick Roman tries to bribe Crowley to give the Winchesters the wrong blood for stopping the Leviathan. (Survival of the Fittest)

Dick Roman captured Crowley and offered to give the demons Canada if Crowley gave the Winchesters the wrong blood for the Leviathan weapon, and Crowley pretended to agree, but gave the Winchesters the right blood from him for the weapon. Crowley also held off on any retribution against the team (specifically punishing Meg for working against him and revenge on Castiel for double-crossing and humiliating him) until the Leviathan crisis was over. After the Winchesters successfully defeated the Leviathans by killing Dick Roman with the bone (but Dean and Castiel were sent to Purgatory as a side-effect), with the Leviathan threat extinguished, Crowley severed his alliance ties to the Winchesters; capturing Meg to punish and torture her, and taking Kevin Tran for Kevin's use to Crowley as a prophet. (Survival of the Fittest)

Trials of GodEdit

8x1 Crowley+KevinTranslateWordOfGod

Crowley has a captive Kevin translate the Demon Word of God. (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

After the Leviathans' downfall, while Dean and Castiel were trapped in Purgatory and Sam was retired from hunting, Crowley had Kevin held captive at a demon-occupied warehouse. Crowley also found another Word of God, this one on demons, and tried to get Kevin to translate the Word for him. Crowley eventually learned from Kevin that the Word of God on demons recorded the secret to banishing all demons back to Hell forever, before Kevin escaped the demons' custody with the Word by tricking Crowley into going to Wisconsin to try and open a hellgate while Kevin killed his demon guards. (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

After Kevin escaped with the Word of God and went into hiding, Crowley had his demons stationed at numerous places important to Kevin, including his college and his mother's home in case he returned, to recaptured him. (We Need to Talk About Kevin, What's Up, Tiger Mommy?) Eventually, when one of Crowley's demons learned and informed Crowley that the Winchester brothers had returned and were looking for Kevin, Crowley tracked Kevin and the Winchesters down to an old church, but the three escaped him again - though Crowley did take retribution on Kevin for turning down and fleeing him by killing Kevin's girlfriend in front of him. (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

8x2 CrowleyVsSamandrielAuction

Crowley bids against Samandriel for the Word of God at Plutus' auction. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)

Shortly afterwards, Crowley tracked the Word of God down to Plutus' supernatural auction and bid in the auction against Sam, Dean, Kevin, Linda Tran and the angel Samandriel for the tablet, but ultimately lost to Linda. By bribing Beau into helping him, Crowley managed to kill Plutus and take the demon tablet anyway by possessing Linda Tran and then revealing himself and taking Plutus and the Winchesters by surprise. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)

Later, after interrogating their names out of the captured Samandriel, Crowley had other, inactive prophets kidnapped by his demons and brought into his captivity at his warehouse in hopes that their status as potential prophets would allow them to translate the Word of God for Crowley and give him the secret to closing the gates of Hell so he'd know how to stop the Winchesters from successfully sealing Hell. Though this did not work as no prophets other than Kevin were active, Crowley managed to recapture Kevin along with Linda when the witch Delta Mandotta betrayed the Trans to Crowley. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

8x7 CastielVsCrowley

Crowley and Castiel face off over Kevin and the Word of God. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

Crowley subsequently tried to get Kevin to translate the Word of God for him at his warehouse, but Kevin did not break until Crowley cut off one of Kevin's fingers. Kevin then revealed to Crowley that the Word stated, according to Metatron's footnote on the tablet, that there were other Word tablets besides the ones of demons and Leviathans. The Winchesters and a returned Castiel subsequently attacked Crowley's warehouse and fought their way through the demons to Crowley and Kevin. When Castiel regained his full strength and threatened to smite Crowley, Crowley immediately tried to flee with the Word of God; but as he teleported away, Castiel smashed the tablet in half, so that Crowley only escaped with half the Word while the Winchesters got the other half back along with Kevin. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

After this, Crowley had Samandriel tortured further for information, eventually breaking into Samandriel's celestial operating system and learning from it that among the other, unfound Words of God hidden and scattered across the Earth, there was a tablet on angels. Samandriel was afterwards rescued and killed by Castiel and the Winchesters, forcing Crowley to flee before he could learn anything further from the angel captive. (Torn and Frayed) Crowley later after this became suspicious of what Sam and Dean had learned and were up to when Crowley's hellhound was killed when it was sent to collect the souls of a family that had sold their souls in Crowley circa 2003. (Taxi Driver)

8x19 CrowleyFindsAjay

Crowley confronts Ajay about how he was helping the Winchesters. (Taxi Driver)

When Crowley learned that the angel Word of God was in one of the hidden Lucifer's crypts, he had Meg tortured and townsfolk possessed for the crypts' locations in his search for the crypt that held the angel tablet. When the Winchesters rescued Meg to find what Crowley was looking for, Crowley went to find the crypt himself, locating the right one of Lucifer's crypts as Sam, Dean, Meg and Castiel reached the crypt. Though Crowley tried to convince Meg to betray the Winchesters and help him get the angel tablet, Meg instead held Crowley off and sacrificed herself, while Castiel escaped with the angel Word of God and went into hiding with it. (Goodbye Stranger)

After Castiel captured the Word of God on angels, Crowley learned that his half of the demon tablet was the information on demons and the Winchesters and Kevin had the half that told the three trials to close the gates of Hell. As a result, Crowley began sending Kevin illusions and images in his mind to drive Kevin insane, and managed to break through the demon-warding and abduct Kevin from freighter where Kevin hid. At the same time, Crowley also learned that rogue reaper Ajay was dealing with the Winchesters, and investigated.
8x21 CrowleyDirectingKevinsIllusion

Crowley directs Kevin's illusion world. (The Great Escapist)

When Crowley learned that Ajay had sent Sam to Purgatory so Sam could rescue Bobby Singer from Hell (Bobby had died during the Leviathan crisis, and Crowley had had Ajay transport Bobby's spirit to Hell instead of Heaven) as part of the second trial to close off Hell, Crowley killed Ajay to try and maroon Sam and Bobby in Purgatory, though the two managed to get back to Earth regardless. Crowley made one last attempt to stop Sam and Dean from completing the second trial by sending Bobby's soul to Heaven, but he was forced to flee when Naomi intervened and allowed the Winchesters to complete the trial. (Taxi Driver) Crowley also had his demons steer away from Sam and Dean in case the brothers could capture and use a demon to complete the third and final trial. (Clip Show)
8x21 CrowleyCapturesCastiel

Crowley tortures Castiel with his angel-killing gun. (The Great Escapist)

After Crowley recaptured Kevin, he had Kevin placed in an illusion where Kevin believed he was still safe on the freighter in the Winchesters' custody, in hopes that the two demons in the illusion impersonating Sam and Dean would eventually get Kevin to reveal the last remaining trial to closing the gates of Hell. When Crowley learned from his angel mole Ion that Naomi's angels had just captured Castiel at Biggerson's, Crowley went to there to capture Castiel from them (to find the angel Word of God for his own purposes, and for personal revenge on Castiel for the double-cross and humiliation Cass had caused Crowley in the past). After fending Naomi and her angels off using a gun loaded with angel-killing bullets forged from an angel blade's metal, Crowley deduced that Castiel was hiding the angel tablet inside his own vessel, and removed the tablet from Castiel. Crowley then learned that Kevin had led the demons into a devil's trap instead of to where Kevin had hidden the demon tablet, and Crowley then learned that Kevin was aware he was in an illusion, and that Kevin would not break and give Crowley the demon Word of God's information this time. An enraged and defeated Crowley then nearly killed Kevin, but Metatron intervened, removing Kevin from Crowley's custody. (The Great Escapist)

8x23 CrowleyDemandsDemonWord

Crowley demands the demon tablet for Jody Mills' life. (Sacrifice)

With Kevin and the demon Word of God which revealed the final trial to seal Hell now in the Winchesters' custody, Crowley opted to attack and threaten those that the brothers had saved in the past as hunters and threaten to kill everyone they'd ever saved if the brothers did not surrender the demon tablet and stop the trials to close Hell. Crowley tracked at least three of the people Sam and Dean had previously saved, via Chuck Shurley's Supernatural books, and killed them using black magic and came close to killing a fourth; and when Crowley threatened to kill all the brothers' other past saved victims, they seemingly agreed to stop the trials and hand over the demon Word of God in exchange for the angel Word. (Clip Show, Sacrifice) Crowley subsequently met with Dean and Sam at Bobby's abandoned auto salvage yard and demanded they sign a Faustian contract that prohibited them from going back on their agreement to halt the trials. However, while Dean was reading the contract, he took Crowley by surprise and captured the King of Hell by slipping devil's trap handcuffs on him. (Sacrifice)

8x23 CrowleySendsDistressCall

Crowley sends a makeshift distress call out to his demon subjects. (Sacrifice)

Sam and Dean subsequently took the captive Crowley out to an abandoned church in the countryside to perform a ritual on Crowley there to restore his humanity and complete the final trial to close the gates of Hell. As part of the ritual, Sam began injecting the bound Crowley with Sam's blood (which Sam had purified for the ritual through a recent holy confession) on an hourly basis. During this, Crowley managed to get some of Sam's blood in a bite and use it to broadcast a makeshift distress signal to any demons to help their King. Abaddon responded to the distress call and attacked the church, but was furious and disgusted to find that a salesman crossroads demon like Crowley was now the King of Hell and intended to have a regime change and take control of Hell from Crowley. However, Sam successfully banished Abaddon by destroying her vessel with holy fire, and then resumed the ritual. (Sacrifice)

8x23 CrowleyExhibitsHumanity

Sam's ritual partially restores Crowley's humanity. (Sacrifice)

Initially, the purified-blood injections had no effects, but after several of them, Crowley began to exhibit signs of humanity; including remorse over his actions as a demon, and a longing for love and forgiveness. Sam almost completed the ritual and fully restored Crowley's humanity, but was interrupted by Dean, who convinced Sam to stop the trials. (Sacrifice) As the demon-curing ritual was not completed, Crowley some time afterwards reverted to his demonic personality, although it would appear that the brief and partial restoration of his humanity had still had some lasting effect on Crowley. (Devil May Care)


9x2 CrowleyInImpalaTrunk

Crowley is kept bound in the Impala's trunk by Dean. (Devil May Care)

After Sam and Dean aborted the trials, Dean kept Crowley bound and gagged in the Impala's trunk for a few days, until the brothers eventually returned to the Men of Letters' bunker and locked Crowley up in a demon-proofed chamber, refusing to give Crowley any luxuries or freedom unless and until he gave them the names of the demons on Earth. While Sam and Dean were out on a hunt, Crowley viciously emotionally taunted and tormented Kevin into attacking and torturing the captive Crowley, and Crowley afterwards gave the Winchesters two demons' names, which he claimed to be repayment for the enjoyment he got out of toying with Kevin. (Devil May Care)

Sam and Dean tried to get more demons' names from Crowley, although he would only give them in exchange for something of self-interest. When Kevin and Sam went to the bound and captive Crowley with recovered untranslatable footnotes from Metatron's time on Earth in hopes that Crowley could translate it to see if it said how to reverse Metatron's spell which had recently cast all the angels out of Heaven. Crowley agreed to translate it in exchange for one call to Abaddon.
9x2 CrowleyInMenOfLettersCaptivity

Crowley in the Winchesters' captivity in the Men of Letters' bunker. (Devil May Care)

Crowley was furious when he learned through his contact with Abaddon that she was not only taking over as the demons' new leader but was also increasing Hell's number of souls by killing Crowley's deal customers early. Crowley subsequently held up his end of the agreement, translating Metatron's footnotes and learning from them that the spell was designed to be irreversible. Afterwards, Crowley secretly stole a syringe of Kevin's blood (from when Kevin gave his blood for Crowley to make contact with Abaddon) to inject himself with it, due to the incomplete demon-curing ritual's effects having caused Crowley to develop an addiction to human blood. (Heaven Can't Wait)

After some time, after the angel Gadreel had taken possession of Sam and killed Kevin, Dean and Castiel resorted to going to the locked-down Crowley for help saving Sam from Gadreel, and Crowley agreed to locate and expel Gadreel in exchange for his freedom. After Crowley learned from a neutral demon that Abaddon still hadn't yet won over all of Hell, Crowley tracked Gadreel down and he, Dean and Castiel captured the angel and brought him back to the bunker. (Road Trip)

9x10 CrowleyPossessesSamGadreel

Crowley uses demonic possession to enter the angel-possessed Sam's mind and warn him about Gadreel. (Road Trip)

Dean had Crowley hack and break into Gadreel's operating system through his brain to reawaken Sam's suppressed mind and get him to expel Gadreel, but this failed. Thus, Crowley resorted to instead entering the possessed Sam's sleeping mind, via demonic possession, to warn him directly of the Gadreel situation; Crowley succeeded, and Sam retook control and expelled Gadreel from him. As part of the deal, Crowley was freed from the Winchesters' captivity, and subsequently turned the power struggle between him and Abaddon for Hell into a demon voting campaign. (Road Trip)

Search for the First BladeEdit

Shortly after being released from the Winchesters' captivity, Crowley went to Dean to find the First Blade (the one weapon capable of killing a Knight of Hell) to kill Abaddon with, and the search led to them to Cain himself. Crowley secretly kept the truth about Cain secret from Dean and let Dean do most of the fighting off of demons, so that Dean would prove himself to Cain and Cain would give Dean the Mark of Cain needed to wield the First Blade's power. Crowley's scheme succeeded and Cain transferred the Mark to Dean, and Crowley afterwards went off to begin searching the ocean for where Cain had hidden the First Blade. (First Born)

9x16 CrowleyAddictedToDemonBlood

A degenerated Crowley, during the search for the First Blade, having fallen off the wagon, immersing himself in his blood addiction. (Blade Runners)

Crowley tracked several hands which the First Blade had passed through since being excavated from the Mariana Trench, before he 'fell off the wagon' in his addiction to human blood, resulting in him degenerating into a soppy and inattentive state and losing track of anything he was meant to be doing. Crowley was subsequently left holed up in a penthouse with a demon concubine Lola; spending his days watching love movies and fuelling his addiction, and forgetting any attention for the search for the First Blade or for his kingdom's power struggle against Abaddon. Eventually, after learning Lola was a spy for Abaddon and killing her, Crowley called Sam and Dean for help and led them to his location. (Blade Runners)

Sam and Dean took Crowley back to the bunker's dungeon to detox him of the human blood, and resumed the search for the First Blade from where Crowley had left off. Sam, Dean and a fully-detoxed Crowley tracked the First Blade to Cuthbert Sinclair's hidden supernatural collection, and successfully took the Blade when Dean managed to kill Sinclair with it (activating the Mark of Cain in the process). Afterwards, Crowley - furious with and blaming the brothers for his addiction causing him to allow his kingdom to collapse, and aware that the brothers would kill him as well once he was of no more use in the fight against Abaddon - forcefully took and hid the First Blade to 'safekeep' it until Dean had a direct chance at killing Abaddon. (Blade Runners)

9x17 Crowley+DeanArgueAtBarOverMarkOfCain

Crowley and Dean argue at a bar about the Mark of Cain and how alike Cain and Dean are. (Mother's Little Helper)

Shortly after seizing the First Blade, Crowley would at one point meet up with Dean at a bar, and would test him in several hidden ways to see the effects the Mark of Cain was having on him and ensure he was ready to take the First Blade and go up against Abaddon. Crowley would also choose to embrace his addiction and continue taking human blood even after being detoxed, although he seemed to now retain much more of his self-control and clarity when high on blood. (Mother's Little Helper)

Defeating AbaddonEdit

As Crowley continued losing in the power struggle for Hell, with his most trusted followers betraying him to Abaddon, Abaddon contacted Crowley with a proposal that they join forces against the Winchesters to stop Dean from killing either of them with the First Blade. As a bargaining chip, Abaddon used a time travel blood spell to bring Gavin's living self to the present from just before his death in 1723, and proved to Crowley that her bargaining strategy with Gavin would work since the demon-curing ritual's effects meant Crowley was now unable to take seeing his previously-despised human son in agony. (King of the Damned)

9x21 Crowley+GavinMeet+DiscussPast

Crowley and his human son Gavin, having been reunited through the time travel blood spell, discuss their past. (King of the Damned)

Crowley subsequently, as part of Abaddon's plan to lead the Winchesters into a trap and destroy Dean and the First Blade, gave the boys the First Blade's location and then directed them to his and Abaddon's location at the Homboldt Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio; however, Crowley tried to signal Sam and Dean that it was a trap and to be prepared against Abaddon, by using their secret codeword. Abaddon double-crossed Crowley and intended to kill him and Gavin with the Winchesters when they arrived (incapacitating Crowley with a devil's trap-engraved bullet), but Dean succeeded in killing Abaddon with the First Blade and returning control of Hell and the demons to Crowley. (King of the Damned)

Just after Abaddon's death, Sam and Dean intended to send Gavin back to his time to avoid his temporal displacement causing a butterfly effect, but due to his infection of humanity from the demon-curing ritual's effects, Crowley became unable to bear the thought of sending his son back to his death, and so went against the Winchesters and sent Gavin off to start a new life on his own in the present. (King of the Damned)

The Mark of Cain's effects on DeanEdit

9x23 CrowleyWaitsAtTurningDeansBedside

Crowley waits at a fallen Dean's bedside as Dean is reborn as a demon. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

After Abaddon had been killed and Crowley retook the position of King of Hell, Dean went to and summoned him for help tracking down Metatron to kill with the First Blade. Crowley freed Dean from the bunker's dungeon, and helped him in tracking Metatron as the latter made his move to take over humanity as their new Messiah, until Sam and Dean reunited in the fight against Metatron and sent Crowley away. However, Crowley observed the effects of the Mark of Cain on Dean and how it was changing him, and his suspicions that Dean would suffer Cain's fate were confirmed when, after Dean was killed by Metatron, the Mark resurrected Dean as a demon as Crowley waited at Dean's bedside. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)



Crowley is a suave and charismatic businessman when making a deal, but he also likes to use insults, sass and sarcastic banter. He often uses sexual innuendo to make others uncomfortable, to give himself an advantage. He is a very efficient crossroads demon and businessman, able to appear very charismatic and alluring to others and easily fool and deceive and coerce them. However, while Crowley is usually calm and calculating, when upset, frustrated, internally scared or humiliated about something, he loses his temper and the demeanor rapidly drops and Crowley shows a burst of vicious, burning red anger or vindictivity. As a crossroads demon, Crowley strictly prides on and adheres to integrity and keeping a bargain once it's made, although he will still cunningly leave certain information out and/or use loopholes in the contract to his advantage or the other deal participant's disadvantage.

Crowley is very devious and cunning both as an enemy and as a businessman, and he is highly skilled and accomplished at manipulating others and at tinkering and innovating techniques and methods of torturing opponents. Crowley is a capable and effective strategist as well, being able to outwit and outplay both opponents and reluctant allies more powerful than himself, including angels and the Winchesters, in terms of both schemes and backup plans, and calculating and ingenuity; being very skilled at creating, finding and/or exploiting loopholes and hidden agendas of his own in contracts and alliances. As noted by Dean, when one becomes involved with Crowley, "he will always find a way to bone you." Crowley is also an inventive tinkerer, who has come up with new torturing methods for particularly resilient supernatural prisoners, and had the ingenuity to forge angel-killing bullets.

But despite Crowley's arrogance and confidence, he does not underestimate and dismiss potential threats and dangers as other demons and many of the Winchesters' other foes have, but would instead work to eliminate these threats. Although, Crowley's arrogance does sometimes get the better of him, particularly when he's assured and confident that his victory is secured. Crowley's high intelligence apparently made other demons incompetent by his standards, much to his great irritation; to the point of personally wishing to kill his own kind out of frustration at their stupidity.

A survivor at heart, Crowley's main goal over anything else, including even power, is self-preservation, which he will go to any length to preserve, and he is also a very large-scale opportunist. Crowley is willing to work with and/or make alliances with anyone, even his most hated foes and enemies, if and when doing so is beneficial for him, and he was opportunistic and intelligent enough to rise to become King of Hell within an estimated matter of days after the Apocalypse and retain or regain that position (in spite of a power struggle with Abaddon which he almost lost). Crowley is also very resilient against torture, as he didn't completely break even under Lucifer's massive torture and humiliation of him as his "doggie," and he would often upon escaping recover unfazed.

As a demon, Crowley, underneath his charming, sarcastic and humorous exterior; is extremely vicious, merciless, sadistic and cruel, having no qualms against killing humans and even his demon subordinates when angered or frustrated or even just to make a point or demonstrate his power. However, unlike other demons, despite his sadism, Crowley did not usually engage in torture just for the sake of it, although he did admit that he got a kick out of it and that "once he [got] going, it's really difficult to stop." Due to Crowley's vicious punishing ways and violent response to failure and treachery, he apparently had a reputation of fear among his demon subjects to the point that some lower demons would prefer death to facing punishment at Crowley's hands. Crowley is very masochistic, taking enjoyment out of being tortured. Crowley could be sentimental, as he developed an angry grudge towards Sam after the latter killed Crowley's hellhound.

Crowley appeared to be very vengeful as well; he admitted that he personally wished to see the Winchesters utterly annihilated (and sometimes succeeded in making them overall lose in the endgame), he developed an intense grudge and hatred towards Castiel for using and double-crossing him in the search for Purgatory, he helped Sam and Dean against the Leviathan after Dick Roman insulted and threatened Crowley, and he both badly tortured Kevin and killed his girlfriend in front of him after Kevin tricked and escaped Crowley, and some of his first acts against opponents of his such as Abaddon's supporters were to torture and mass-execute them once he'd reseized control.

When the demon-curing ritual Sam attempted on Crowley for the last of the Trials of God partially and temporarily restored Crowley's humanity, Crowley revealed that his human self felt a terrible longing to be loved, which he seemed to feel he never really had been, and which was probably what his demonisation in Hell twisted into his demon self's ambitious megalomania. He also displayed some regret and remorse for his atrocities as a demon and longed for redemption.

After the incomplete ritual's effects wore off, Crowley reverted to his evil, saercastic, manipulative, uncaring personality; albeit with an addiction to human blood, which would cause Crowley to degenerate into a soppy, neurotic and inattentive state of mind. However, despite Crowley claiming he was and wanting to go back to being his completely evil self, he had still permanently gained a repressed spark of buried humanity due to the curing ritual's effects. Crowley now involuntarily exhibited protective tendencies whenever even his most loathed human relatives (such as Gavin and Rowena) were in mortal danger or being badly hurt by others, enough in Gavin's case to even cloud Crowley's judgment and drive him to risk damaging the timeline to save his son's life.

Likewise, Crowley displayed a level of trust and affection towards the Winchesters (mainly Dean), even acting as Demon Dean's mentor and being remorseful for Dean's death before his demonisation. However, after Sam attempted to kill Crowley for Rowena and declared he remembered the bad things Crowley had done, Crowley decided that he had been wrong to let his human side influence him, and declared he would be fully going back to his old evil self. Indeed, Crowley has since become more devious and aggressive again and a lot more hostile and threatening towards the Winchesters, though he is still viewed with less than respect by the other demons.

Physical Appearance Edit

Fergus MacLeod

Crowley's human appearance has so far only been shown in a portrait of him as a child. Here, he is shown to have fair skin and ginger hair. He was said to have been a handsome individual, with "very athletic calves". Upon his death and transformation into a demon, Crowley's true form became red smoke, a unique color unseen by any other demon. Whenever he takes a vessel, his true eyes are red.

Crowley's primary vessel is a man of average height, slightly round with dark hair and light skin. He grew a beard post-season 6. Crowley prefers to wear expensive, dry-cleaned suits of dark colors. Except during the time he possessed Linda Tran and when Crowley wore disguises, Crowley is rarely seen wearing anything else by choice. When Lucifer took him prisoner, he forced Crowley to wear bright-colored clothing as an insult.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

8x2 CrowleyRedSmokeForm

Crowley's unusual crimson-coloured smoke form outside of his vessel. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)

Crowley was a very vicious and powerful demon, even when shunned by all of Hell and on the run from Lucifer; being strong enough to take on and wipe out an entire demon hive. He apparently gained even more power as the King of Hell. Crowley possessed most - all of the standard - mid-tier demonic abilities, including: teleportation, demonic possession of a host human body, superhuman strength and senses, supernatural possession, invulnerability to conventional earthly weapons.

Crowley could manipulate temperature, fire and electronic devices with little more than a whim, and he was capable of advanced telekinesis through which to easily move objects and beings with his mind. He was also capable of mental manipulation: wiping humans' short-term memory (though it was a tricky and risky process for him), and instantaneously uploading the written English language into Gavin's mind.

Unlike low-level demons, Crowley could walk on hallowed ground. He could also use biokinesis to cause humans to haemorrhage and even explode, and he was able to warp reality to a limited extent through a deal. Crowley was even able to become invisible to humans when he did not wished to be noticed by them.

Crowley was skilled with black magic due to Rowena's witchcraft lessons, and could perform hexes on other humans.


Like other demons, Crowley can be hurt and even killed by the demon knife or an angel blade. He can also be overpowered, depowered, tortured and even killed by supernatural entities who are much more powerful than he; Amara, Lucifer, Cain, and a soul-empowered Castiel have all proven to be much more than a match for Crowley and capable of overpowering him without much difficulty. There are some witchcraft spells which can also bind Crowley's powers and/or movements in certain ways.

Crowley possesses the basic demonic weaknesses of: being unable to cross a line of salt or escape a devil's trap. He can also be immobilised and his powers bound if an object with a pentagram engraved on it is inside his vessel, unless and until the object is removed. Crowley is alsoparticularly vulnerable to angels; he was intimidated and threatened by Castiel and Naomi's power, and Metatron's angelic magic burned a demon like Crowley.

However, Crowley is more resistant to some demonic weaknesses than many other demons: he survived and overcame a hex planted by Rowena that was almost sure to kill any demon, and he was able to walk on hallowed ground.

Forms taken (possession)Edit


Crowley is the most recurring villain in the series. He is also the most recurring demons in the series as well, appearing in more episodes than any other demons, including Azazel, Ruby, and even Meg.

  • Season 3
    • Bedtime Stories (mentioned only)
    • Time Is On My Side (referenced only)
  • Season 5
    • The Real Ghostbusters (mentioned only)
    • Abandon All Hope...
    • The Devil You Know
    • Two Minutes to Midnight
  • Season 6
    • Weekend at Bobby's
    • Family Matters
    • All Dogs Go To Heaven
    • Caged Heat
    • Mommy Dearest
    • The Man Who Would Be King
    • Let It Bleed
    • The Man Who Knew Too Much
  • Season 7
    • Meet the New Boss
    • Slash Fiction
    • Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!
    • The Born-Again Identity (flashbacks)
    • Reading Is Fundamental (mentioned only)
    • There Will Be Blood
    • Survival of the Fittest
  • Season 8
    • We Need To Talk About Kevin
    • What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
    • A Little Slice of Kevin
    • Torn and Frayed
    • Trial and Error (mentioned only)
    • Goodbye Stranger
    • Taxi Driver
    • The Great Escapist
    • Clip Show
    • Sacrifice
  • Season 9
    • I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here (unseen)
    • Devil May Care
    • Slumber Party
    • Heaven Can't Wait
    • Road Trip
    • First Born
    • Captives (unseen)
    • Blade Runners
    • Mother's Little Helper
    • King of the Damned
    • Do You Believe In Miracles?
  • Season 10
    • Black
    • Reichenbach
    • Soul Survivor
    • Girls, Girls, Girls
    • The Things We Left Behind
    • The Hunter Games
    • The Executioner's Song
    • Paint it Black
    • Inside Man
    • Dark Dynasty
    • The Prisoner
    • Brother's Keeper
  • Season 11
    • Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
    • Form and Void
    • The Bad Seed
    • Our Little World
    • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    • The Devil in the Details
    • The Vessel
    • Beyond the Mat
    • Hell's Angel
    • We Happy Few
    • Alpha and Omega
  • Season 12
    • Keep Calm and Carry On
    • Mamma Mia
    • The Foundry
    • American Nightmare (mentioned only)
    • Rock Never Dies
    • LOTUS
    • First Blood
    • Stuck in the Middle (With You)
    • Family Feud
    • Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
    • The British Invasion
    • There's Something About Mary
    • All Along the Watchtower
  • Season 13
    • Lost & Found (mentioned only)
    • The Rising Son (mentioned only)
    • War of the Worlds (mentioned only)
    • The Scorpion and The Frog (mentioned only)
    • Various & Sundry Villains (mentioned only)
    • Funeralia (mentioned only)


  • Crowley's name and initial characterisation in Season 5 as a rogue British demon who is trying to help avert the Apocalypse is similar to a character in the novel Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.
  • Despite being Scottish as a human, Crowley has an English accent.
  • Crowley seems to have an affinity for his main vessel similarly to that displayed by Abaddon, Anna and Lucifer; he has returned to his main vessel multiple imes after vacating it, and he once even went to the trouble of having a binding spell on it removed by his demon henchmen while he briefly possessed another vessel in the meantime.
  • It has been shown from What's Up, Tiger Mommy? onwards that Crowley's smoke form, unlike that of other demons, is a bloodred crimson colour instead of black.
  • Crowley shows his demonnic eyes very rarely. It wasn't until What's Up, Tiger Mommy? that his red crossroads demon eyes were seen for the first time; and even then, he only ever showed them when he was possessing a different vessel; until in The Prisoner when Sam's actions brought Crowley to decide to go back to being a full-blown evil demon again and Crowley showed his demon-eyes in his main vessel for the first time.
  • Crowley stated in The Devil You Know that his human body is that of a "moderately successful" literary agent from New York.
  • Crowley seems to have an affinity for Adolf Hitler and/or the Nazi Party. In Abandon All Hope..., he was seen to be watching Nazi silent films in his mansion, and in The Man Who Would Be King, a Hitler-esque portrait of Crowley in Hitler's Nazi uniform (with a devil's trident on his wristband in place of a swastika) was visible in Crowley's "new and improved" Hell. Also, in The Great Escapist, the gun Crowley used for his angel-killing bullets was a Pistole Parabellum 1908 (better known as a Luger), which is infamous for its regular use by the Nazis during World War II.
  • It was revealed in Weekend at Bobby's that Crowley's favourite alcoholic drink is Craig's scotch aged at least thirty years.
  • The crossroads demon Bobby interrogated in Weekend at Bobby's claimed that the demons called Crowley 'Lucky the Leprechaun' behind his back based on who he was as a human. Bobby pointed out the inaccuracy in the joke: "MacLeod's Scottish, Einstein!"