Constance Welch
1x1 ConstanceWelch
Biographical information
Race : Human (formerly)
Ghost (Woman in White)
Occupation : Unknown; possibly housewife
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Pilot
Actor/Actress : Sarah Shahi

Constance Welch was a woman in white who lured and killed unfaithful male drivers on Centennial highway, until the Winchester brothers defeated her in 2005.



In 1981, Constance was married to Joseph Welch, and lived with him and their two children at 4636 Breckenridge Road in Jericho, California. However, when Constance discovered that Joseph was cheating on her, while he was at the Frontier auto salvage, she drowned their kids at home. Constance then made a 911 emergency call claiming that her children had drowned in the bathtub, then went to Sylvania Bridge and committed suicide by jumping from it after realising what she had done.

Constance's spirit subsequently remained on Earth as a woman in white, and over the years, Constance would appear to drivers on Centennial highway and tempt them with her beauty into driving her to her now-abandoned home, and then kill them for being unfaithful by succumbing to the temptation. (Pilot)


1x1 ConstanceWelchDraggedToHell

Constance's children take vengeance on their mother.

In 2005, Constance claimed her tenth victim, Troy Squire. When Sam and Dean Winchester came to Jericho to investigate the disappearances of Constance's victims, Constance first took control of the Impala on Sylvania Bridge and used it to try and run the Winchesters over.

Later, when Sam was in the Impala, Constance caused it to drive him back to her old home, and then first tried to forcefully seduce and then kill Sam. However, Sam was able to return Constance into the house by driving the Impala into it, and the ghosts of Constance's children then attacked and dragged her to the afterlife. (Pilot)