Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer was a hunter and a close friend of the Winchesters, and evolved into a father figure to Sam and Dean after John's death.



Bobby was born to Ed Singer and an unnamed mother in 1950 and grew up in an abusive environment at the Singer Salvage Yard with his parents; Ed treated Bobby and his mother harshly and violently and without respect, and Bobby's mother seemed to blame Bobby for Ed's abuse. When Bobby was a boy, he stood up to his father when Ed became violent with his mother, ending up shooting and killing his father with a rifle to end Ed's abuse. Though Bobby had killed Ed and ended his father's abuse, he remained haunted in his later years about how horribly his father treated the family, and Bobby feared that he himself would be the same if he ever had a family. (Death's Door)

7x10 BobbyStandsUpToEd

Bobby as a child about to shoot his abusive father. (Death's Door)

According to Chet after gaining Bobby's memories, Bobby dropped out of high school. (Slash Fiction) As an adult, Bobby owned the Salvage Yard as his own, and he married a woman named Karen, but when Karen came to want to have children, Bobby was against it due to his fear of becoming like his father, and got into an argument with an angered Karen. (Death's Door)

Becoming a hunterEdit

Three days after Bobby and Karen's fight, Karen was possessed by a demon which caused her to attack Bobby, forcing the latter to stab Karen in self-defence. However, the demon continued attacking Bobby with Karen's body by keeping it animate, until Rufus Turner arrived in time to save Bobby and exorcise the demon, the latter in turn causing Karen to die of her stab wounds. Karen's death subsequently pushed Bobby to become a hunter, partnered with and apparently tutored by Rufus. (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, Death's Door) Rufus and Bobby hunted together for years, until a botched hunt in Omaha circa 1993. (...And Then There Were None)

At some point, Bobby met the hunter John Winchester, and helped take care of his sons Sam and Dean; Bobby served as an uncle figure to Sam and Dean and developed a bond with the boys, but Bobby openly disapproved of aspects of John's parenting as over-strict and unhealthy for the boys. (Death's Door) The last time John and Bobby saw each other, Bobby had a great falling out with John, threatening to shoot John in anger. (Devil's Trap)

1x22 Bobby+Sam+Dean

Bobby with Sam and Dean after exorcising Meg and discovering John's whereabouts. (Devil's Trap)

Battle against AzazelEdit

In late 2006, Sam and Dean reunited with Bobby, who put his negative past with John away to help the boys find their father when John was captured by Azazel's demons. Bobby helped discover John's location by capturing, interrogating and then exorcising Meg. (Devil's Trap)

A couple - few days later, after John was killed by Azazel, Bobby let Sam and Dean stay at the Salvage Yard for over a week until Dean repaired the Impala. (Everybody Loves a Clown) Some months later, when Sam was possessed by Meg, Meg used Sam to try and murder Bobby, but the latter exposed Sam as possessed and subsequently helped exorcise Meg again. (Born Under a Bad Sign) Bobby also at one point helped Sam and Dean hunt a Trickster (secretly the archangel Gabriel in disguise) when the brothers' bickering got in the way of the hunt. (Tall Tales)

2x14 BobbyExorcisesMegFromSam

Bobby attempts to exorcise Meg from Sam. (Born Under a Bad Sign)

When Azazel initiated his plans for Sam and his other special children and abducted them for a death match, Bobby helped Dean search for Sam, along the way learning that the demons had attacked and destroyed the Roadhouse, until they eventually tracked Sam down to Cold Oak, South Dakota. But just as they arrived, Sam was murdered by the last other remaining special child, Jake Talley. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1)

Afterwards, when Dean secretly made a deal with a crossroads demon to resurrect Sam, Bobby quickly worked it out and was furious at Dean for his weak, hypocritical and semi-thoughtless actions, but focused with the Winchesters and Ellen on learning Azazel's plan.
2x22 BobbyVsJake

Bobby confronts Jake at the devil's gate in Wyoming. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

Bobby and the team subsequently tracked Jake down to an old cemetery at the centre of Samuel Colt's 100-mile iron railroads devil's trap in southern Wyoming, and Jake opened a devil's gate there. Bobby and Ellen subsequently closed the gate, while Sam and Dean killed Jake and Azazel, and Bobby afterwards set about joining in the hunters' war against the demons released from the devil's gate that was certain to now follow. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

Dean's contract and the demon warEdit

Following Azazel's defeat and the release of his now-scattered demon army from Hell, Bobby began tracking the demons released from the devil's gate.

3x4 BobbyTestsRebuiltColt

Bobby tests the rebuilt Colt while trying to restore its supernatural-killing power. (Sin City)

Five days after the gate was opened, Bobby hunted and defeated the Seven Deadly Sins in Oak Park, Illinois with Sam, Dean, Isaac and Tamara. (The Magnificent Seven) Bobby also helped Sam and Dean with several hunts and cases by giving them information and advice over the phone about what the boys were up against; including a rabbit's foot when Sam was affected by its curse and the foot stolen by Bela Talbot, (Bad Day at Black Rock) and two pagan gods taking human sacrifices at Christmas time. (A Very Supernatural Christmas)

Bobby attempted to restore the Colt's ability to kill anything, and with Ruby's help, Bobby quickly succeeded in creating a rebuilt Colt with its original killing power restored. (Sin City) When Bobby investigated the death of Dr. Walter Gregg, who was researching sleep disorders and experimenting with African Dream Root, the doctor's patient, Jeremy Frost, used the Dream Root to put Bobby in a coma and trap him in a nightmare of Karen attacking him for killing her when she was possessed, until Sam and Dean used the Dream Root to go into Bobby's dream to help him and wake him up. (Dream a Little Dream of Me)

3x10 BobbyTrappedInDream

Bobby is trapped by African Dream Root in nightmares of a vengeful Karen. (Dream a Little Dream of Me)

After Bela stole the Colt from Sam and Dean, Bobby had his contacts look out for any sight of Bela, and eventually Rufus encountered her. (Time Is on My Side) Shortly afterwards, on the last day before Dean's contract from his crossroads deal for Sam's life was due, Bobby managed to locate Lilith - the demon that held Dean's contract - so that the trio could head with Ruby to try and get Lilith to relinquish Dean's end of the deal under threat of death with Ruby's demon-killing knife. Bobby subsequently went with Sam and Dean and helped them break into the household Lilith was holding hostage, but the team ultimately failed in their mission when Lilith escaped and Dean was taken to Hell by Lilith's hellhound when his contract came due. (No Rest for the Wicked)

4x1 BobbyReunitesWithDean

Bobby embraces Dean after the latter's return from Hell. (Lazarus Rising)

Dean's return and Sam's demon blood addictionEdit

Following Dean's death and damnation, Sam separated from Bobby and Bobby began to drink more heavily in grief and misery about Dean's fate. Four months after Dean's death, on September 18, 2008, Dean was resurrected from Hell and returned to a stunned and happy Bobby, and the two afterwards tracked down Sam and set about finding what had resurrected Dean from Hell. Dean and Bobby learned that the creature behind Dean's return was the angel Castiel. (Lazarus Rising)

4x6 Bobby+SamDiscussBuruburu

Sam and Bobby discuss the buruburu and how to destroy it. (Yellow Fever)

Afterwards, as the team debated about whether or not it was true that Castiel was an angel and angels were real, Bobby found that Castiel's seen abilities and characteristics fitted angels in lore. Bobby's belief that Castiel was indeed an angel was confirmed when the Rising of the Witnesses - one of Lucifer's seals that kept Lucifer imprisoned in his cage in Hell and a biblical event preceding the Apocalypse - occurred and Bobby, Sam, Dean and other hunters came under attack by the ghosts of people they'd failed to save in the past, until the trio ended the Rising by putting all the vengeful spirits back to rest. (Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester)

As Sam and Dean attempted to help the angels stop Lilith and her demons breaking the remaining seals, Bobby helped Sam and Dean with several hunts; including destroying a buruburu after Dean got infected by the spirit's ghost sickness, (Yellow Fever) and helping the boys defeat a siren when the creature put them under its influence and made them attack each other. (Sex and Violence)

4x21 Bobby+DeanDuringDetox

Bobby and Dean wait out Sam's brutal demon blood detox. (When the Levee Breaks)

When Dean and Bobby learned that Sam had developed an addiction to demon blood from his overuse of his demonic side, (The Rapture) they locked him in Bobby's panic room in his basement to detox Sam. However, before Sam could detox of the demon blood, he escaped the panic room and fled to return to Ruby. (When the Levee Breaks) Bobby also convinced Dean to be a better man than John was and to bring Sam back rather than let Sam's dark choices and road push Sam away from them. However, Sam still did not listen to Dean and chose Ruby over him, unintentionally breaking the final seal by killing Lilith and thus releasing Lucifer and starting the Apocalypse. (When the Levee Breaks, Lucifer Rising)

The ApocalypseEdit

5x1 BobbyPossessed

Bobby possessed by one of Meg's demon underlings. (Sympathy for the Devil)

After Lucifer was freed from his cage and the Apocalypse started, he was possessed by a demon, which, upon learning through Bobby from Dean that the archangel Michael's sword capable of defeating Lucifer was located at Castle Storage, the demon attacked and attempted to kill Dean on Meg's orders. However, before the demon could kill Dean, Bobby managed to overcome the demon and take back control of his body just long enough to stab himself with the demon-killing knife; destroying the demon possessing him but also badly wounding Bobby and rendering him paraplegic. (Sympathy for the Devil)

When Castiel's rebellion against Heaven's plans to allow the Apocalypse to happen left him cut off and thus unable to repair Bobby's legs, this left Bobby wheelchair-bound seemingly for life, which in turn made Bobby more angry, bitter and despairing at the fact it meant he could no longer participate in hunts in the field along with the other consequences of his paraplegia. (Good God, Y'All!, Free to Be You and Me) It also left Bobby near-suicidal, and he was so despairing over his paraplegia that at one point he tried to bet in a deadly high-stakes poker game with the witch Patrick, despite risking losing his life if he lost, in hopes that he would get his youth and therefore the use of his legs back, but Bobby failed and he and Dean were almost killed because of this poker game. (The Curious Case of Dean Winchester)

5x10 BobbyWheelchairBound

Bobby, wheelchair-bound and stuck at home during the Apocalypse. (Abandon All Hope...)

After Sam and Dean recovered the Colt and tracked Lucifer down to Carthage, Missouri with Ellen and Jo, Bobby was forced to stay at home, but relayed information to Dean over the CB radio such as the discovery that Lucifer was trying to raise Death at the town. In the aftermath of the failed mission to kill Lucifer with the Colt, Ellen and Jo were both killed, leaving Bobby, Sam and Dean devastated. (Abandon All Hope...)

When Death raised the dead loved ones at Sioux Falls, including Bobby's late wife Karen - who returned to Bobby and pretended to not remember the demonic possession that led to her death or that she had been dead at all - Bobby tried to keep his wife and so refused to let Sam and Dean investigate any further into the risen dead and tried to deny that Karen would turn as the other raised dead were. Eventually, Karen did begin to turn, forcing a devastated Bobby to kill her again, though not before Karen revealed that she did indeed remember her first death and its circumstances and that this was an effort by Death to break Bobby for Lucifer's plans for Sam. (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid)

When Dean had broken and given in to the angels' efforts to get him to consent to possession by Michael as the latter's true vessel for the Apocalypse, Bobby helped stop Dean reaching the angels to say yes to Michael, and had no faith that Dean would say no to Michael, until Dean did that and regained his former strength and defiance. (Point of No Return)

5x15 BobbyWithDyingKaren

Bobby sits at his late wife's side as she dies all over again. (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid)

After the team learned that the rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were a collective key to reimprisoning Lucifer in his cage in Hell and thus stopping the Apocalypse, Bobby helped direct Sam and Dean's efforts to track and locate Pestilence for the horseman's ring. When Sam intended to allow Lucifer to possess him as his true vessel and then take back control as Bobby had done to jump into the cage, Bobby was outright against this due to Sam's slim chances of taking back control of his body from a powerful archangel like Lucifer. (The Devil You Know)

The next day, the rogue crossroads demon Crowley made a deal with Bobby to locate Death for his ring in exchange for Bobby's soul, which Bobby accepted. (The Devil You Know) As part of the deal, Crowley also chose to restore Bobby's use of his legs on his behalf to make the deal fair, to Bobby's shock, happiness and gratitude. (Two Minutes to Midnight) Upon learning that the demon-occupied Niveus Pharmaceuticals were planning to spread the Croatoan virus across the U.S. against humanity as part of Lucifer and Pestilence's plans, Bobby went with Sam and Castiel to stop the Croatoan distribution, defeating the demons and Croatoan-infected employees and destroying the warehouse containing the Croatoan stocks just in time. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

5x21 Bobby+SamVsCroatoans

Bobby and Sam fight off the demons and Croatoans at Niveus Pharmaceuticals. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

Afterwards, the team set about tracking Lucifer down so that Sam could say yes to him and then send himself and Lucifer into Lucifer's cage with the horsemen's rings, and Bobby had faith that Sam's goodness would triumph over his darkness and Sam would succeed. (Two Minutes to Midnight) The team subsequently located Lucifer in Detroit, where Sam allowed Lucifer to possess him but failed to take back control, and Lucifer went to fight Michael as the final phase of the Apocalypse began. Bobby and Castiel were initially hopeless that the team could still succeed, but they still went with Dean to Stull Cemetery in time to stop Michael and Lucifer's battle so that Dean could get Sam to take back control from Lucifer. When Lucifer began attacking Dean and Bobby shot at the former, Lucifer killed Bobby in annoyance by telekinetically snapping Bobby's neck. (Swan Song)


6x4 BobbyTorchesCrossroadsDemon

Bobby torturing a crossroads demon for Crowley's human name by torching her human bones. (Weekend at Bobby's)

Minutes after Bobby's death, after the Apocalypse was stopped by Sam sending himself, Mixhael and Lucifer into Lucifer's cage, Castiel resurrected Bobby using his new seraph powers. Dean and Bobby subsequently parted ways, with Bobby continuing hunting while Dean left to have a normal life with the Braedens. (Swan Song) The night after the Apocalypse was averted, when Sam mysteriously returned from the cage, Bobby became aware, but did not contact Dean to tell him as he felt Dean deserved and had sacrificed too much to escape hunting and gain a normal life. (Exile on Main St.) Bobby also began working immediately after the end of the Apocalypse to find a way to force Crowley to relinquish his contract over Bobby's soul when Crowley did not do it as he had told Bobby he would. (Weekend at Bobby's)

A year after the Apocalypse was averted, Dean began to get drawn back into hunting, and when Dean, Lisa and Ben were targeted by a trio of djinn, Bobby sheltered Ben and Lisa at his house while Dean, Sam and the Campbells eliminated and captured the djinn. (Exile on Main St.) Afterwards, Dean returned to hunting but was suspicious of Sam's new ruthless behaviour, but Bobby dismissed Dean's worries about it until Castiel eventually confirmed that Sam had returned from Lucifer's cage without his soul. (Weekend at Bobby's, You Can't Handle the Truth) Meanwhile, Bobby helped Rufus deal with an Ōkami, and successfully blackmailed Crowley into relinquishing Bobby's end of the deal when Bobby learned burning demons' bones could destroy them and had Sam and Dean locate Crowley's human bones. (Weekend at Bobby's)

6x11 BobbyAlmostMurderedBySam

Sam attempts to murder Bobby to avoid regaining his soul. (Appointment in Samarra)

When Dean made a wager with Death for the latter to return Sam's soul, and was away taking Death's place for this wager for 24 hours, Bobby kept Sam at his house to watch him until Dean and Death returned. However, Sam escaped into the house from Bobby's custody, and attempted to murder Bobby as part of a ritual to stop Sam's soul being restored, until Dean returned and stopped Sam, and Death returned Sam's soul. (Appointment in Samarra) A week later, Sam awoke from his soul's restoration with his original personality and moral compass returned and no memory from either his soul or his soulless body of the last year and a half when his soul was in Lucifer's cage. Bobby initially had trouble getting past soulless Sam's attempt to murder him, but Bobby and the restored Sam eventually apparently made up when Sam learned the truth about what he had tried to do before he'd regained his soul. (Like a Virgin)

Eve and PurgatoryEdit

After Sam recovered from the restoration of his soul, Bobby began researching and investigating the Mother of All when Sam and Dean retrieved a book referring to her and to Purgatory from a group of dragons. (Like a Virgin, Unforgiven) Sam, Dean and Bobby later investigated the Mother and a never-before-seen monster called the Khan Worm which she had unleashed. The trio investigated and encountered the Khan Worm with Rufus and Gwen and Samuel Campbell, and the Worm possessed and killed Gwen, Samuel and Rufus, before being killed via electrocution while it was possessing Bobby. (...And Then There Were None)

6x16 BobbyPossessed+Electrocuted

A Khan Worm-possessed Bobby is electrocuted to force the Worm out. (...And Then There Were None)

Following the encounter with the Khan Worm and the discovery from it that the Mother of All, Eve, was the creator and matriarch of all monsters and was creating and spreading new monsters on Earth, Bobby, Sam and Dean set about finding a means of destroying Eve. They eventually learned that the ashes of a phoenix were capable of killing Eve, and from Samuel Colt's journal that he'd encountered a phoenix in 1861. Castiel subsequently sent Sam and Dean back in time to 1861 to find and kill the phoenix there, then brought them back after 24 hours, although he had to siphon power from Bobby's soul to succeed. (Frontierland) Armed with the phoenix ash, Bobby, Castiel, Dean and Sam subsequently tracked Eve down to Grants Pass, Oregon, and soon discovered that she had, largely quietly, turned and overrun most of the town with prototypes of her new, hybrid monster, the Jefferson Starship. The team eventually tracked Eve and the Starships they didn't already kill down to a local diner, where they managed to kill Eve, and the Starships were afterwards eradicated. (Mommy Dearest)

6x19 BobbyTorturesJeffersonStarship

Bobby and Castiel torture a Jefferson Starship for Eve's location. (Mommy Dearest)

After Eve's defeat, when the team learned that Crowley was alive and hadn't been killed by Castiel after all at Sam and Dean's assault on the demons' monster prison, Bobby began to suspect that Cass must have known he hadn't really killed Crowley, although Dean refused to believe it. (Mommy Dearest, The Man Who Would Be King) After Castiel saved Sam, Dean and Bobby from several of Crowley's demons and smote the demons in the process, the trio initially decided that Bobby's suspicions had been wrong, until Castiel unintentionally indirectly gave the truth away to them. Castiel admitted to Bobby, Sam and Dean that the former was helping Crowley attempt to open the door to Purgatory so that Cass could use the power of the souls to win the civil war against Raphael in Heaven. Bobby was completely against opening Purgatory due to fear and concern about all the powerful monsters and creatures in there that could be released, but Castiel still continued attempting to open Purgatory with Crowley. (The Man Who Would Be King)

6x22 Bobby+DeanSneakToPurgatoryRitual

Bobby and Dean attempt to interrupt Crowley and Raphael's ritual to open Purgatory. (The Man Who Knew Too Much)

Later, when Bobby learned that Castiel and Crowley were investigating an occult dinner party hosted by H.P. Lovecraft in 1937 in an effort to open a door to another dimension, he himself investigated it, and learned to his shock that his friend Eleanor Visyak was in fact a creature from Purgatory that had been released in 1937 by Lovecraft's attempt to open an interdimensional doorway. (Let It Bleed)

Castiel and Crowley subsequently tortured Visyak into giving them the ritual to open the door to Purgatory, and to stop Dean and a furious Bobby from interfering, took took down the mental wall that protected Sam's mind from the damage his soul had suffered in Lucifer's cage. Bobby and Dean later tracked Crowley down as he and Raphael attempted to open Purgatory, but Castiel absorbed all of Purgatory's monster souls instead of them and used the power to defeat Crowley and Raphael. (The Man Who Knew Too Much)

Leviathans unleashedEdit

After absorbing all of Purgatory's souls, the power overcame Castiel and caused him to decide to become the new God and threaten Bobby, Sam and Dean with destruction if they got in his way as he began killing 'evildoers' around the world. Bobby, Dean and Sam subsequently bound Death to kill Castiel, but failed, and learned from him that Castiel had absorbed the ancient and hungry Leviathans from Purgatory with the monster souls and that they had to get Cass to return everything from Purgatory he'd absorbed before the Leviathans broke free from him. (Meet the New Boss)

7x6 BobbyExperimentingOnChet

Bobby experimenting on Chet in search of the Leviathans' weaknesses. (Slash Fiction)

The trio succeeded in getting Castiel to send the souls back to Purgatory, (Meet the New Boss) but some of the Leviathans remained and escaped from Castiel onto the Earth, killing Cass in the process. The Leviathans subsequently took human form and began devouring humans, with Bobby tracking a group of Leviathans at Sioux Falls General Hospital when Jody Mills learned one of the doctors was a Leviathan. (Hello, Cruel World) After organising, the Leviathans began hunting and attacking Sam, Dean and Bobby and destroyed Bobby's home at the Salvage Yard, forcing the trio to go into hiding at Rufus' old cabin while they searched for a means of killing the Leviathans. (The Girl Next Door)

After Sam and Dean captured the Leviathan in the form of Chet, while Chet was bound by a witch's stunning spell, Bobby began experimenting on Chet at Rufus' cabin in search of something that could kill or disable the Leviathans. Bobby learned from this that Leviathans could be temporarily incapacitated by beheading, and (when Jody dripped cleaning liquid through the floorboards onto Chet from upstairs) that borax had a temporary highly corrosive effect on Leviathans. (Slash Fiction)

7x10 BobbySaysGoodbye

A dying Bobby says his goodbyes to Sam and Dean. (Death's Door)

Later on, Bobby, Sam and Dean tracked a series of killings by what they suspected to be a supernatural beast, and discovered that Biggerson's new Turducken formula had been designed by the Leviathans that had infiltrated the food industry to dope people down (but in 0.03% of Turducken consumers, it instead turned them into rabid predators). While Sam, Dean and Bobby were investigating the Leviathans, Bobby was captured and brought to the Leviathan leader, who had taken Dick Roman as his human form. Bobby managed to escape when Sam and Dean broke in - learning as he did from Dick's files that the Leviathans' plans for humanity were to use the Turducken formula to dope humanity down into cattle for the Leviathans - but while he, Dean and Sam were fleeing, Bobby was shot in the head by Dick Roman and sent into a coma. (How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters)

In his comatose state, Bobby tried to evade his reaper and stay alive, visiting and confronting several memories and demons of his past in his mind on the way, but failed to remain alive. The hospitalised Bobby gave Dean and Sam the coordinates from Dick's files for an empty lot where the Leviathans were to build a human slaughterhouse after using Turducken to dope humans into submissive cattle, and said goodbye to Sam and Dean before dying.
7x19 BobbyAsGhostWithAnnieHawkins

Bobby and Annie as ghosts at Eliot Van Ness' house. (Of Grave Importance)

As Bobby's mind faded away with his death, the reaper went to Bobby's spirit one last time about whether he would cross over or stay on the mortal plane. (Death's Door) Bobby ultimately chose to stay on Earth as a ghost, bound to his flask, with the intention of continuing helping Sam and Dean in the efforts against the Leviathans. (Of Grave Importance)

As a ghostEdit

After becoming a ghost, Bobby stayed with Sam and Dean via his flask his spirit was tied to, but was unable to directly contact them or even make them aware he was still with them. However, Bobby did manage to help Dean and Sam several times, by making a page on Amazons with crucial information noticed by Dean, (The Slice Girls) and pushing a Shinto-blessed samurai sword to Dean during a fight with a Shōjō. (Party on, Garth) When encountering other ghosts at Whitman Van Ness' house, Bobby learned how to use and control his ghost abilities enough to help vanquish Van Ness' spirit and manifest to Sam and Dean, making them aware of his presence with them. (Of Grave Importance)

7x22 BobbyPossessingHousekeeper

Bobby possesses Louise upon giving in to vengeance. (There Will Be Blood)

Bobby subsequently told Sam and Dean about the Leviathans' plans to turn humanity into doped, passive cattle, and helped protect Charlie Bradbury using his spirit powers when she was infiltrating Roman Enterprises for Sam and Dean. However, during the infiltration, Bobby lost control and attacked Dick over his death due to ghosts' vengeful nature, injuring Charlie in the process. (The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo) After this, as Sam and Dean seeked out the components for the bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen that could kill a Leviathan, Bobby began to devolve further into getting closer to becoming a vengeful spirit; becoming more angry and short-tempered with Sam and Dean and less in-control of his abilities. (There Will Be Blood)

Eventually, Bobby possessed a motel maid to try and go to Roman Enterprises to try and kill Dick, (There Will Be Blood) and when Sam tried to stop Bobby, Bobby almost killed Sam before realising what he was doing and fleeing the maid's body back to the flask in horror. At Bobby's request, after this, Sam and Dean vanquished Bobby's spirit from the mortal world by burning his flask as he was becoming too close to becoming a vengeful spirit; Bobby's last words to Sam being advice that they don't fall into revenge as he did and that they cross over when their time comes. (Survival of the Fittest)


8x19 Bobby+SamInPurgatory2

Bobby and Sam searching in Purgatory for the escape hatch back to Earth. (Taxi Driver)

After the destruction of Bobby's flask vanquished his spirit from the earthly realm, the rogue reaper Ajay picked up Bobby's soul. Instead of sending Bobby to Heaven where he belonged, Ajay smuggled Bobby's soul over to Hell on Crowley's orders. There, Bobby was imprisoned and psychologically tormented daily by demons.

Eventually, over a year in Earth time after Bobby's ghost was vanquished, Sam infiltrated Hell and rescued Bobby by taking him through a 'backdoor' portal into Purgatory. From there, Sam took Bobby's soul within Sam's body through the Purgatory escape hatch portal back to Earth with him; and once there, Sam, Dean and Naomi sent Bobby's soul to Heaven, where he belonged. Bobby's rescue from Hell and ascension to Heaven completed the second of the three Trials of God to seal all demons in Hell forever. (Taxi Driver)


Alternate realitiesEdit

  • In an alternate timeline created from Gabriel ending a time loop in which Dean died in 2008, over the following six months in this reality, Bobby grew concerned about and unsuccessfully attempted to contact and get through to a broken and empty Sam, and he also helped try to track Gabriel down to get him to undo Dean's death. This timeline was ultimately destroyed when Gabriel reset events back to the end of the loop and Dean this time avoided death. (Mystery Spot)
  • In an alternate future where the Apocalypse was not stopped and Lucifer plagued humanity with the Croatoan virus, Bobby was among the founders of Camp Chitaqua when the Croatoan pandemic grew out of control. It was implied by evidence seen at Bobby's home that at some point before August 2014, Bobby was shot and killed there. Sam and Dean's actions in 2009 and 2010 negated this future. (The End)
  • In another alternate timeline, created when Balthazar saved the Titanic from sinking in 1912 and among the ripple effects were that Ellen and Jo had not died, Bobby was happily married to Ellen by 2011. This reality was erased when Balthazar restored history to its original course. (My Heart Will Go On)


Bobby was a rough but warm-hearted man, and often an intelligent and level-headed hunter. Bobby was also usually understanding and accepting of the fact that there are some tough tasks and decisions that must be made and done regardless of how hard they are, and was mostly clear-headed about priorities with age and experience. However, Bobby also harboured a hope that among the many strange and incredible things of the supernatural world, he would one day encounter among these a miraculous one; although he was still a realist in this and saw that even when such miracles occur, they may in some way be unexpected or turn sour.

On the surface, Bobby appeared fairly content to be solitary and alone, but over his time with Sam and Dean, he gradually evolved into a father figure to the brothers. In this surrogate father-sons relationship, Bobby was concerned for both Dean's sense of self and for Sam's greater and growing heart of darkness. While Bobby deeply loved both Sam and Dean like sons, he would allow the brothers to put themselves in harm's way if and when this was absolutely necessary.

When Bobby was wheelchair-bound during the Apocalypse, he became more angry and frustrated over his resulting inability to directly fight or help in the field, to the point of a daily suicidal thought and self-loathing, although this seemed to disappear after Crowley's deal healed Bobby's leg problems.

Bobby was a man who believed in family above all else; teaching Sam and Dean to never give up on fighting for or saving their family and each-other, no matter how far gone they became, how dire the situation, what it meant or what the consequences would be. Bobby also in this respect, while teaching Sam and Dean the wisdom that nothing good ever came out of them bringing each-other back when they were gone, actually expected them to go ahead with getting each-other back anyway, no matter the consequences for them or for the universe.


  • In the alternate timeline where Lucifer had unleashed a Croatoan pandemic against humanity, at some point before August 2014, Bobby was apparently gunned down and killed. (The End)
  • At the end of the Apocalypse in 2010, Lucifer killed Bobby for his interference in the fallen archangel's battle with Michael, by snapping Bobby's neck with telekinesis. Castiel resurrected Bobby afterwards using the former's new seraph powers. (Swan Song)
  • Bobby was shot by Dick Roman in 2011 - 2012, and later died in hospital from this. (How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters, Death's Door) He was not resurrected from this death, although he did initially remain on the mortal plane as a ghost. (Of Grave Importance - Survival of the Fittest)


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  • Bobby was named after Supernatural producer Robert Singer, his name being given by the other crew behind Rob Singer's back.
  • Bobby's catchphrases are "Idjits," for when referring to Sam and Dean, and "Balls!" for when he's frustrated or something goes wrong.