Bill Carlton
1x3 BillCarlton
Biographical information
Race : Human
Occupation : Unknown; possibly fisherman
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Dead in the Water
Actor/Actress : Bruce Dawson

Bill Carlton was the father of Will and Sophie Carlton, and the godfather of Christopher Barr.


In 1970, when Bill was a child, he and Jake Devins were supposed to be Peter Sweeney's friends, but still bullied him because of his small size. One day, Bill and Jake took Peter to Lake Manitoc, where they held Peter under the water and accidentally drowned him. Bill and Jake subsequently hid Peter's body at the bottom of the lake, buried his bike nearby and covered up Peter's death at their hands.

Dead in the WaterEdit

By 2005, Bill had two children, Will and Sophie, but Sophie drowned and disappeared while out on Lake Manitoc; leaving Bill in depression and emotional turmoil. Shortly afterwards, Will was hydrokinetically drowned in the Carlton house's sink, causing a further devastated Bill to realise that Peter Sweeney's Ghost was taking revenge on him. Feeling he had nothing left to live for with Peter having killed all of Bill's loved ones, the next day Bill used a motorboat to drive out onto the lake, where Peter killed him by violently flipping the boat.