Ben Collins
1x2 BenCollins
Biographical information
Race : Human
Occupation : Most likely student
Status : Alive
Production information
Appearance(s) : Wendigo
Actor/Actress : Alden Ehrenreich

Ben Collins is the younger brother of Haley and Tommy Collins.



When Tommy went missing while camping out at Blackwater Ridge in Lost Creek, Colorado, Ben accompanied his sister Haley, and Roy and Sam and Dean Winchester, on a hunt through the Creek for Tommy and the creature responsible for his disappearance. The group eventually found the ruined remains of Tommy's camp, and soon discovered that they were being hunted by a Wendigo.

After the Wendigo captured Dean and Haley when the group tried to kill it with molotov cocktails, Sam and Ben followed a trail of M&Ms left by Dean, to the Wendigo's lair in an abandoned mine. After finding and freeing Dean, Haley and Tommy, the group tried without success to escape the Wendigo, and Dean managed to kill it. Afterwards, Ben lied to the authorities that it was a bear that had attacked them, before going to hospital with Tommy and Haley.