Angel blade
10x3 AngelBladeMain
Historical information
Creator : Unspecified (most likely God or angels)
Use(s) : Kills multiple supernatural beings, including angels
Affected creatures : Angels
Production information
Appearance(s) : See full list below

Angel blades are powerful supernatural weapons of Heaven with the ability to kill angels among several other supernatural beings.


5x18 AngelBladeKillsAngel

An angel is destroyed with an angel blade. (Point of No Return)

An angel blade possesses the ability to harm and kill any angel that is stabbed with it. When an angel is mortally wounded by an angel blade with a fatal stab to a vital part of the angel's vessel such as the heart or head, the angel's essence will, within seconds if not almost instantly, explosively perish, destroying the angel and leaving its vessel dead. (On the Head of a Pin onwards)

While a stab to an angel's vessel with an angel blade that would conventionally kill a human will destroy the stabbed angel, a non-fatal injury with an angel blade such as a shallow cut or slash or a stab through the arm will only temporarily weaken the angel's celestial power; although even this is quite effective, as it can heavily weaken if not cripple wounded angels for a short time. (Frontierland onwards) Said non-fatal wounds to an angel from an angel blade will also cause the angel excruciating pain, allowing the angel blades to double as torture tools. (Captives et al.) Angel blades can be used to extract angels' grace, in that a shallow cut to an angel's throat with an angel blade will allow the blade's wielder to draw out the angel's grace through the wound, rendering the angel mortal and powerless. (Sacrifice, Holy Terror)

Angels are not the only supernatural beings vulnerable to angel blades; angel blades can harm and kill demons, (Torn and Frayed onwards) hellhounds (Caged Heat onwards) and reapers (Taxi Driver onwards) as well. Nephilim can also be killed by an angel blade, but it is uncertain with Nephilim if this is due to the angel blade's supernatural-killing power or if a conventional method of killing would have sufficed as well. (Clip Show) Despite being very powerful and effective weapons against most demonic and angelic supernaturals, angel blades are apparently completely ineffective on angels that have been immensely empowered and mutated by absorbing a vast collection of millions of souls, as shown with Castiel after he absorbed all the deceased monster souls and Leviathan from Purgatory. (The Man Who Knew Too Much)

Angel-killing bulletsEdit

10x9 GeraldDeath

A demon is killed by an angel blade. (The Things We Left Behind)

It is known that if an angel blade is melted down and the blade's metal cast or re-forged into something else (such as bullets), the metal will retain the blade's ability to kill angels whose vessels are mortally wounded with the new object. For example, Crowley once developed angel-killing bullets from an angel blade's metal this way, which proved highly effective against angels. Like with angel blades, these angel-killing bullets had to hit a vital part of the targeted angel's vessel such as the neck or head to kill it, and a non-fatal wound such as a shot through the arm or into the belly would merely wound, weaken and immobilize the angel. (The Great Escapist)


6x18 AngelBladeWound

A weakening but non-fatal wound to an angel caused by an angel blade. (Frontierland)

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  • It is said than in an official Supernatural episode summary, angel blades are referred to as 'Sword of Lucifer.'
  • Due to Uriel's claim in On the Head of a Pin, the angel blade's introduction appearance ("the only thing that can kill an angel... is another angel"), some fans and viewers initially took this claim literally and believed it to mean that angel blades could only kill angels when wielded by an angel. However, humans and demons have since been seen to successfully kill angels with angel blades, thus it is assumed that Uriel's claim was metaphorical and/or his pride and arrogance.
  • In Supernatural, when angels and reapers are killed with angel blades, their vessels release an intense, explosive burst of pure-white/blue celestial energy; whereas demons, when killed with angel blades, instead give off the same internal orange flickering flash that they do when killed with the demon-killing knife or the Colt.
  • Though angel blades can be melted down and re-cast into new weapons which can kill angels, angels seem to consider such an act to be a defilement, judging from Naomi's furious and disgusted reaction when Crowley revealed he'd used an angel blade to forge angel-killing bullets.