Alex Annie Alexis Ann
Production information
Season : 9
Episode : 19
Original airdate : 22 April, 2014
Directed by : Stefan Pleszczynski
Written by : Robert Berens
Preceded by : Meta Fiction
Followed by : Bloodlines

Alex Annie Alexis Ann is the nineteenth episode of Season 9 of Supernatural.


Sheriff Jody Mills calls Sam and Dean in to help when Alex, a recently-arrested girl who's been missing since childhood, is being stalked by vampires, and learn that she's been held captive and raised by a vampire nest as a blood source and lure for victims. Mills tries to hide and protect Alex as her vampire family close in for her, but both soon learn the hard way how family always comes first.

Full synopsisEdit

In Sioux Falls, police Deputy Frank arrests an unknown teenage runaway called Alex (who has nothing on her other than a bus ticket out of O'Neill, Nebraska) and throws her in the police station's jail. Frank leaves Alex alone in her cell after getting a breaking-and-entering call, which was actually faked by a boy named Cody so he could get to Alex. Having knocked Frank out and taken his keys, Cody gets into a cowering Alex's cell to take her back to "the others" before they know they're gone, and reveals his vampire fangs. Before Cody can grab Alex, Sheriff Jody Mills has arrived, and decapitates Cody with a fire axe.

Jody afterwards calls Sam and Dean in about Cody and Alex and to help with "the others" Cody mentioned. Sam checks Alex's gums for vampire fangs and confirms she's human, but finds she has vampire-inflicted bite scars on her neck which seem to be layered and built up over years. Jody's DNA check on Alex reveals that she is in fact Annie Jones, who was reported abducted as a little girl in 2006 after being raised by her now-deceased grandmother. Based on what they know about Alex/Annie, Jody and the Winchesters piece together that Cody's vampire nest were probably the ones who abducted her, and kept her alive as a blood slave, and over the years, Alex developed Stockholm Syndrome and has become partially loyal to the nest. Sam and Dean try to get Alex to give up the nest's location, trying to convince her that the vampires wouldn't have loved her. While Alex admits there was a reason she ran away from the vampires, she still refuses to give up the nest's location, claiming that they'd raised her like a family without killing or turning her, and angrily revealing that Cody was a brother to her.

Sam, Dean and Jody set about looking up possible uninhabited locations in O'Neill where the vampire nest could be located, and Sam narrows the possible nest locations down to a disused fire station and several derelict homes. The Winchesters head off for O'Neill to hit the possible nest locations in O'Neill and kill the vampires before they track Alex down, while Jody stays in Sioux Falls to take care of Alex. Jody takes Alex to an isolated family cabin in the woods for the night while Sam and Dean hunt the vampires. At first, Alex and Jody don't get along well, due to Alex's cold attitude about Jody's family even when she learns they're dead. But Alex slowly warms up to Jody, who in turns tries to be kind to Alex.

Meanwhile in O'Neill, the vampire nest, led by Mama (Alex's adoptive vampire mother, and the matriarch of the nest who turned all the other vampires) are searching for Alex's location, killing the two bus station workers who helped Alex flee town. After learning Alex has gone to Sioux Falls, Mama and two of her vampire 'sons' leave to go after Alex, while the other, Dale, is left behind to dispose of the two victims' bodies. While Dale is disposing of the bodies with a woodchipper, he's tracked down and captured by Sam and Dean, who torture him for the other vampires' location. However, before killing Dale, Sam and Dean learn from him that Alex is not at all as innocent as she seems - she was not only the nest's blood slave, but also a human lure who would lure men away for the vampires to attack and feed on. Sam and Dean immediately unsuccessfully try to call Jody to warn her about Alex, but they're too late - when Jody finally picks up the phone, the vampires track down and attack the cabin; kidnapping and taking back Alex, and leaving Jody knocked out in the woods when she tries to stop them.

Sam and Dean arrive at Jody's cabin in the morning as she recovers, and inform her that Alex as been a lure for the vampires and can't be trusted. The Winchesters intend to attack the house in O'Neill that the vampires were using as a nest, and treat this as a cleanup mission and not a rescue, because they can't even decide yet if Alex should be saved because of all the people she'd fed to the vampires. However, Jody refuses to let them go without her or to stop fighting to get Alex back, and declares she's coming with them to save Alex. Meanwhile back at the nest, once Alex wakes up back in the vampires' possession, Mama declares that they'll have to move again now that hunters have found their current nest location because of Alex. Mama demands to know why Alex ran away, and Alex reveals that she just couldn't take all the killing and the blood she had on her hands anymore, and wanted to get away from it and move on with her life. Deciding that Alex's humanity (which Mam let Alex retain over turning her so she could watch Alex grow up) is what caused this and is what's making Alex want to get away from her family, Mama intends to turn Alex so that she'll lose her remorse over the killing and will willingly rejoin the vampires.

Sam, Dean and Jody, armed with machetes and dead man's blood, sneak into the house where the vampire nest is located. Sam and Dean go to look upstairs for the vamps, but are captured by the two remaining vampire 'sons.' Meanwhile, Jody follows a pained moan down into the cellar, where, to her horror, she finds Alex turning into a vampire after having drunk Mama's blood. Mama then catches Jody off-guard, beating her down and tying her up. Back upstairs, Connor, the nest's second-in-command, is highly vengeful with Sam and a knocked-out Dean for killing Dale, and he intends to drain both of them of their blood to use as a 'packed lunch' for the road, starting with Sam. Back in the cellar, Mama demands that Alex feed off Jody to complete her transformation and extinguish her humanity, but Alex refuses and pleads with Mama to stop. Mama takes note of how kind and maternal Jody has been with Alex, working out that Jody is trying to use Alex to fill some emotional void in her life, and Jody and Mama argue over what motherhood is and isn't. Jody pieces together as Alex listens why Mama took Alex as a human daughter and changed her name - just as Jody is trying to ease the pain from losing her family, Mama has been doing exactly the same; having originally had a daughter named Alex who died, and having replaced her with Annie Jones. Mama partially admits this to be true, then begins brutally beating Jody up.

Meanwhile back upstairs, as the vampires are siphoning Sam's blood away for their blood supplies, Dean, having been 'playing dead' when he was unconscious, takes the vampires by surprise and defeats them both. However, Sam has noticed the Mark of Cain's influence during the scuffle, when Dean's strength against Connor suddenly amplified and when he screamed for Connor to look him in the eye as he died. Dean then cuts Sam free, and they head off to find Jody. Back in the cellar, Mama is about to finish Jody off, when to her shock and hurt, Alex stabs her in the back with Jody's dead man's blood syringe. Jody grabs her machete and kills the incapacitated Mama while Alex looks away, as Mama gives Alex a furious and heartbroken glare.

After the vampire nest has been cleared out, as Alex didn't feed and as they have Mama's blood, Jody and the Winchesters are able to use the Campbell's vampire cure to undo Alex's transformation. Before saying goodbye, Sam and Dean apologise to Jody and say they were wrong about Alex, but Jody admits that she's been trying to bury her grief for years, and she intends to take care of Alex. Jody takes Alex back to her cabin to rest until the sickness from the cure's side-effects have worn off. As Alex talks about the terrible things she did with the vampires, Jody promises Alex that she will be here for her whenever she needs her. Alex in turn tells Jody that if there's anyone else who can understand what it's like to lose one's entire family, it's her.







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