4636 Breckenridge Road
1x1 WelchHouse
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Appearance(s) : Pilot
Filming location : TBA

4636 Breckenridge Road is a house located near Sylvania Bridge by the Centennial highway in Jericho, California.


In 1981, 4636 Breckenridge Road was the home of the Welch family. When Constance Welch, the family matriarch, discovered that her husband Joseph was having an affair, she drowned their two children in the house's bathroom while Joseph was at the Frontier auto salvage, then committed suicide.

Joseph subsequently moved out of the house, leaving it abandoned, and the two Welch children's Ghosts remained at the house, waiting for their mother to return.


In 2005, by which time 4636 Breckenridge Road was a dilapidated ruin, the late Constance's Ghost coerced Troy Squire into driving her to the house before killing him.

Some days later, Constance possessed the Impala and used it to drive herself and Sam Winchester to 4636 Breckenridge Road. There, Sam managed to drive the Impala, and him and Constance with it, into the house, where Constance's children dragged her into the afterlife as revenge for drowning them.